University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Because of college, I have found what I truly want to do in life. i started college as a mathematics major because I enjoyed it in high school. However, as I went through school, I found I began to dread my math classes while I couldn't wait for my political science classes. So, I ended up changing my major and getting much more involved in the political science in my community. Without college, I wouldn't have found my true calling--politics.


At the begiining of my college experience I was as lost to every aspect of the college as any other student. I had no clue what resoruces are available and how to use them to my knowledge. But I believe as time goes on everyone learns with experience. The students I met to the faculty members have been nothing but a blessing to my life. They are there every step of my way to help me succeed. Every time was I worried about at certain aspect of my school career they were always able to put that worry behind me. Clubs at UCR have been a big part of my life without them I wouldn't be shaped into the person I am today. I have joined several clubs on campus from religious clubs that have made me more familiar with my religious views to community service clubs such as one that travels down to Mexico with doctors to help those who are unable to get to a doctor and need vast medical attention. College has opened up my eyes to a whole new world. Professors are my mentors becuase they have been through eactly I am going through now.


Since school has started, I have been more determined about my career choice and finishing school to my fullest ability. I am determined of my future and dedicated to getting to my goal.


College is the most important thing in my life right now. College has taught me about the process of growing up. It is here, in college, where I gained independence. I live on my own and am responsible for myself and my school work. It is important to attend because I believe that the way to a successful future is through the attendance of college. I have gained a lot of valuable information that I will use in my future. College is preparing me for my future and transition into adulthood. I can respectfully say that college has made me who I am today. If it weren't for college, I don't know where I would be today. I can not imagine where my life would be right now if it weren't for my college education. I am forever greatful to be one of the many students in attendance of college. College is valuable to attend because it is very useful to one's future. College is a very big part in one's life. It should be valued and never mis-used. I will never mis-use my college education because it is very important to me.


My college experience at the University of California Riverside has helped me grow. Before I began my attendance here, I was not sure what I wanted to study. Now, I am looking into the Medical and Business fields. That is the most important thing I have gotten out of my expericence here at UCR. However, I have also gotten more basic experiences like different ways of learning, friends from different places, volunteer opportunities and more. I value the opportunity I have to attend this University because it is the place which is going to help me grow, learn, and begin the rest of my life. I hope to get a successful career out of my college education here at the University of California Riverside.


So far my college experience has been a tease, I graduated High-school top 15% of my class with a 4.0 GPA 4-year varsity Softball player and I was extremely excited to start college because I love school. Due to my immigration status I have to pay triple what normal students pay at a college so I am limited to only taking my basic English and Math which both still come out to $2,000. Even if I am a part-time student (not by choice, if i could, I would be in school 24/7) it has been valuable to attend college because it's better to start slow than to not start at all. This scholarship would help me so much with paying for my credits and maybe finishing faster than I'm probably going to be able to if my immigration status doesn't change. I am very passionate about school and I love going to my college campus I just wish I could have the opportunity of going more. The money rewarded to my studies would pay off for me and would not be a waste for you guys. Thank you, Maloha Acevedo!


I believe college is a very important phase in our lives, and I have learned a lot of things in college, such as how important a higher education is nowadays and also, how proud you can make your parents by attending a 4-year college. I have also learned that time is very important and it is vital for every college student to learn how to manage his/her time. My college experience has been great because I have met wonderful professors who have taught me things that I never imagined I could learn such as math. I was not really good at math back in high school, but now I can say that I'm one of the best students in my math class. College has been very valuable to attend because it has made me realize that we have to work really hard for anything in life, and that in the end, it will pay off and I will get the job of my dreams. I will never regret attending college because it has been of the best experiences in my life!


I have gotten a great sense of responsibility and worth ethic out of my college experience so far. Being an up-and-coming college, responsibility is character trait that is enhanced easily at this institution. It becomes important to train oneself and keep your mind set on what is important in a difficult academic situation such as this. As far as worth ethic, I believe any good college will instill some sense of a work ethic in its students; however, I feel as though each person will find their fulfill potential at a specific college. I truly believe that UC Riverside was the right decision for me, because I feel as though I am working up to my full potential here, and I am achieving all that I am capable of.


College has greatly benefited me. I have always pushed myself to do better for others and not just for myself. College has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. By meeting new people, i get involved in more activities for the greater good. Also, by pushing my education past high school, I will be able to use my knowledge to benefit others. I would greatly enjoy helping medicine change in some way or at least promoting new technologies to patients. My career choice of ultrasound technology is ever-changing and I look forward to helping develop these technologies further. I feel that this scholarship can provide me with funding that I otherwise would not have. This funding will be used to further my education, possibly even by moving me into a University.


My dreams of going to college were far from my mind it became just a dream really far for me to reach. My parents gave me the opportunity to go back to school and start having dreams and goals again. I Started college in 2006 that is 12 years after I graduated high school, it was very hard for my I felt like I was starting school all over again. I felt so out of place but the support of my family keeps my going. I obtained my AA in liberal arts At Victor Valley college and I am enrolled at UC Riverside. I am the first one in my family to attend college. As of now, I have the highest education in my family, I hope to successful in the future. My goal now is to obtain my Bachelors in Liberal Studies with a bilingual emphasis at UC Riverside and continue for my Masters degree in Education. I will strive hard to reach the peak level of my career which is a Professor and hopefully to be a bilingual professor so can help and share my knowledge and experience to the new students who wish to learn English.


School is important to me not only because I love to learn new things and be knowledgable about any subject that may come up, but also because I've worked two jobs since I was 16 it hasn't been that long yet; but also attending college, it's pretty hard. But working at a fast-food job (two at that) isn't what I want for my future. Education isn't only going to give you knowledge but also it helps you to apply it in your every day life. Im currently enrolled in college and have taking some usefull courses such as Customer Service, it helped me better understand the customer's needs and how to handle certain situations, such as an upset customer. Even though fast-food isn't what I want I could still apply what I learned in college to help me in my work enviroment.


As a university student, it has been a joy and wonderful journey into a world of higher education that was beyond reach in all of my dreams. Hesitant to attend a university and rather attend a community college, my choice has been a successful one. In my college experience, I have learned to become a person that is an individual and independent. Away from family and home friends, I have become autonomous to my own liking. This has become valuable to me because before I would make decision based on the opinions and choices of others. Now, I believe the beliefs that I believe because they are what I say to be true and a form of philosophy in the way I live. My qualms about attending a university were abolished. Instead, a new one took place where I became a new person and found my identity in the university, an act that would have never happened if I lived at home and attended a community college.


You meet a distinguished group of professors who are there for you, to help you, guide you, and listen to your concerns. You also meet peers, with desires, dreams, and goals just like yours, who help you shape who you’re supposed to be. The camaraderie gained at college is unlike any other dynamic in the rest of your life. As a college student, I was on my own for the first time, trying to balance school, work, and finding myself along the way. Along the journey of self discovery, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing people in the world, people I hope to call my friends until I’m old and gray. The academia is so vast that finding classes to take is never a problem. The problem ends up being about what you actually need to take over what you want to take. One of the hardest lessons I learned is to stick to my goals, and follow them through. I don’t let myself get distracted by friends, or classes I don’t need. I learned how to be me, and be confident in my choices.


From all of my college experience, I value my knowledge and awareness that I have gained from education. It has led to more open-mindedness and a free-thinking perspective toward life. I've always been accepting of others' opinions but I didn't have the communication skills to discuss differences, which is something I've learned and taken interested in over the years. Of course, college is a new experience compared to high school, but the impact of certain courses made me want to do something with my life. I've noticed that I'm not just there to learn, but grow and apply what I have been taught to everyday life. It's not just something that they say to you and hopefully you'll remember; it's an experience. My major is sociology, and my classes and the different people I've met at UC Riverside have exposed me with many of the problems in the world, such as the Native American struggle and other social issues of the U.S. and the world. The awareness is important and has given me an ambiguous goal to work towards, as I major in sociology.


Attending college has been a life long dream of mine, one that I have put off for far to long. I am 27 years old and returned to school about two and a half years ago. It has been a slow process, but that is what is so great about it. So far my college experience has been wonderful. I can attend as many or as few classes whenever it is convienent for me. I can take them on campus or from the convienence of my own home. There are so many options available to me that it has been fairly easy for me, as a mother of one, to be able to pursue my dreams of becoming a Forensic Psychologist, while still having time to spend with my child. It is so valuable for me to attend college because by persuing my dreams, I will be better equipt in helping my son to achieve his dreams.


I have only started my college life for a little over two weeks and I already feel at home. The campus people and upperclassmen are all very nice to the undergraduates. This place is valuable for me to attend because I really had thought that I would not be able to come to this school. I thought it would be wishful thinking for me to even have a chance to come here. When I first got my acceptance letter, I was ecstatic! There was no way I will give up the chance to come here. Now, two weeks into the school year, I stayed at the dorms and go to class regularly. There is no doubt that the school work is harsh on me, but I still tried my best. A lot of people I met on campus are also very nice individuals. We help each other out whenever needed. Cellphones are something that college freshman should not live without. Whenever there is trouble, just whip out the phone and start dialing or texting for help. This is my way of college life at the moment. I hope that it will only get better from now on!


I have attended Ozarks Technical Community College at the campus located in Branson, MO. The professors at OTC have been greatly helpful to myself as well as to other students in my classes. I have learned to take resposiblity for myself. Doing seeminly small tasks, such as turning in assignments on time, is not only less stressful to the professors at a college, but it also demonstrates that you are interested in taking control of your future. People around you can influence you to do to your best, but you are the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to advancing in your career. In order to become a nurse, a lawyer, or a psychiatrist, you have to first prove to professors, and then to employers, that you have the capabilty and the willingness to do the things it takes to reach your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. You cannot just sit around and expect everything to fall into place. You must demonstrate an interst in the field of study you choose. No one will ever take you seriously if you do otherwise.


As a high student, I was always told that a college education is very important because I can become more successful in my career. However, as soon as I started college, I became aware of what a true college education means. Of course, a college education consists of learning more information but it also includeds what one learns outside of the books. Students learn to adapt to a total new situation where they have to learn to grow on their own. Students learn how to deal with differenet kinds of people ranging from the professors, teacher assistants, and fellow students. This tool is a necessitaty for the real world because they learn to communicate and cope with differents types of personality in the workforce on a more professional level. College education is a valuable tool because it is a tool for one to grow and to find out who she or he is. Most importantly, college education is where one can development into an more mature and intelligent adult.


Since my freshman year of college, I feel like I have learned so much from UCR. UCR has expanded my horizon and has offer me a lot more choices about life and vocation that I might be interested in. I have learned how to live independently and to make decisions on my own. Bascially, UCR has made me more muture and able to explore and make good decisions on my own. I have also learn so much about other people and how to interact and work with them wether you get along with them or not. It has definitley prepare me for the real world when I graduate and enter the work force. I don't think any other path beside college can teach you so much about yourself, others and help you make great life decisions on your own. I feel like with great knowledge comes with great responsibilities, which therefore I feel that once I graduate; I must used all the knowledge that UCR has given to me and help others and make a different in the world.


Being a first generation college student school is not something that was an option to me, it was a necessity. I take my schooling very seriously, because, personally not furthering my education is failure. I take in every ounce of information that is thrust into a text book and every word a professor mumbles, vital or not. This is my first year of college and although most people do not take pre-requisites very seriously I thoroughly enjoy them. Math may have nothing to do with my intended major but I will be in the front row every day willing and ready to learn. My college experience so far has made me grow not only as an adult but as a person. I have learned about interacting with new people and patience for those who are different. I have also grown academically; I feel that college professors really care about my education and sending valuable adults out into the work force. I love being a college student and I hope that scholarships will help me stay in school. Thank you for your taking the time to read my entry.


I've met many people who aren't happy with where they are and they leave, but everywhere they run, it's always the same. They are unhappy here, they are unhappy there. It doesn't matter where you go in life, it's what you make of it that matters. It has made me realize that things never really change, it's only how you perceive it that matters. Going into college, I was positive and optimistic despite all the negative expectations set up for me by my peers. I found my professors highly knowledgeable, my peers inspiring and the campus beautiful. It was nothing like it was described to me. From my college experience, I learned that there's so much more to everything than one person can tell. Keeping an open mind and pleasant attitude will not prepare me for all of lifes challenges but it will let me see with fresh eyes to discover for myself great people and new things that I would never had found just simply listening to others.


The most important quality I gained from my college experience was to be independent. Living with my parents and depending on them for everything has been a pleasure for me, but after moving out to attend college, I encountered a major shift on the responsibilities that I had to take on as not only a student, but as an individual. I had to learn to become responsible, in areas as small as my basic everyday activities. I had never once cooked my own meal before, nor did I do my laundry on a consistent basis, and I definitely did not have the luxury of giving myself my own curfew. However, after attending college, I had to do all of this on my own and much more. I had the luxury to design my schedule, to do or not do what i wanted. However at the same time, I had to keep in mind that I needed to do things in a timely fashion. It was difficult to time manage, be responsible and follow a path that was suitable for me, but it has been the most signficant quality I have gained and I am very thankful to have acquired it.


I have learned so much at UCR. I decided to be a part of their first year program. It was a year long program that taught about current interests. I chose the Islam series. These classes opened my eyes. I am a Christian and this was a new subject for me. I learned not just about the religious aspect but also the politcal and social aspect of Islam. This class also tackled difficult issues which taught me to listen to all sides of the issue. It was valuable to attend because I took classes and learned current issues facing the Middle East that I would have only knew from the media. It was also valuable to attend UCR because I created friendships with people with valuable insight who helped challenge me,inspire me, and push me to my full potential.


From attending University of California, Riverside I have gain insights towards the outside world. I have learned knowledge in various aspect of life by mastering in subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Mathmathics, Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry etc. From taking these classes while involving in club such as Golden Arch and volunteering in Loma Linda Medical School allowed me to comprehend the depth of becoming a knowledgble college student. The integrity and motivation I gained from the University of California, Riverside gave me will to become a better person. The motivation I gained from studying in University of California, Riverside had motivated me to become more and more involved in my community while persuiting in gaining more knowledge in my major Neuroscience.


When I first started applying for college I had no clue as to what I wanted to do. On top of that, my work ethic was poor and I stressed out about practically everything, but being in college for three years fixed that. I learned how to manage my stress and my time. I also learened how to communicate with other effectively, but most importantly I figured out what i wanted for myself in the future. I learned how to dream big and follow my ambitions and I finally understand the value of hard work. It may seem somewhat counterintuitive that a campus with such a laid back feel could bring out these sort of qualities in a person, but the freedom given to me stimulated my learning in a way that nothing else could. I see that opportunities are given out with good reason and I understand that I must make the most out of the ones that are given to me. College has been the greatest opportunity given to me yet. Thanks to the free and laid back feel of UCR I was able to open my mind to the world and find my path in life.


I have received much more knowledge than I had expected. I believe that I have found the true meaning of hard work, dedication, and sacrafice. College is the biggest challenge that I have evr had to face, but it is so valuable to me because I know that it will pay off, and I will live an easier and happier life because of my choice to attend college.


Throughout my college carreer I felt as if I didn't know what I was doing with my life, recently, however, I met one of the most amazing professors and people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and he showed and helped me to discover what it means to be human, to be alive, and to live on this earth. He instilled in me a respect for all human life and helped me realize that I want to help other people see this and now I'm going to transfer to Humboldt State University and study Recreation Administration. It is essential to go to college not only for the general experience of it, but to meet the amazing people and feel the energy of it, the desire of knowledge, and the pursuit of happiness.


As of right now I am an incoming sophomore at UC Riverside and my freshmen year can be described as one my most memorable years of my life. It was a culmination of "leaving the nest," living on my own, and just the college experience as a whole. And I am more than glad/proud it was at UCR, due the diversity and high level of excellence that the school expects from us as students. It has been valuable to attend UCR because it has essentially helped me grow up and mature over the course of one year and I have learned many things. My college experience taught me people skills, to go beyond my comfort zone, and to extend my circle of friends to people who are not of the same race or background. Dorming my freshman year also helped me to learn how to compromise and become friends with a roommate who is the polar opposite of myself. I look forward to becoming a sophomore and now living off-campus and to continue to broaden my horizons and ultimately accomplish my life goals which include graduating college.


My college so far taught me how to manage my time and be more flexible. While in highschool I used to push myself and over work myself doing things. Going to college and getting the education to start my career in the business field will benefit my son and I. By going I am getting everything started to provide for him and being a great mom and role model. By being the first to go to college in my family is very exciting andf they all knew that I would. School was always a big part of me, pushing myself farther and learning new things everyday. My last two years of highschool prepared me for college. Although, this is my first time going to college. Its been one semester and in that one semester I learn a lot. Now my time is being spent with the importance in life. Family, school and being able to do things for my son. Separating my needs from my wants id what I learned. There is a lot in life that I want but don't really need. Someday in the future I will have that.


It has been a great real life learning experience! My family could not afford to pay for all my tuition and because my family is considered "middle class" I received minimal financial aid. Thus, I was forced to work two jobs and maintain full time student status. Though it has been difficult, I feel like there is no challenge that I could not tackle. I have learned essential skills that will eventaully lead me to succeed in this competative business world.


Throughout my years in high school I was too hard on myself -always doing more than what was asked for in my classes; I believed I was a “grown-up”, keeping myself busy with AP courses and an after-school job as a cashier. However, it was not until the end of my first year in college that I realized: “wow, I’ve grown up.” One of the things that I got out of my first year experience in college was realizing that I am now living my dream. It has also given me the chance to interact with many different types of people, and getting to know them and their different cultures and views. Most importantly, it has given me the chance to start living the dream that I mostly desired. Attending UCR for one year has given me the opportunity to prepare myself for three more years of a breath taking experience. I feel lucky to be given the chance to attend this school and I truly value this opportunity because it is what is going to open the doors to pursue my career in teaching-my dream job.


My College experience has been a wonderful one so far. I am attending college to better myself and my family in the long term. I have be wanting to return to school for some time. And I finally made the my mind up to do so.


From my college experience, I found the most valuable thing that I have learned is work ethic. The amount of work I put into school has greatly increased since graduating high school. I have tried doing only the bare minimum and that has not worked out for me. I learned to put in more hours into studying, working more diligently to finish my assignments. I truly value the new aspect of work ethic that I have gained from enrollment in my college. But what separates my college from others, is the friendly and non competitive atmosphere that the campus has. On-campus I do not compete with my other classmates, instead people are friendly and friends can easily be made. It is easy to slack off in college and only do the bare minimum to pass a class, but it is even better to have learned to work harder to exceed your own personal norm. Having gained a deeper insight into my personal work ethic is what I appreciate and value out of my college experience.


I have received a lot from my college experience. Coming from a low income family with no education, my college experience has taught to me to view life differently. It is as if I see things with a sixth sense now. The knowledge I have learned is priceless. The critical thinking skills, analytical skills and strategic thinking skills have turn my world around and opened my eyes. I feel much more prepared in life now that I have been in college for two years. I feel more confident to confront issues and my life ahead of me. I am able to understand everyting that stands in my path better. I am able to recognize what is really in this world for me. I feel more aware of reality and life. My college experience has boosted my logic thinking which I am able to anticipate what is a head of me. All that I have learned in college through challenges and obstacles has been valuable to me because it has changed my life. My college experience has educated me which is why I feel blessed today.


I don't think I'll send my kids to a Catholic-private school. That's the education I received when I was growing up. Do not speak unless spoken to was the common saying I was used to. However, this all changed when I came to college. I was always taught one way, this is the right way, and there is no other way. If I asked a question I was immediately shot down with a response similar to "this is what God wants." Bullshit. I have gained a voice in my college experience and I think that in itself is valuable. I now know one story is not always the truth. One cannot believe a fact just because a fancy CEO name signed off on it or based off my experience God said so. I have always obeyed ever since I was young and now I am the one that gets to ask questions. I am the one raising my hand in a lecture class of 300 kids asking the simple question I was never allowed to ask, "why?" And this is the reason it has been valuable to attend a public school, the University of California-Riverside.


I am the first in my family to go to college and attending UCR has earned me great respect from my friends and family. They see that I am passionate about what I do that I am involved at school through cheerleading and that I enjoy working as an after school tutor at a nearby elementary school. I have met so many people and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I have gained a sense of pride in what I do. Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood has been very difficult but going to UCR reminds me everyday that I've made the best decision for myself. Many of the people that graduated from my high school have started their own families and now work hard to support themselves. I didn't want that, and going to college has been completely life changing for me. I don't really have a lot of money to pay for school and I will graduate with a large amount of student loan debt. But I'll know that I've made an investment on myself and that in my eyes is PRICELESS!


After completing my first year as a college student, the most valuable thing I learned was adapting to a life away from parents. When I was living at home, my parents would continuously tell me to study and give me curfews. In college, I didn't have parents telling me what to do, and I had to set my own curfews. At first, I had a difficult time adapting because I finally had the freedom to do what I wanted. After a few weeks of school, I realized I was only there just to have fun because my parents weren't there to supervise me. After getting a bad grade on my first midterm, I realized it was time to stop. I needed to get my head straight and take college seriously. Plus, my parents were paying full tuition with no financial aid. From that point on, I used my time wisely and trained myself to be my own parent for myself. It is important to attend college because everyone will be on their own sometime in their future and they need to learn how to live independently so they can survive when parents aren't there to help them.


diversity overall postive experiance


I just started my college experience and I am truly amazed and astonished with the amount of work, fun, and responsibility there is for a university student. I certainly learned that grades do not come easy (compared to highschool) and that much of any student's time should be in the books and class. I just finished my first year here at University of Califnornia, Riverside, and I truly was shocked with the life-style the university students have. Responsibility and time management are the first two factors in which made me a succesful student through my first year of college. Hard work is always a must and I learned, through my past year's experience, that it will always pay off in the end regardless of the outcome. Sure I have had lots of free time to enjoy life, but life is not always about having fun. My first-year college experience taught me to dedicate seventy percent of my time to study and work, the rest is fun and rest. My father always told me to work hard in the beginning, because it will always allow for more "fun" later. Simple words, yet stunningly true. Thank You.


I have gotten a lot of realization that it will not be as easy as I thought to be a full time student working a part time job trying to pay for college.


From my limited college experience, I have learned to take control of my future. Because college life is so independent, the ability to choose responsible decisions that directly lead to good grades is an important lesson to learn before being thrust out into the "real world". In addition to learning responsibility, I have also learned to relate to a multitude of people. The general population in a community college is full of exchange students, parents, and full time career people. The sheer variety of different students leads to a re-imagined sense of community. No longer are the average students the same age from the same town. I have made friends from different continents and their stories amaze me. It has been valuable to attend my college because it has become a fundamental stepping stone to the career I aspire to have. My college is just the right combination of small town friendliness and accessiblility with the accreditation of a major university. Factor in the relatively inexpensive cost of a community college and I have saved thousands of dollars taking the same classes as my counterparts at major universities around the state.


Although I have spent the last three years at community college in a fog of indecisiveness and confusion, I would not trade the experiences I have had there for the biggest fortune. I walked onto the campus of Berkeley Community College; unsure, afraid, shy and even more depressed having just sent most of my friends off to big name, 4-year colleges. However, upon entering my first college class, I was greeted with pleasant smiles from my extremely diverse set of classmates and my enthusiastic Sociology professor. What a way to start college? A class discussing society, and the way we as humans socialize. That class pushed me to think and to communicate with new, and in some cases, much older people. Sociology and the twenty more classes I took were able to open me up to an array of new ideas, and let me appreciate the immense diversity I have around me in California. I have met some amazing friends and people, who have helped me grow into who I am today, a confident, fearless, active member of society who is driven to accomplish my laundry list of dreams and aspirations. College is necessary for growth and acceptance!


I am currently waiting to enter college this year, 2010, in the Fall. The only college experience I have had was my college orientation. Even though it was only two days at the college, it gave me a preview to my bright future at UC Riverside. I walked onto campus thinking it would be scarry and nerve wrecking, but I was proven otherwise. All the orientation leaders were friendly and the occomidations were unexpectedly soothing! What I was most scarred of was making friends and signing up for classes, but everyone at UC Riverside helped me get over my fear. They went through every step with all incoming freshman in order to make the registration process as easy as possible. They also planned activities where making friends was not a problem. If it weren't for the college orientation, I wouldn't have gotten rid of my fears and I wouldn't have developed the ability to make friends. This experience was extrememly valuable and worth while.


My college experience has showed me not to take things for granted. The education i am recieving is to better my future and myself. It has helped me make wiser choices and to think more about the future then the past. This college experience has given me the oppertunity to learn and grow. It has been valuble to attend college because in the future when i am done with school it will be easier for me to find a job that actually like doing. Attending school reflects on how we will maintain a job in the future and show proffesionalism.


First and foremost , being in college has definitely allowed the opportunity to become more mature and independent person. I have also become a more confident individual as UCR has presented me with a number of mentally and emotionally trying and enduring times through which I was able to withstand. Also at UCR I have met some of the most interesting people I have ever known. I have learned much more than what one would generally find in textbooks. I have also learned a great deal about myself. Most significantly, I believe that at UCR I have gained the neccessary skills and diverse set of perspectives to make a the world a better place. From my time spent in and outside of class I have learned how and what is neccessary in order to become successful as a student, which will be helpful throughout my life but especially in law school. I am confident that when I graduate from UCR I will have be ready for what is to come.


My first year of college has taught me a lesson beyond the many books I have read. UC Riverside has taught me how to find myself and how to love myself. In my first year I have met teachers that have taught me that no matter the situation, it is always best to be myself. Many of my professors have given me the tools that I need to understand my place in the world. Along with my professors, the friends that I have made here have given me the strength I need to tackle the struggles in this world. I have come out as a proud homosexual male and everyone in the UC Riverside has been excepting and helpful. My friends have shown me that this world can bring together people from various backgrounds and bring them together in a way that none of us thought possible. So, UC Riverside has truly rewarded me with the greatest gift of all, myself, and because of this I am forever thankful to a school that I thought I would never fit in. A school that has given me a new home.


The university that I have attended has taught me how to stay focused, and not let the pressures of social reputation, financial stressing, or other negative influences to hinder me from achieving my goals. I have truly understood the value of education and its importance to my future.


I have a new respect for myself and more confidence in what I do. I am learning a new field and appreciate the opportunity to help others. It has been valuable for me to attend because I am in a new career and leaving a dead end job that is going now where. When I finish my degree I will have the sense and happiness of completing something in my life. I will also have many opportunities in the healthcare field and can not wait for the chance to help others and be a good role model for my children.


When I first attended College, I did not understand the social connection that employers seek. I believed that if I worked hard enough I could make any employer see that I was worth the Fifty thousand dollar a year job. It would just take time. My work experience though proved to be contrary to my belief. Although employers said , "Yes work hard and you will do well", which is somewhat true, the real truth is that I have never made over Twenty-five thousand dollars a year in Twenty years of working. Employers are looking to see what kind of continued education and training their employees are seeking out. I ended up depressed for many years, believing that I would not make it past my Thirtieth birthday, only to now be Forty-two looking back wondering if I could have made my first college experience work, and wishing that I had. I thought back then that I was invincible, only now to realize that I am still growing older, without the education to reflect my age. I still believe that I am exactly where I'm suppose to be, but I still wish I was "here" twenty years ago.


When I arrived at UCR, I had a limited scope on what the world had to offer. I had a limited scope on people and what it meant to work hard and accomplish goals. At UCR, I learned and was instilled with a strong work ethic as well as a completely better understanding of the how to utilize that strong work ethic for my personal benefit as well as the benefit of others around me. I now teach at the Riverside Unified School District. I am actively involved in an after school program for teenagers helping them discover their talents and realize their own potential in academic endeavors. The most important thing I valued from attending UCR is constant emphasis of the importance of diversity of peoples. My limited scope has expanded to a vast horizon of the importance of understanding people and respecting their backgrounds. I have made friends from many different backgrounds and I have learned how to work with their differing ideas to discover the best possible ways to deal with remaining tyrannies such as sexism and racism. UCR has taught me to be a better person for myself and for everyone around me.

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