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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


There seems to be two stereotypes about UCLA, that we are a party school and that our students are serious about their academics. Both are true. UCLA is definitely a party school; between Greek Life and the social scene Thursday through Sunday nights, you can definitely find a place to "get jiggy with it." However, UCLA students are also serious about their academics; they are highly competitive and work hard to attain good grades. Ultimately, life at UCLA encourages students to work hard and play hard, and to find a way to maintain a good balance between their social life and their academic life.


No, you're thinking of USC. This place is full of cliquey-ass Persians, many of whom aren't even enrolled in UCLA but just hangout there.


Not all... the only one that's true is that we're well-rounded and know when to study hard and when to party hard... we may be smart, but that doesn't mean that we don't have great social lives as well. All of us who are here at UCLA are here because we deserve it, and not because they favor one type of people over another. I believe that each of us here has something special to offer, and that's why we were picked to be here. We're well-balanced, and involved in many things other than just going to class. If we were just a bunch of nerds, jocks, or partiers, then we wouldn't have gotten admitted in the first place! Also, we have a great athletic program and a diverse campus with all kinds of interests... and we all get along, for the most part! Events and traditions such as the Undie Run and Bruin Bash prove that we're more than "nerds," and our challenging academic workloads speak for themselves to dispel the false rumors.


everyone outside of the frats are socially inept


we party a lot and we are hot


super enthusiastic


Students list stereotypes of UCLA


You bet.




These stereotypes are fairly accurate, as most people here are really intelligent. However, most people know how to have fun while balancing schoolwork.


The Asian one is. I don't feel that UCLA as a whole is superficial...we have just as many superficial people as every other university.


It is true that Asians and Caucasians are two of the major races on campus, but I don't feel that that draws an appropriate picture of the diversity on campus. There are several different ethnic groups represented by these "races" as well as such groups as Persian students, African Americans, various Latino groups. Furthermore, not only do these people come from the United States, but there is also a significant number of students studying here from other countries.


none of these are true because UCLA is very diverse and has alot to offer to the student body


Well....the student body is definitely VERY hot, but not materialistic. It's a public school, and the diversity facilitates an array of character types and interests that make the students fun. The campus is in the heart of Westwood and has easy access to Santa Monica, Hollywood, and anywhere else you might want to go. All the ups and downs of the city of LA can be accessed from UCLA, so definitely not sheltered! Nevertheless, the campus is certainly set apart from dingy areas and is more beautiful than anyone could ever say it is.


they have a basis in fact, but of course you can't make generalizations about such a huge campus population. we have all kinds - the nerds, the jocks, the greeks, etc. there are a million tiny niches each with their own cultures.


Any stereotypes would be limited to stereotypes within the school (individual student sub-groups), not applied broadly to the student body (as a whole).


hahaha... I'd have to say the Caucasian/Asian one is! There seems to be a visibly huge population of Asian students - not to say that it's not a diverse campus. The "nerd" one is tough because beyond highschool, those terms become kind of foggy and less used, we're all nerds essentially because it takes a certain dedication to learning and school to succeed at UCLA, but it's definitely not the same "nerd" you thought of in high school. As for USC, I can admit, I didn't get it, but thats not WHY I chose UCLA.


Yes, but a lot of things are left out of them. UCLA really has a lot more diversity, you just have to look for it.


yes, there are a lot of spoiled rich white and asian students, but there are also quite a few rich spoiled persians. however, not everyone is rich and spoiled. i think people look at UCLA as a place of privilege and forget about the students who worked really hard to get here without being handed everything.


Pretty much.


There is a lot of truth to some of the stereotypes. UCLA has a very large asian population and there are a large number of students who don't see the light of day too often, but there is a lot to the 40,000 plus student body than meets the eye. Often the students that stay indoors or in the library 24/7 are the ones that do not enjoy their stay here at UCLA, but in reality UCLA has more to offer than I've heard of at most campuses. Most of the students are smart (they did get into UCLA of course) and the competition can lead to a smaller amout of social time, but I've found that most of the students (especially in Greek Life) live by the work hard play hard mantra. We have 100 national championships for sports and although our football team has been weak the past few years we deffinately are not the "less athletic" campus in LA. Our basketball team is amazing and we have championship womens water polo and both men and women's volleyball teams. As you can also tell, the pre-meds aren't just work either. I do research, take enough units to graduate a quarter early from school, I'm taking MCAT's, and I still find time to be the president of a growing social fraternity on campus. The students here are amazing.


To a certain extent.


For most students, the ethnic diversity at UCLA may include a larger asian population than they are accustomed but UCLA manages to be a very diverse campus with such a large population that all types of people are encountered regularly. The partying scene at UCLA is somewhat lacklustre cmompared to other major universities due primarily to the tendency of students to go home on the weekends and the priority given to difficult workloads but, again, due to the large campus community, if parties are desired they can be found.


it is definitely true that we are all sports obsessed, but as far as the people thing, there are all kinds of people who live all kinds of lifestyles so theres always a group for everyone.


The only way you get to see downtown LA is if you either put some major effort into it, or have a car and care to go. Half of the people I know have never been to a club. It is true there are a lot of asians, a lot of "hot" blondes and the like, but that would be true of nearly any southern Californian university. The level of intelligence that is often associated with students usually is true, as it takes quite a bit to get accepted here.




While there are a lot of Asians and blondes, there is a fairly diverse student population; I come into contact with ethnicities that I had little contact with at home (that's not difficult, considering my high school was all white and Asian). We definitely study hard, but we party hard too. And, while it's a competitive university, there is a hierarchy of intelligence and hardwork, just like in high school (not everyone busts their asses for their grades, not everyone drinks).


I am neither asian nor blond but I am definitely nerdy. That is what I love about UCLA. Everyone is a nerd in their own right. We have the athletes that are so dedicated to their sports. We have the engineers that are so dedicated to their academics. We have the theater buffs who would act through the night if they could and you have me, the geography and environmental studies major who loves the environment and her department with all of her heart.




To a certain degree, yes. I mean, I know we're like 40% Asian, so that's not that unfounded of a stereotype. In addition, I know Irvine and SD are even more uneven. As far as the USC thing goes, I mean we don't have the type of private institution aura that SC has, but I really feel that our school pride is more passionate and makes more of a difference than money ever could.


No, not entirely.


No-- UCLA students have worked out a pretty solid balance in their lives. Sure, we're all pretty intelligent people, and we do see celebrities on and around campus, but we're still college students like any other.


Well there are a lot of Asian students here, and most UCLA students are smart, so these are both quite accurate.


Not at all! The people I've met here have generally been really good to me, and I wouldn't trade my college experience in for anything else!


Somewhat. A decent amount of people here are fake, but that goes with any college. Some are smart, but others just memorize to pass classes, but don't have common sense or any sense of logic. Many students are just concerned with doing well in school and not really learning the material.


Greek life is a large part of UCLA (although I am not in a sorority nor do I often associate with people who are)and there are a lot of people that study a ridiculous amount- though it usually corresponds with major (engineering, chem, etc...) rather than race.


ABSOLUTELY! Every SINGLE one of them. If you ask me, some of them give UCLA even more credit than it deserves. I was told during campus tours, recruiting events, and freshman orientation that it was nothing but a rumor that UCLA students are treated as no more than a number. Then, when school began and I immediately WHOLE bunch of other crap, it didn't take long to realize that the few people available to speak to were so overwhelmed with other students' problems that I would be forced to figuratively- and sometimes literally- sit and wait for my number to be called. Rumor my ASS. Oh, and the student body- what a terribly lovely bunch. I could probably expound on this topic indefinitely, but I would hate to be cruel. Therefore, I will give you the extremely abbreviated (and admittedly grossly generalized)version of my overarching view of the UCLA student population. UCLA's students can be roughly divided into four groups. First, there are the athletes, but the general population doesn't really know much about them, nor does it interact with them very often. They stay to themselves, indulging in all the benefits student aid and a disgustingly large portion of the school's funding brings to them. They seem a happy bunch. Then, there are those in the Greek system. While a great deal more lively than most on campus, those in fraternities and sororities are a bit... warped. Let me explain. You see, the frat boys and sorority girls, on the whole, were obviously of average social standing in their high schools. They weren't part of the in-crowd, nor were they among the extremely attractive, outgoing, or well-known. Still though, they were nothing to be scoffed at. Decent-looking, interesting enough, and extremely intelligent, these students most likely occupied the part of their high school student body that no one noticed too much, and therefore never had much of an opinion either way about. Then they came to UCLA, and oh BOY! All of a sudden, thrown into a sea of pasty intellectuals and extreme book nerds- a sea ENTIRELY devoid of makeup, fahsion sense, and muscle definition- these average-loooking schmos really started to shine, and they knew it. Now, they have banded together, and O, do they think themselves great. Whether they're strutting around talking on their phones and making sure everyone in the surrounding area knows JUST how CRAZY their last night out was, giving the right looks to make sure that others know that they're of a league too great to be spoken to, or in the gym either doing cardio in sports bras and full makeup or lifting foolishly heavy weights and grunting just loudly enough so that everyone in the damn place can look over and see JUST how much weight they're lifting, you'll always know a frat guy or a sorority girl at UCLA. And if you're blind and deaf, just follow the smell of asshole. Now, this leaves two more groups... kind of. The first of these takes up the largest and most visible portion of UCLA's student body- a good 70%, I'd say. These are the people that you couldn't even IMAGINE caring about. Sure, they're smart. Sure, they're PROBABLY nice. BUT, has an interesting word EVER come out of their mouths? Has an interesting thought ever even been formed in their HEADS?! Most likely not. If NEGATIVE personality (as in not just the lack of personality, but the OPPOSITE of it) were something able to be measured and added, the amount one could find at UCLA would reach a sum too great for even the school's greatest plasmologists to comprehend. It's sad, really. The last group, we could basically just call "the rest." The people in this group are only those who couldn't really be placed in any of the others, on account of some quirk or abnormality. Of course, it is in this- the smallest of all groups- that you would be likely to find a person worth your time. And if you're looking, I wish you luck. I have found one in my two years in this hellhole, and thank goodness for her! At least that means there's hope. As for the overcrowding, just look at the stats. They don't lie. And don't be sw


Obviously, UCLA has a huge Asian population, and student do really care about grades and can be compettive. However, that isnt limited to Asians. Also, Greek life isnt that big here and contrary to popular belief, the beach isnt that close. Also, UCLA likes to advertise its proximity to sunset and Santa Monica and Venice and all these other cool UCLA places. But. the truth is, most UCLA kids never venture out of westwood to party.


They're true!




If you're visiting the school, perhaps. But in joining the large community of UCLA you're also accessing countless opportunities to make that community smaller and more intimate. With a large student body comes a proportionally large range of activities and interest groups; it's harder to NOT find something to channel your interest and energy. And while the athletic and social influences play a big part of what we do with our spare time, most of us have no trouble remembering why and how we're here--the academics. UCLA presents an above-average academic challenge, and that's the first priority.




While there does exist a definite divide between the Sciences and the Humanities/Social Sciences, the stereotypes applied to the people of the respective fields are more often than not incorrect. There are many students who choose to take part in both academic spheres. However there is palpable tension between the two areas at UCLA and the belief about the stereotypes are quite strong. As for the claim that all UCLA students hate USC students, I myself have no ill feelings towards any USC individual or their establishment. Although, many UCLA students took to setting fires on to sofas on the streets of Westwood after the 2006 Football Victory over USC in their fit of celebration. It is hard not to get roped in so I ended up yelling harmless but demeaning remarks at the USC players and students on T.V. (but this is not an indication that I hate them). Some also partake in destroying a car, which apparently symbolizes USC, before each game.


To some extent, yes. These stereotypes are often accurate, but one thing that many overlook is regardless of the way UCLA student act, most of them are quite intelligent people. Also, UCLA has a huge student body--pretty much anyone can find their niche if they really try.


Some of them, some of them aren't. And of course, a lot of stereotypes are based on some kernel of truth.