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Describe a typical weekend.

You can't describe a college weekend without talking about the parties. Berkeley's got a surprisingly active greek community, and there's a half-dozen frat parties on any given weekend. On the other hand, the co-op houses' parties are legendary, although there's generally less beer pong and more hallucinogenic drugs and nudity. The most popular option, though, is generally smaller house parties or "kickbacks" with large groups of friends. These don't necessarily always involve alcohol, though it's common. Otherwise, for those who aren't interested in drinking, there's usually concerts or events going on during the weekend. Outside of the city, Oakland's got a great music scene and San Francisco is right across the bay, so there's always something to do. But it's not all partying - weekends are the time to do laundry, sleep in, and of course study.

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One of my favorite things about Berkeley is the massive variety of things to do. I personally don't drink, ever. So I didn't want the "typical college experience" of drunken frat parties. But there are SO many things to do here that there is no such thing as a typical weekend. From free movie screenings at Shattuck Cinemas, Indian festivals (like Holi, where students wear all white, run around, and throw colored chalk at each other. SO MUCH FUN), trips to San Francisco, hikes up the Berkeley hills, there is never a dull moment. Plus we have the best food in the bay area. Try a new restaurant every weekend and you won't be sorry.

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A typical weekend for me is hanging out in my apartment, doing some studying, going to work, and walking onto campus for some sunshine!

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