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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


it is true that there are a ton of Asians at our campus, but its all good. but there are a ton of different asians here, like Philipino, Cambodians, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc.


it is true that there are a ton of Asians at our campus, but its all good. but there are a ton of different asians here, like Philipino, Cambodians, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc.


1. Yes, there are millions of Asians at UCI, but there's been an effort to make things more balanced, so instead of 60% Asians, it's becoming more like 50%. If you can call that balanced. 2. Partially true. There is definitely a lack of school spirit in terms of sports because UCI isn't good at any of the major college sports. You also have to consider that many UCI students are there because they probably got rejected from UCLA/UCB/UCSD, so there seems to be less spirit among the freshmen (except for the inevitable deer-eyed gung-ho freshmen). But many UCI students grow to like the school, it's a laid back atmosphere that allows you to go all out in your studies or lets you bum around. 3. Many students hail from the surrounding area, Orange County. The OC is very much a "bubbly" area, probably because most of OC is upper-middle class suburbia. On top of that, many Asians tend to be cliquish. You might notice a lot of freshmen initially hanging out with their high school friends. So for the most part I would say this is true, but it's really up to you if you want to be involved with cliques because there ARE people out there who don't buy into that. 4. Compared to universities in major cities, of course there isn't much to do in Irvine. But things have been improving as more things are being built in Irvine. As someone who grew up in Los Angeles, being in Irvine was a nice break from the city. Definitely more laid back. However the most interesting off-campus stuff will happen outside of Irvine. 5. This for the most part is true. It's pretty saddening especially when you are living in the dorms, when over two-thirds of the dorm is back at home on the weekend. As mentioned previously many UCI students are from the surrounding area. Yet there ARE activities to do on the weekend. However a car is definitely recommended. Since kids are from the surrounding upper-middle class suburbia, the vast majority of them will have cars, so if any of them have the balls to stick around on the weekend, try to find places to go to and things to do.


-Unfortunately, the diversity at Irvine sucks. There are some Indian kids in addition to the enormous Asian population, but really, if you're looking to meet African-Americans, Chileans, Cubans, etc, you will definitely not find them here. -That's true. -Well...frats/sororities have a good scene if you like being ruffied and raped, otherwise there are small parties. I guess it depends on your friends. -Most girls fulfill the Southern California stereotype solidly, so yes, we love our Ugs and mini skirts.


Yes there are a lot of smart Asian kids who go to UCI and yes we may or may not drive civics and integras, but no we are not all Chinese, the beauty of not going to UCLA or Berkeley is that we don't have ego's, and we are super chill. The Irvine area does need more stuff to do but in the past recent years it is getting better and because theres not much to do we make it fun.


"Yes" and a "qualified yes"


If one look at the demographic of the student population, Asian students represent a large portion of the student body, particularly Chinese descent. So I think there's some truth to the student representation. Moreover, the school spirit is related to how the campus is set up and presented to the student body. It seems to me that many people who attend to UCI had been rejected by their first choice university. Also, there are some students who are from Orange County. These students may have the choice of commuting to campus than living nearby campus


Yes and no. By the numbers we are no longer a commuter campus as a large number of students live on campus and in the nearby apartment communities. The flip side is that even though many students do not commute from home, a significant number of students head home for the weekends, still giving UCI the feel of a commuter campus.


Many may fit this demographic, but that's not to say that diversity doesn't exists on campus.


While there are a lot of Asian students, the percentage isn't really more dramatic than the general demographics of southern California (SoCal). Yes, there was always construction going on throughout my time at UCI, and that continues now too. The university just turned 40, so it's still growing and very motivated to establish a strong reputation. Because of the rapid growth, on-campus housing is difficult to find. Until very recently, only first year students were guaranteed on-campus housing. Now, or in the near future, students get housing for the first two years. Members of the Campuswide Honors Program or those with high-ranking scholarships have guaranteed on-campus housing for all 4 years. As a result of these limitations, people often live in apartments in University Center across the street, near Irvine, or in surrounding cities (including beachfront properties in Newport Beach :)). However, a large chunk of students choose to live at home in various cities in SoCal and commute on the 405 to get to school, which definitely seems most isolating. While UCI wants to reduce this reputation of being a commuter school, many people elect to keep close ties to their non-college-related lives. However, there are several strong student organizations if you choose to partake. Characterizing UCI rank is a bit more iffy to confirm or deny. As a whole, UCLA and Cal probably have more competitive students, but there is definitely a subset of very high-achieving students at UCI. I know several people who did undergrad with me at UCI and ended up at very prestigious graduate and medical schools. The academic environment can be very stimulating if you choose to find the opportunities like through research or honors programs.


vaguely but do not reflect the larger student body


"Too many" implies that there is an acceptable and unacceptable amount in which Asian Americans should occupy a place. I find that offensive. There are many Asians and Asian Americans, a little bit over 50% at UCI but their ethnicities are diverse and cultures rich. I enjoy UCI because of its diverse student body. The active participation of Filipinos American, Japanese American, Chinese American , Korean American, Pakistani American, Muslim American , African American, Latino American, American Indian, and Vietnamese American serves to broaden America's imagination of what leadership could look like.


The majority of students are asian, but most students speak English. A lot of the students that attend UCI were born and raised in southern or northern California. The University is under construction a lot, but I think that speaks to the growing student body, which is a great thing. Sometimes it can feel cramped, especially in the residence halls, but it's nice to be a part of a University that is known and respected for its academics.


Much of this stereotype is true. Although there are a lot of Asian Americans on campus there also are many other nationalities. I saw this diversity being very rewarding especially in my classes. Different people bring different ideas that will challenge your own. In response to UC Irvine being an "easier" school to gain admission this might have been true when I applied, but I have heard that they are being more selective in the process. While I attending the school, Irvine went up in rankings among other UC's (#4) as well as gaining a future Law School. Pretty amazing for those that said it was a "backup school".


Yes, for the most part. Although, just like every stereotype, there are exceptions


There are a large number of asians but it is by no means an "all asian" campus. You can definately see a lack of cohesion among the sudents. The city is really safe but there are protests that have gotten out of hand, namely with the Muslim Student Union.


no. . .it's only 50% asian




While it is true that there is a higher percentage of Asians at the school than at other schools, most of the people that tend to point this out are the ones that are blatantly racist. If you're a racist Asian-phobe, then this is probably not the place for you (and we don't want your kind around here). It is true that a lot of students were rejected by UCLA. Under Construction Indefinitely has also been true since I've been here, but you bastards will probably reap the benefits of our asthma-inducing trials through construction.


somewhat, depends on who you talk to. in volume yes, but it also depends on the people you hang out with


lot of asians, but its not too bad (most are quiet as hell)


I say totally untrue, while we do have a larger amount of commuter students than other UC's that doesn't mean that the rest of the student population doesn't stick around and even the communter students don't want to go home at the end of the day, they would rather hang in the Vine. As for the diversity, our campus is hugely diverse, with different types of people who each have their own uniquie view of the world around them. College is a time when you open your mind to new people and experiences UC Irvine definetly offers that


These are somewhat close. UCI is kind of dead on weekends, and there are a lot of Asian people, but at the same time, the percentage is a little less than 45% Asian American, and a lot of the Asian people keep to themselves, so if you're out socializing and doing stuff, you won't really run into some of the more studious types.


Yeah there are lots of Asians, but that doesn't mean too much (except that you have a lot dedicated science majors to compete with). Irvine is an amazing place 22 minutes from Disney Land, 40 minutes from LA, 10 mninutes from Newport. There are actually a lot of cool little ice-cream, drink shops, and resturaunts. Irvine itself isn't so hip, but the world is at your finger tips. Having a car does help but so many people have cars and they have this mega cheap rent a car program and newport shuttles and stuff. Parties! There are plenty. One thing though is that at UCI "the party is not knocking on your door" as I always say. Meaning there is rarely noise problems or conduct violations. If you want to go a party the frats will bus you to the clubs they rent out. It's all amazingly fun. At UCI there's always a place to study or participate in innocent fun, and there's always a billion parties to hit up, plus there is LA just up the freeway.






mostly. but you can break the mold and you can seek out and enjoy your time there. a lot of people do find it an interesting place to go to school because they know nothing else. but i've been to other places, and uci is lacking in a lot of colliegate experiences.




To a certain extent. There sure are a lot of Asians (although the proportion is decreasing every year) and most people here didn't get into UCLA.


No. There are a lot of Asians, but there is a lot of every kind of person.


Well it?s not a party school like Santa Barbara, but the campus is one of the most beautiful with the park in the middle. There are lots of Asians, but why are we known for that? Irvine as a city is pretty mellow, quiet and sometimes boring, but the beach is so close and... so is everything else in southern cali.. LA, SD, etc..


I don't think so. I think that it is easy to make generalizations about the population of the school, but each of us is totally different.


yes. majority of the campus is Asian, but its pretty diverse and a lot of people don't realize that.


Not really there are a lot of Asians but we are a pretty diverse school.


No no no!! UCI is not a commuter school anymore than other large universities, 70% of freshmen live on campus and they are building new dorm and apartment style housing all the time! There are options to live on campus in theme houses, single bedroom apartments, Greek housing, living with international students, etc! UCI also has tons of school spirit! If you accept that you are going to a wonderful school with a fun, quirky, unique mascot, its easy to get behind her school and cheer! Men's Vollyball and Baseball are outstanding, there are always clubs on campus promoting events like movie screening, parties, etc! UCI is seriously what you make it as long as you stay positive and active you will have fun. The only way these stereotypes come true is if you let them. The people with negative stereotypes against the school are bitter. If you are in high school, don't listen to what other people tell you. Go to the school, take a campus tour, talk to students, look up the classes offered and decide for yourself if YOU like the school, if YOU see yourself going there. Don't let "prestige" get in the way. Congrats, you are going to college! Also, UCI is not only attended by "asians." The category Asian is unhelpful and limiting. There are so many types of different cultures, Korean, Japanese, etc. that you can't categorize like that so easily. Be open minded, you'll learn more.


It is true that UCI does hold an Asian population of near 65%, but by no means does that imply that everyone is held to the same stereotype. I have friends who are of Asian descent, but who lead active and social lives. However, it can be said that two extremes exist, those who do fit the Asian stereotype and those who strive to break free from the outline that they have seemingly be put in, and try to do everything opposite to the stereotype. Some people view college as a way to discover personal identity and grow as a person, and some come with pre-existing view on who they can or cannot be. They limit themselves due to what society has fed them in terms of roles and social standing. UCI itself is another matter entirely. Some people have affectionately nicknamed it "Under Construction, Indefinitely," similar to how UCLA is termed "University of Caucasians Lost among Asians." This is true in its basest meaning. UCI has rarely found a year when it has not been under construction since its opening in 1965. Moreover, as the university has grown, the surrounding lands and cities have flourished- it is not always a bad thing to accept a stereotype. I, for one, would rather be part of a growing city than be stuck somewhere where there is no hope for the same opportunities that UCI offers.




To a degree. UCI is still a young school. There are many people that commute, but that figure is consistently dropping as our educational programs become stronger. The student population is only 50% Asian, everyone exaggerates that the number is a lot more.


not really...we only make up half...But then again, i've had FULL BLOWN Lectures with ALL ASIANS (~50+ students)


UCI Is so big that you run into all sorts of people. I never felt that any one group was overrepresented or dominant.


False, if you take the time to get to know certain individuals everyone gets along.


Although a fair amount of people from UCI do communte, in my opinion this had no significant impact on student life for those of us who did leave on or near campus. I always felt that the campus was a good mix of commuters and close-to campus residents. Sure, a few UCI students were not accepted into higher ranked UCs (i.e. UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD) many also turned down acceptence from these very campuses in order to attend UC Irvine. The school is ranked very well amongst public universities and there should be no shame for students who choose to go to UCI. Yes, a large percent of the student body is classified as "Asian or Pacific Islander," but over all the student body is very diverse. There are people from every background, economic class, and walk of life.






While students are serious about their studies, I wouldn't say they are cutthrought about it like other schools in the UC system. Students are smart and there to learn though, not to party. UC Irvine does have a quiet college town but those that live on campus are treated to a very warm and lively community. There are events going on every week across the campus but it is easier to be a part of if you live in one of the housing communities. Mesa Court's low rise buildings are designed for residents to engage with one another and there is a lot of pride in which themed house one lives in--arts, transfer, honors etc. Middle Earth operates with a lot of pride too but more senior students live farther off campus in luxary housing communties (pools, large bedrooms, great views) which are becoming very popular. Students do drive home on the weekends but those that stay are a part of clubs or sports teams at the Anteater Recreation Center or are taking advantage of the beach (5 miles away). UCI is predominantly Asian American. But, who the heck cares?




I think overall it's true that we don't party as much as other universities may because of the setting. For example, we don't have a line of bars right next to campus.


UCI is predominantly Asian in student population, but there is a good mix of every other ethnicity that you can think of. Most students are not arts majors (like I was) but that's okay, every school has their specialty. Irvine was a bit dull when I was going to school, but recently they have developed more and there seems to be a growing nightlife. And don't forget about the on-campus Pub!


Yes they are


Looking at the statistics/percentage of Asian-American enrollment, I suppose there is a higher concentration of Asian-Americans on campus than what people may be used to elsewhere. As for the presence of less-affordable cars, I don't know where they come from or who drives them.