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Describe the dorms.

The dorms (and I lived in Clark Kerr) were acceptable, but were not the highlight of my life at Cal. You can (and likely will) have many memorable experiences, but it seems that friends can come from any place here. The food is subpar as you can imagine, but it is in abundance and keeps you alive. There are times when food is quite good, but don't depend on it! This incentivizes you to try out the local food scene, and you should. Dorm floors tend to bond with one another as long as you help foster an atmosphere of friendliness. If not, the floor breaks off into small groups and virtually never congregates. A dorm is basically a very expensive place to meet friends. In retrospect, I am not sure if it was worth the loan I had to take out.

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A little crowded. Some dorms, like Clark Kerr where I lived as a Freshman, can also be pretty far from campus. There are many different dorm complexes with different themes and social scenes.

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Insight into its most controversial ritual and it's popularity for homework oriented student employment.

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