University of California-Irvine Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school was best known for being one of the top new universities in the world to obtain an education from. I'm proud of the fact that it is one of the best since the classes I took myself into my current path of urban planning. The professors were highly educated and engaging, which made the class enjoyable to learn the theories and attain practical experience to my current job as an assistant planner, where I would not have been at if it was not for the graduate students and faculty that helped me out.


The favorite campus tradition is Homecoming.


Our school is best known for our #1 seat in the NCAA Men's Volleyball league, and the professor who discovered global warming.


University of California - Irvine is ranked the number one school under 50 years old. It's also acclaimed for their research and academic merits. The most well known majors at UC Irvine are in the sciences but have some of the best majors in the arts and humanities. UC Irvine is also the only UC campus that offers pharmaceutical science as an undergrad major and has computer science as a seperate school. The campus is pretty safe compared to other schools set in a the quiet city of Irvine.


My school is best known for it's students and professors curosity! Everyone is joined like a family! The professors are not only teaching , but are learning as well. The environment is very diverse. UCI is a school where research is a glipse of the future!


Research proves to be one of the most important aspects of the University of California Irvine, along with the large dedication to the sciences.


The school is known for having a lot of asians lol, and being a research based school, which I did not participate in.


My school is best known for biology and chemistry. Also, it is also known for the good environment on campus and the nearby. And Irvine, where UCI are in, is one of the most safe place to live and study.


I believe the research facilities, services and findings.


UCI is best known for a few things. One is for being in the OC and that the campus is fairly safe because of that reason. It is also known for having a lot of Asians attending the school since about 50% of the students are considered Asian. A lot of students also live at home and commute so the weekends are pretty quiet. There is no football team but there is still a lot of school spirit considering.


My school is known as a research school thus it is a science based school. Its most known majors are Biology and Chemistry, also known for having a strong Business program.


I think our school might be known for our school having the world record for the largest dodgeball game.


My school is best known for the various hip hop and break dance groups on campus. The more popular ones include: Kabba Modern, MCIA, Bboys Anonymous, etc. However, for myself, I decided to go to this school because of the campus. The campus itself feels very homely and peaceful. The park in the middle of the campus plays a big role in creating such a serene environment. UCI is also known for its gymnasium known as the ARC. Kobe Bryant comes at times to work out here at the ARC.


My school is best known for medical field.


Our mascot is an ANTEATER YA


Economic major


My school is best known for it's academic strengths and competitive sports teams. We are known for having a majority of Asian students. Almost every student that attends UCI is a well rounded individual that has proven themselves with good grades in high school and some sort of extra curricular activity or community service.


my school best known for biological sciences major.


well i love Shocktoberfest- a concert/festival that we have in October. Also, during spring quarter, we have relay for life at our campus. It is super fun and you are raising money to find a cure for cancer!!


My school is probably best known for it's research, especially in medical research


My school is known for a few things: it is known for its mascot, Peter the Anteater, and for being "Eater Nation", it is known for its top-knotch undergraduate research program, it is known for housing "diverse" students, although most of the school is either Chinese or Indian, it is known for its lazy, C average students, and it is known for being rather boring since it is such a safe campus and the whole city surrounding it literally shuts down at 10 o'clock at night.


I heard that the University of California - Irvine was best known for their Biology program


My school is best known for baseball, volleyball and biology.


My school best known for an exemplary volleyball team, skilled student dancers and an unparalled school spirit.


I attended The University of Georgia. I suppose everyone knows that we were ranked the #1 Party school in the country. not sure if I am too proud of that, but Athens is a great town. We are alos known for our Football and gymnastics programs. Academically, we have excellent Veternary and Education schools.


For its research in neuroscience and biology


Even though many would say UC Irvine has a large percentage of Asian-Americans, I don't believe this is what it is known for, rather UC Irvine is known for its appreciation for the environment and the health of the people and organisms that call it home, seen through the high number of Biology-related majors and UC Irvine's own Medical Center off campus.


My school is best known for its teaching program.


Track and Field, Drugs, Gangs


It is best known for its strong academics and high Asian population.


My school is best known for its bio-medical and engineering fields.


UCI has a variety of academic areas it is known for, but their Arts and Humantities school is highly ranked. According to the U.S. News & World Report their literary criticism and theory is ranked number one and their creative writing is ranked number 6.


We are best know for our Biological Science Department.


UCI is best known for it's biology department.


My school is best known for our mascot believe it or not. Peter the Anteater is very unique. We get made fun of but i don't mind because we're not common like a mustang or cougar. I love how our mascot reflects the uniqueness of our campus; it's a beautiful campus.


It is best known for Biology Science and Business Economic majors. Hence, with several greek sororities and fraternities, they play an important role in UCIrvine, too.


The school has a fantastic biological sciences program, and excelent undergraduate research programs.


Its silly mascot and its lightheartedness. This is a super friendly, laid-back campus. Someone will point you in the right direction if you're lost, and someone will loan you their notes if you were sick. I'd be grateful, but unsurprised, if I left behind my wallet and had it returned intact.


research, it is a research college


bio program


The School of Biology and Engineering


It's Biology and Engineering Schools


The research labs.


UCI, like most other UC's, is best known for the hard sciences and its emphasis on being a research facility. However, it is a surprise for many to learn that UCI also has the second best program in the nation for dance, as well as being consistently highly ranked in other humanities and social science programs. UCI is also known for its large population of asians (appx 60 %). There is a lot of diversity, however, within that category; I have met people from every contient of the world at UCI, except for Antarctica.


Research, being people's 2nd choice, good biology program.




Our school has an extremely competitive biological sciences program because a majority of students here have dreams to become doctors. Our professors are on the cutting edge of research and they teach all the material needed for the mcats and any future career goals. Most of the bio professors are very helpful during office hours and try to respond to emails as efficiently as possible.


Men's volleyball


being an anteater : (


Our school is known for it's large Asian student body. We are also known for our strange mascot, Peter the Anteater. It's a beautiful campus with friendly and diverse people willing to help anyone.