University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how competitive it was. I am not pursuing a degree in a competitive school or capped major, however, I was required to take several classes with students who are, and their competitive nature made those classes unbareable. They would never agree to study together, review homework, or share notes with eachother or myself.


students arn't very emblematic of the "Berkeley" spirit and are overly career-oriented; try to meet friends right away because it gets alot harder when work-load gets heavier; though professors are sometimes hard to contact, talk to them after class and they will usually be willing to give you a lot of attention... these bonds will be useful and insightful


how much i would have not liked it


I wish I had made an effort to get more involved. Also, I wish I had thought about how happy the students would be. They're not ver happy here.


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The importance of GPA to finding jobs.


I wish I had known just how many people there were here and how many different things there are to do in the area. It makes the experience very interesting and diverse but it also makes it hard to manage your academics while enjoying all that the school and the area has to offer.


I wish I had known that the campus is not nearly liberal or as diverse as it claims to be. I feel that perhaps in comparison to other campuses, or depending on what aspects of diversity you are observing, Berkeley is diverse. However in the sense of overall ethnic makeup, the campus is pretty monoracial and there are very few people of color. I also dont appreciate the way the university co-opts the liberal movements of previous decades as a Berkeley phenomena as if they were encouraged when in fact during these revolutions most administration was opposed to them.


You have to do a lot on your own. The school is big, and you have to be able to learn how to work with the administrative system on your own.


make more friends in dorms


I wish I had known how to better allocate my time, so that the first semester would have been an easier transition both academically and socially.


If you don't qualify for financial aid, the Regents and Chancellors Scholarship doesn't do anything for you.


That I should take advantage of all of the opportunities offered to me. I wish I knew that I would have to take the initiative to get myself involved in different activities available. I also wish I explored with the courses offered to really know what I was interested in.


I wish I had understood the financial aid process before starting my college career because I've been struggling to pay for my education while attending school and dealing with other obstacles. I wish I knew that the typical fulltime courseload makes it nearly impossible for a non-driving student to work and be successful in school. I know about the reducing my courseload, but I opt from doing that because I still have to pay fulltime tuition. It's hard to enjoy my college experience when I'm struggling to pay for it. I don't qualify for grants.