University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UCLA is known for athletics and the number of national championships the school has won. It is known to be academically challenging and a good school nationally.


UCLA is best known for both its academic and athletic accomplishments.


Just named the second best public university in the nation, UCLA is well-known for myriad things. It prides itself on its diversity and True Bruin Values. UCLA is also well known in its athletics, namely the football and basketball teams, its world-renowned research, and its academics.


UCLA is known best for its research quality and its wide array of academic programs. The school is one of the top schools in the nation in neuroscience studies, and the research methods employed are some of the best in the world. There are whole courses dedicated towards research techniques, and the professors at the school have advisors who do nothing but work with you on sharpening your research skills. The amount of information in their libraries is also extensive, storing plenty of material to learn from and build upon.


UCLA thrives on its immense alumni network, incredible school spirit, and promotion of diversity. Most kids grow up looking towards UCLA as a leader in football or other athletics, but we are so much more than that. Our massive campus hosts close to 1,000 different extracurricular organizations as well as a prominent Greek life, Volunteer Center, Career Center, etc. We appear to cater to all students from all backgrounds, but it’s up to the student themselves when they arrive to discover UCLA and make it their home.


My school is best known for having students who excel academically. There are many students who apply to my school and only the best academically and determined students get accepted. These students go beyond their limits and aim for success.


that there is a lot good teachers and that the school is really good that i should to go there two years and i kmow i will like it a lot


Sports and research


UCLA is best known for its recent spike in applications sent in for undergraduate admissions. This spike has been a result of the school's increasing academic excellence. UCLA has been improving its academic goals recently through its focus on undergraduate students and research for graduate students. In the past year UCLA has become increasingly competitive to get into.


UCLA is an academically strong school. Also, the most applied-to university because of its excellent reviews and students.


My school is very well known for being a research and ground-breaking education in the medical field that has only the best of the best attending the school. Known for having a beautiful campus, offering many opportunities post-graduation, a very reputable university with highly-skilled professors in their field, and delicious dining food too! UCLA isn't just a university, it's almost an entire city! Not to mention, the Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital is widley known to be the number one hospital in los angeles, california and even the nation with many extremely sick patients.


It's usually in the news for its atheletics, although I feel like it's only "on the map" because of the academics. In terms of academics, I'm not too sure what it's specifically best-known for, although the business school is probably one of the better-known ones in the country.


My school is best known for its Research as well as its sports program. Every student that attends UCLA is encouraged to participate in some form of research. Also, our sports team are continuosly going to on to compete in National Championships each year.


Our school is best known for its academic prestige, qualified professors, and legendary sports program. It is also known for the food on the hill, which is the second best in the nation.


UCLA is most known for its academic prowess and it is held in high esteem by the research community. It is a great school for those who are interested in the sciences, engineering, medicine and so on. It really has everything you'd ever need or want!


Amazing students.


UCLA is best known for setting the bar for excellence at public schools. It is a diverse environment, where few of the departments and individual schools outshine each other, and every field of study is regarded highly. It is rigourous, and it encourages achievement in the classroom and beyond. And perhaps most importantly, it is a large part of Los Angeles' culture. Every year the school graduates thousands of people, most of whom go on to be pillars of one of America's most celebrated cities. UCLA's is a model which any public university could follow proudly.


Can someone say Alexandra Wallace? Even though her spiel put UCLA in a negative light, this school’s dignity surpasses that. You will not find a more diverse, more ambitious group of students than here at the University of California: Los Angeles.


I would have to say that my school is known for a lot of things including its reputation for being an excellent academic school. It offers a myriad of majors for students to choose from, and does a good job in preparing students for graduate school and beyond. I also know that it is particularly known for its sports program, especially because it has more NCAA championships than any college in the nation. Other smaller things that my school is known for is its beautiful architecture and its location in Los Angeles.


University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) is a very prestigeous university. Every year, thousands of students apply in hopes of getting in. UCLA is very well know for it's science majors. Also, UCLA has a wide range of diversity among students.


Our school is well known for its athletics as well as for its academic community. Our school is researched based and the faculty and students are strong competitiors in their respected fields.


University of California, Los Angeles is best known for the great dining experience that it provides. The great dining experience is not of the numerous restaurants that UCLA has, but the actual dining halls that serve food in a buffet style. The quality of the food is incomparable to that of other universities, as almost every dish tastes good. Even students from other universities, while boasting about their athletics and academics, cannot put their dining hall food above our's, as it is evident that our dining hall food is top quality.


UCLA is known for its awesome location, excellent academics, and diverse student population. UCLA students have a lot of school pride.


My school is known for its academic excellence as well as its athletic achievements. It is very well known world-wide and one of the most applied to schools in the US. Our campus is also known for appearing in many movies.


My school is best known for its academic excellence and its great athletics program. It is a top school academically and athletically. Besides being known for this, I think my school is great because it has maintained an accepting and laid-back feel which welcomes new students and makes it an overall great place to be. I could not have asked for more in a college.


Research and Sports


The school I attend is best known for many things. A few examples are the quality and strength of the academics and research that are continually going on. Both the undergraduate and graduate schools located here have strong programs (i.e., medical school, dental school, etc.) which entail a competitve application progress and are incredibly selective. This school is also known for its location and the numerous opportunities that come along with being in Los Angeles. Lastly, this campus has a strong athletics program, which is known to many people.


It is best known for its top-quality education (ranked in the top 25 in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report), excellent campus food, and and great sports teams. The connections, experiences, and education received there will ensure students success is their chosen careers.


UCLA is best known for the atmosphere it creates, the school spirit it promotes, and most importantly it is known for the great bruins we all are.


My school allows people to further their education at a relatively low cost compared with a four year university. This allows me to get a college education without going thousands of dollars into debt. It also welcomes students of all ages, which helps people go back to school and finish a degree that they might have started many years before, or retrain in a different area when jobs in their current field become scarce or obsolete.


As a biased film major, I have to say UCLA's School of Theatre, Film and Television. The undergraduate and graduate programs top all the lists, and the teachers are fantastic. The Daily Bruin -- the campus newspaper -- is also one of the most-read college newspapers in the U.S. The law school, the business school and the engineering school are also world-renowned. But the reason for the rivalries (especially with our friends across the way, USC) is the basketball team. Even when they're down, they're still rocking the front page of the LA Times.


In addition to being the school with the most national championships, UCLA is renowned for its world- class research programs and medical center, and UCLA students graduate with connections throughout the world.


UCLA is best known for its athletic school spirit and academic rigor


My university has the top medical school in the nation, as well as the third most highly ranked business school, and an extremely competitive law school. Our sports teams are some of the best in the nation, and our dining commons serve some of the most delicious cuisine I have ever tasted. Besides all of these boasts, we have over 800 extra curricular clubs to choose from and daily on campus events, which always keep students entertained!


We are best known for our sports and students get very involved with them and are extremely spirited.


being a party school and being rivals with USC


Academic Excellence, Strong Alumni Base, Sports Traditions, Cross-town rivalry, Strong Medical Field, Michael Jackson's hospitalization


School of Medicine, Basketball team, Arts programs, Film program, Royce Hall, Powell Librar, John Wooden


Their NCAA sports teams.


Our school is best known for academically developed school. I searched about our school through wikipedia, and most of our school major is top 20 in United States. Some departments in our school is top 20 all around the world. Although I am an engineering major, I heard from our orientation guide that UCLA medical school is 3rd place around the United States. Our school was used to be also known for good reputation of sports player such as Kareem Abdul Johal, and Jakie Robinson. However, this was past year. Now, our school is well known for highly research school.


Good academics and athletics.




In all honesty my school is best know for research and athletics. The school strives on research as well as winning and being the best in Division 1 sports such as basketball and football. Of all the students on campus, athletes are treated the best and given the most money and resources, further supporting how important athletics are on UCLA's campus. In addition, there are many research opportunities available to students to prepare them for competitive Graduate and Professional Schools after UCLA.


The strength of our academic program. Also, the beautiful surroundings and Hollywood.


Great weather, beautiful campus, sports and research.


Bruin Pride! Strong academics and as a research university. Great weather, beautiful campus, at the center of what's going on in Los Angeles. Connections to the entertainment industry.


Overall life is absolutely amazing. From academics to sports, UCLA has it all.


Basketball and Medicine. The school is most widely known for those two areas, both of which arent the very best but are pretty good.


academics and sports


School is best known for the beautiful campus, renowned professors, prestigous reputation, numerous extracurricular, sneak peeks, location in the city, good food, well rounded sports teams, great weather, great fine arts, liberal arts, medical school, law school, dental school, and great environment.