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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Being online and it currently being winter I w9ould have to say the power outages.


The most frustrating thing about college for me is the cost of each individual class. At Ashford university is approximately 1400$ per class. It makes it hard to take extra courses.


I liked everything.


The most frustrating thing about going to a for-profit university, such as Ashford, is that the school operates on both a business and a school level. Therefore, budget cuts are made all the time, such as 4 sports were cut this year, along with the closing of a dorm building. Ashford looks to increase profit and decrease cost, which leads to sacrifices on the student levels. There are many positives to a for-profit, but the pitfalls can outweigh the positives in some aspects.


The most frustrating thing about going to school is finding a job that will help me further my career choice within an administrative field, Public Administration. Having a degree that says I know vs. having actual experience in the field makes the difference. There is no emotional support or financial support on the home front, and I rely on my college for hope and always rely on myself for money, so leaving my cook job of thirteen years, because of some rather disturbing and obvious unsanitary reasons not applicable, the most difficult thing about going back to school is money.


The most frustrating thing about Ashford University would be the class credits. Not being able to transfer to another college with all of the credits you received at Ashford; due to Ashford's unique system of class credits. It's almost as if you are locked in here for all four years of your undergraduate.


the online portal for students


It's distance learning and its too hard to get a live person on the phone when I need one.


They constantly are having accredidation issues. It has been ongonig since I started there. I have since transferred to Kaplan .


Never having the same teacher twice. There were some really good teachers, but they never seemed to teach more than one class.


The most frusterating thing about my school is their online classrooms. The site is always going down and we cant log in to get attendance because it is down so we dont get graded if it late, even if its not our fault.


The most frustrating thing about school is when you have to play phone tag in order to reach advisors or get answers that you need right away. Sometimes it is very difficult to get issues resolved, especially over the weekend.


Just the smell of the town, no public transportation back home (Greyhound, MegaBus, Amtrack or Trailways)


I wish I had known how many essay's were involved in each course. Every course seem's to require a minimum of at least four essay's about 8 pages long. It has to be done in word document times new roman twelve. I spend a lot of time writing which I myself personally find to be a little nerve racking.


The only point of frustration I can say I've experienced at this point is that the first classes are very easy and so I find it very simple to finish all of my coursework even before the next class opens. I hope to address this in the near future by taking more than one class at a time, which may not be standard practice, but it will keep me interested.


I didn't feel like there was anything frustrating.


The most frustrating part about attending an online school would have to be the technical difficulties accociated with it. If there is something wrong with my computer, or the internet is not working properly, then I can not access my "classroom".


The most frustrating thing about my school is being enrolled in online courses which is what I choose because I have two children and a husband at times when I needed to contact the professors quickly there was usually a delay because of the different schedules.


I attend online school and the most frustrating part of the program is the limitation os only taking one class at a time and not being able to accelerate my graduation date.


being located in iowa


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be that the classes only last five weeks online. If they could last about seven weeks I could actually get the hang of things a lot quicker, although I do realize that if the classes were longer they would not be able to fit all the classes that are needed into four years of schooling.


I would say the most frustrating thing about Ashford University is the way they disburse the funds that a student has been awarded and how long it takes them the issue a refund of what is left of your money. The money that is awarded to the students is for tuition and books but if you are taking a online class at Ashford you will not get any money issued to you to pay for books until long after the class has started and sometimes after the class has finished. Ashford also need to have direct deposit.


The most frustrating part of my school is waiting for other students to turn their work in. Part of what we do, as students, is replying to other students' homework. However, if the other students do not finish their homework on time, I am not able to reply to their input. I chose Ashford University so that i would be able to work at my own pace. Yet, i am dependant on other students finishing their homework for me to complete my assignments.


The most frustrating things about school at the moment is sorting through all the financial aid and sudent loans on top of finding time to work and go tho school.


I don't feel there is anything frustrating about my school. I am starting my fourth week and I love it. Everyone is very helpful when I have a question and my advisor is great.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the new on-line system they have implemented for submitting discussion posts and assignments. It is confusing, as all things are when you are first learning them. I am sure with time this will not be a frustration.


To be honest, so far I have yet to encounter a frustrating experience. They are all so helpful and go over and beyond to help me in all that I have had trouble with. I would recommend this school to any and everyone.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so far away from home.


I am going to school online. Class interaction is difficult but not impossible. But several of the students in my class don't seem to be following the instructions given when it comes to interacting with fellow students.


Nothing it seems to be a good fit for me.


I don't know anything frustrating about Ashford university yet because I haven't started school there quite yet. Having attended two othe schools; one private, one a community college, I could find a few things frustrating about both. At the private university I attended it was frusrating how much the school cost. I could no longer afford to attend and went to a community college. The only thing frustrating about that school was the amount of people all over campus. Otherwise I enjoyed both.


The most frustrating about my school is that things aren't perfectly clear. I do get answers to my questions, but because the courses I am taking are on-line, it takes time to first submit the question to either my advisor, professor or TA and then wait for a response usually a day or ttwo.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting in contact with my advisors. I try to call them about a certain issue, and it takes them at least two business days to call me back with--usually--a response totally different from what I anticipated. That pretty much is my only problem with my school.


The most frustrating thing about Ashford University is that it is so far away from texas, where i live, that I will probably never actually get to see the campus. I am a full time student, taking on-line classes.


Although it's not a major issue, I was disappointed about not being able to retake the English Competency Exam. The cut-off score was 70 and I scored 71. I would have done a lot better the second time around (I had been unwell during the first one). Now I 'm required to take three English Communication courses despite the fact that I have been an ESL teacher for many years and know the rules of the language well. Luckily, I have the option of testing out by taking CLEP tests. Also, I might appeal to my education advisor.


I have not found anything at this time that is frusterating at my school. The school has made my feel very comfortable and has made my transition from my past school very easy.


I don't have any complaints about my school; however I do tend to get a little frustrated with myself at times. I have a problem with managing my time .


I wish there were more work study jobs and that they were more flexible with the amount of hours required to work.


The most frustrating thing about my school is having enough time to complete my course work. I work fulltime and am a single mother taking care of a house and huge lawn. I wish there was more help in getting scholarship information and filling it out , as well. I really need help with finding free money for school, so i can accomplish my full degree and goals i have set in front of me. I also wish i could talk to my professors in order to make sure i am interpreting their assignment correctly.


In all honesty I have yet to run into a frustrating situation at my school. Everyone is well organized and ready to help when needed. I have been super satisfied overall with my experiences at Ashford.


I haven't found anything frustrating yet.


The classes go by so fast, they are only five weeks so you must learn a lot of material quickly.


I do not really have any frustrations when it comes to my school. I think the biggest frustration is tuition but I think I can speak for any college student, incoming or present when it comes to cost. It is quite a burden on anyone furthering their education.


Getting online with access to Internet. Being able to log on with no problems. Posting on time.


My counselors change frequently, and are slow to respond at times to emails. In addition, it is frequently difficult to get feedback from instructors via their email addresses(which they gave us to use). I have had questions about assignments that have gone unanswered because of a lack of communication by my instructor.


Just the overload of work that is given.


So far this is nothing that is frustrating about this school. The staff and my professor have been great.


I cannot think of one thing.


I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about school for me is time management. I have a 3 year old daughter and at times it is hard to provide her with the time and attention that she needs and the focus that I need for my studies. I am always up for a challenge and this has certainly been one.


Financial issues