University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


having leading professors in every field imagineable; large class sizes


Academics and Research.


U.C. Berkeley is best know for being very liberal and for our outstanding research facilities and professors.


Being tough


Football, and Academics. Cut-throat competition, as well as hippies. Being a paradox, with its smoke shops and Haas School of Business.


Being the top public univeristy in the country, its role in the free speech movement during the 1960s, and the part it played in the development of modern physics.


Berkeley, as a university, is best known as the home of world class research, such as that which produced the atom bomb. It is also known as a challenging school filled with cutthroat, competitive, and academically driven students. Berkeley, as a community, is known as a liberal enclave and the home of the Free Speech Movement. In recent years it has become associated with Telegraph Avenue and the bums that live there.


Research and qualtiy professors


It is best know for having one the largest Library in the United States. For its well known professors and just the prestigeous name.


Historically, Cal is best known for its free speech movement in the 60s...and the past year's tree-sitter episodes. But UC Berkeley is also a leader in many fields, and prides itself on being a public university. We have brainy scientists, great rugby teams, talented writers, amazing designers, and intellectuals in several disciplines - especially ones that are interdisciplinary and increasingly important when it comes to looking at the challenges that the world faces today. If you're willing to work for it, you can get a world-class education here.


Its academic excellence


It is best known for its academic reputation and it's history with the free speech movement in the 1960s. Today it is considered the best public school in the United States, and is a highly regarded research institution.




Extremely competitive students, homely girls, nerdy, overweight engineers.


"Too Liberal". But I think the name UC Berkeley and its history in defying status quo.


Research, intensive academics, the sciences, and some football.


It is the best public school in the whole wide world. We are known for many discoveries in the sciences. Our professors are forefront researches in their own fields.


Activism and academics. Students are Berkeley are so passionate about so many things often it ironically breeds apathy.


come on... it's BERKELEY. =P


Liberalism and research. We also have a pretty good football team.