University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




Everyone in my major gets a chance to know someone else in their major fairly well. We also have intense school spirit.


How fun the environment and community is.


We are the number one public school in the nation! The students here are really well-rounded. Eveyone is smart; that is just a given. The most striking thing is seeing everyone's unique thinking style. I think Berkeley really creates an atmospere where students feel comfortable to express themselves. When you go to class here you know you are sitting in a room with professors that have contributed immensely to their academic fields and with students who will make significant contributions to the world.


great weather, environmentally friendly, vegan/vegetarian, organic, beautiful campus, liberal environment, open-minded, tolerant students and faculty, queer tolerant, great Classics department, public transportation (BART!), urban yet small college town feel.


Pac 10 school, our football team is rad.


The professors and the atmosphere of the class; what I"m learning here..`


I tell people about the diversity and level of competitiveness at Berkeley- that students are driven academically and that compared to private schools who hold your hand, we fight for our grades and for our success, putting us at an advantage when we move onto the working world. A lot of people complain that Berkeley screws you over but it's simply a matter of trying hard and using all of the offered resources- the people who do well at Berkeley and in the real world know this better than anyone.


The school has a really top academic reputation, yet it is affordable and not snobby.


The student section at the football games is amazing! The students are spirited, the Mic Men keep up the cheers, and the section is on the 50 yard line. Also, Cal is very supportive of students' learning what they want to learn. The Democratic Education at Cal (DeCal) program lets students create, teach, and take courses for college credit. You can take classes on Harry Potter, the Simpsons, Radiohead, belly-dancing, or sustainable living to name a few, and if there isn't a course you like, you can start the course yourself!


Cool things I learned in class, crazy traditions like the naked library run, all the hippies and drug culture


The amazing amount of information I've learned from my professors; not just academically, but overall. They're amazing people.


I brag a lot about the diversity of our campus and just the different environment that it is set in. Berkeley is such an old campus with so much history. Compared to a lot of the new UC campuses, our campus is beautiful in a different way. The people here are so open and friendly, not judgemental and not as materialistic. Berkeley is such a wonderful school with so many opportunities.