University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are the ultimate doppleganger of university life because of their ability to bring out one's competitive nature while also providing assistance, friendship, and everything else a struggling college student may need from one's peer.


My classmates come from all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds and all kinds of ethnic and racial backgrounds and they bring it all together to show me sides of life I never considered before!


My classmates are constantly worried about their grades and yet also find the time for extra-curriculars; some engage in heavy partying with little to no immediate effect on their grades, which always amazes me.


They are helpful.


My classmates all have unique characteristics


Diverse and bright so make for good conversation.


Not as academic as many people may think -- many of my classmates are shallow thinkers.


Very cool,likable students,helpful


Very ambitious, goal-oriented students who know what they are doing and what they want.


At UC Berkeley you’ll find lots of smart people of all types. The students are not as crazy as the media portray them to be. Even the infamous tree-sitters were largely people not affiliated with the university.


Student body is ok, I don't see anything wrong with them.


My classmates at Berkeley were a wonderful array of ethic backgrounds, personal religous beliefs, political standpoints, radical activists, conservative junkies and dedicated students: no two are alike, yet they all stand firmly for something they believe in.


Competitive. Some are open-minded.


Most students here have the ability to have fun every day of the week while doing brilliant work in class.


I don't know a lot of my classmates because most of my classes can be large; however, the classmates I do know are all very good friends.


My classmates are a diverse, interactive, and friendly group of students who are willing to learn while in the classroom.


The classmates at Berkeley campus are competitive.


My classmates are going through the same situation as I am, so they are friendly, understanding, and definitely studious and dedicated.


Asian, white, nerds, wannabe liberals, latent racists, arrogant, know-it-all attitudes, competitive, shy, not social, not friendly


They're an interesting mix of people, all of whom have divserse interests outside the classroom.


My classmates are diverse both ethnically and culturally.


The students are diverse and extremely driven and passionate.


My classmates are very friendly and also very intelligent, making it easy to interact with them and get the help I need as well has having friends to have fun with on the weekends.


Kind and intelligent.


My classmates are generally friendly and will help me out when I ask. The classes are not competitive, unless you are a science or business major. Most students will have deep, meaningful conversations about the course material.


My intended major in Genetics and Plant Biology shares classes with all biology focused majors. Most students in the field of biology are usually headed in the Pre-Med route. Because medical school is difficult to get into, students work very hard and are very competitive. Although they are competitive, they learn to use eachother to their advantage in the form of study groups. Students here work together by discussing material with each other during study nights or attending tutor sessions. My classmates work hard. At least, that is how it appears.


smart people


Numerous and varied.


Very focused on their school work, but also very very stressed!!!


The brightest students in this country.


It all depends on the class--the smaller classes can be very friendly, but it's very difficult to get to know your classmates in the big lectures.


Down to earth and hard workers.


competitive & aggressive


Very diverse, open-minded, passionate, competitive, and hard-working.


Absolutely brilliant, driven and inspiring.


Keep your eyes open-- see, share, learn, and enjoy!


Most people are very academically focused and interested in the subject matter.


Worried about their grades.


The student body is very tolerant unless you are republican. Left is right and right is wrong.


My impression is that the graduate students are considerably more diverse and liberal in their views than the undergrads. When I attended, Asian students were in the majority for undergrad, and while there is a lot of variability, many of the Asian students I know were rather conservative. Being a state school also meant that you had a lot of students (like me) who didn't come from money. I would say that most of the profs I knew did come from privileged backgrounds, but not all or even most of the students. People dress down--nothing flashy or ostentatious. Birkenstocks and jeans are prevalent and few girls bother with make-up. Which is not to say they are careless about appearances. Some of the most attractive women I've ever met were fellow Berkeley students, both undergrads and grads. Oh, and the guys were fine, too.


Outgoing, outspoken, and most of the time looking for something or some idea to challenge!


Most think they know everything better than everyone and talk through you instead of with you.


My classmates are varied and independent.


their smart.


My classmates are very responsible and friendly.


Classes are filled with two types of people, those completely passionate about the subject matter and those that are sitting there just to earn credit; but most are extremely intelligent and capable students.


My classmates tend to be people who love to debate and believe they can change the world through politics.


Megan talks about the other side of Cal diversity with people who seek to define themselves as Asian.


Jessica is a senior at UC Berkeley who studied abroad. She is an english major and is really focused on her writing


Fan Zhang is a freshmen who lives in a coop and really likes it. he is focused on music and art.