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Describe the students at your school.


From all walks of life.


The students at Ashford come from all walks of life and from all over the US. They are open and honest, and are motivated to continue on to graduation. They also help their fellow students along the way.


I am online my thoughts are they are professional at all times


My classmates are very well-mannered. We are like one big family who supports each other.


The students that I take online classes with are mainly older adults. Most of them are in the military or are retired from the military. And, the ones that are in military compared to the ones who are not are tougher on me when it comes to my work. But, they make me want to work harder which is the pace that they are use to. Those that are not in the military can be just as tough on me and also make me want to be a better student by challenging my work and my opinions of the subject that we are discussing. The online classes at Ashford University are awesome..


They are awesome.


My classmates are very enthusiastic about taking classes at Ashford University.


The classmates I interact with help with my success. We support one another. We help eachother with feedback on our assignments. It is an extremely rewarding experience. They help keep me on track while I juggle a full-time job and taking care of my two daughters. I wouldn't have it any other way. I push them to succeed while they push me to succeed. It is as if we succeed or fail together.


The students come from many cultural and racial backgrounds, in fact, we have military personnel serving in the Middle East and elsewhere that attend online classes. I would say that there are a large number of traditional young students, but because of the economy's downturn several years ago, more non-traditional students attend classes, as in my case, to earn a degree that will improve opportunities for employment. Because I am an online student, I am unfamiliar with the students who actually attend Ashford's brick-and-mortar locations; however, for those students who attend online classes many are employed, homemakers, unemployed, etc. Online learning is so convenient and I highly recommend it for students who do not require face-to-face learning through a physical instructor. Online classes are not for everyone because it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and focus.


My classmates are very supportive in their feedback on discussions.


Classmates range in age from 20's to 50's and seem to be very diverse based on the introductions posted for each online class.


Many were very engaged and knowledgable


It is an online course. I do not have classmates.


I am in the online school of ashford.


My class mates are outgoing, intelligent, and helpful


Most of my classmates seem very well spoken and what to share what they know with you.


My classmates are very open minded and read and eager to learn.


My classmates are great teammates who are very eager to share their opinion on the discussions but also very respectful in the comments of others points of view.


My classmates are a very wide spectrum of people. The people that I am fortunate enough to share a "cyber" classroom with are from all walks of life. I've met people who are my age, older and wiser than me, have children, grandchildren, are minsters, returning students after retiring from a job, etc. Many of these people, although different from me offered ma so much wisdom and advice for hard issues I was facing within school and outside of it. Even though I'm not the most open person, I was able to let them in my life.


My classmates are knowledgable and I am able to learn a lot from them in the discussion board that we have as a class and share our different interpertations of the reading material.


My classmates are a small combination of diverse ethnic groups, shy and enthusiastic people willing to help and support other classmates.


I attend college in an online environment. I have never met my classmates in person but everyone is very cooperative and we all want to see each other succeed. Everyone is very helpful and supportive of one another.


My classmates are confident, self-motivated individuals, who are seeking to continue their education , in order to further their careers and make something of themselves.


I am enrolled in the Online degree program and we use discussion board, my classmates are very nice, kind, and very helpful, I feel really comfortable with asking them any questions about the assignments because they are encouraging, and willing to help.


So far, everyone has been younger but that is to be expected. I am going back to school after all these years and this just makes me feel older!


In each course, I have had very intelligent and supportive classmates.


A lot like me, determained, understanding, returning to school several years after graduating high schooland they have families too.


The students that I interact with are very diverse and from all over the US.


My classates are friendly and willing to help you.


My classmates are very interactive, they are bringing up different topics so that we can all learn and expand on what we are being taught.


My classmates are very similar to myself as they are working adults that want to finish their degree for themselves to help make them more marketable.


I attend online classes, so there is no face-to-face interaction. However, the school understands the importance of student interaction in the learning process. In order to still keep that aspect with online students, the classes require a discussion between students on a discussion board. My impression of the other students is that they are like any other students. They are eager to learn, they are smart, and they make mistakes sometimes. There is no rude or inappropriate behavior, so you are able to concentrate on your studies and are more able to learn from others.


My classmates are diverse and all come from different avenues of life, yet everyone is there to help each other no matter what.


Helpful, strong, friendly individuals struggling through financial hard times in order to make lives better for themselves and their families.


A group of very unique people from all walks of life combined into one group working towards the same goal, together.


Wanting to learn.


My classmates are eager,helpful, encouraging, and frendly.


I have not formally met my classmates, but the interaction required through discussions during on-line classes creates and develops unique relationships.


Everyone attending this school seems very friendly and is always helpfull


They are very helpful and friendly.


My classmates were diverse. Funny, outgoing, well-rounded, spontaneous, spirited, humble, crazy, smart, loving, caring and most of all an OHANA (family in Hawaiian)


I take distance learning courses so I do not know my classmates.


They vary from class to class. They seem to be socialable and outgoign form their postings. Several have a great sense of humor. Their are a few that seem to not put much effort into the weekly psoting and discussions . Then you have some that go all out and over board (but htat help me in the long run when I am having a hard time understanding a topic). Some of my fellow student have just awful spelling and grammar practices and it makes it hard to understand what they are trying to get across in their postings.


They are similar to me and are all eager to learn.


They range from different ages and races/ They are from all over the world and work in different types of fields. They have several differnt things to say.


My classmates are engaging and friendly.


My classmates are focused and know what that want out of life.


My classmates at Ashford are very flexible and open-minded, and always willing to help fellow classmates.


very great


They all have an interest, that is to succeed and help others if they can as well.