University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to UC Riverside, I wish I had known the ammount of job opportunities available off campus to help pay for my educational expenses. There are not many here in the city of Riverside and it does not help me be able to afford expenses such as books, transportation, rent, and food while being a student here. Other than that, I love this school. It has provided a place for me to focus on my education and become a better person as I pursue higher education.


How to write a decent essay is one thing I wish I knew beforehand. You would think that high school would teach you how to write a paper that doesn't sound so erroneous and tedious, but nope, that's a job for college. Maybe I could have gotten more scholarships and aid to pay for tuition and such if I had written more convincing and eloquent essays for my college applications.


I wish I knew of the socializing situation before I came; most people in this school are more shut-in.


I wish I would have known I couldnt afford this school, which is what resulted in me taking so many breaks inbetween. I would have liked to attend a school that is more concerned about students needs and is empathetic towards them. My previous major (psychology) was too impacted and my academic advisor at the time had been grandfathered in and had no educational background beyond high school. Therefore, I didnt recieve the support and instruction I needed. Thankfully, I changed my major to History and was able to get exceptional advice and leadership from my academic advisor, Christina Cuellar.


I had wished I wouldve known how serious some of these students take studying becasue some of the rooms get occupied very quickly, so the study rooms get taken fast.


I wish that someone had told me that the "Freshman 15" actually exists! That, and I wish they had told me that trying to take on too much at once is definitely not a good idea, because I tried that, and it ended up not working out too well. I loved that everyone told me to get involved though, because the groups and orgs that I am a part of really help me get through the school work!


That not all professors would be as rough as one of them that I had my first quarter and that not all of them would be as easy as another one that quarter.


I wish I would have known how to plan a major and minor. People dont tell you that sometimes they overlap. This can cause you graduate in more than four years.


I wish I had known more about the weather. I came from Florida which is usually hot up until Late November, early December. I didn't come prepared enough for the weather or for the location.


The advice I wish I would've have received is to explore different in options in a variety of classes before declaring a final major. Their are so many opportunities in every field that many individuals clearly miss to seek which explains the amount of individuals that switch their majors many times. My advice is to keep an open perspecitve to everything because college gives you the chance to explore and experience many different aspects that will uncover one's strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, as well as a guide toward a future career path.


At the University of California- Riverside, you will get as much out of the school as you put in. There is a plethora of available resources that ease the transition from high school to college, and can help ensure success. The large student to professor ratio makes obtaining direct help difficult, so you must often turn to other on campus sources. Although there are many resources at your disposal, the staff will not guide you through college. In order to succeed, you must be proactive, and your desire to learn must overpower your social life.


I wish I would have known how the financial system worked. That would have definitely helped me out a lot more; however, I know now and I'll be sure not to make those same mistakes as I did this school year next.


I wish I had known that in order to be successful at this school both socially and academically, it is helpful to get very involved in campus life. For example, in the Greek system, there is academic support from your friends which as a third year has helped me a lot. However, I wish I knew I could have had this help as a first year as well.


I wish that I had known how much books were going to cost. If I knew sooner, I would have saved up more money for books and supplies. I also wish I had known how much connection non-greek sorority has. I would have joined one.


I wish I had known about the parking situation before coming to this school. Parking lots are always crowded and it is not uncommon to cirlce the lot for 30 or more minutes in search of a spot. Come early!


I wish I knew how really expensive school was going to be before I made my choice for college.


If there is one thing I could go back and tell myself before I came to this school, it would be that the number of classes and teachers available, compared to the number of students, is lacking. It is often times very difficult to sign up for the classes I need, and for many people it is difficult to graduate in four years because of this hardship.


I wish that I had known that the school was about over ten times the size of the school I was last in. This place is too big for me. It takes over half of hour for me to walk to my class. The dorms are up hill, which made it even more difficult to walk. There is also the situation with the weather here. The weather is unpredictable. It could rain and be really hot at the same time. Then the next day would be really cold and sunny at the same time. It is really weird.


I wish I knew about how the whole college system works. The transition between highschool and college is pretty much the tough part of the whole college experience. It is a fun and a new way to experience, learn, and live on your own and make your own decisions. I love college and UCR has been a great fit for me.


I wish I had knew more things about financial aid and research program the school offers. Also I wish I would know more about professors before I had came to this university.


I wish I had known how much debt my undergraduate degree was going to cost me. When I first enrolled UCR gave me a great financial award but once I reached my second and third year I only received financial aid from the pell and cal grants, UCR reduced its grant assistance it gave me at first. I also wish I would have known how to adapt to the college social life more.


I wish I had known that unlike high school, most of the learning takes place outside the classroom because that is where you are expected to engage with your assigned texts and to secure a deeper understanding of the information provided to you by the professor in class.


How hot it really gets here during the first quarter.


I wish I had known how hard it would be. Coming from a community college, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of work expected from me. I don't blame the university, I applaud them for challenging me. I am better because of their expectations.


I wish I had known that housing would be so difficult to deal with and uncommunicative to boot.


I wish I had known more about fininacial aid and how much it would cost to attend a 4 year university as opposed to a state college. I probably could have saved a lot more money by just staying home.


i wish i had known better ways to prtepar myself and also have had the knodlege of scholarships so that i could get money to have the education i deserve.


Before I came to this school, I wish that I would have known that time management is very important to succeed in college. When I entered college my time was inbalanced and much of it was wasted on having fun and being with friends. Time management is very important and I wish that I would have known so my GPA could have been way better than it is today.


Without a job, license or a car, living at home, and paying for tuition with the reminants of my summer job money I would have wished to know many things before I came to UCR. How to survive, would probably be the best one. Or to prepare for how hard this "college" thing would be. I wonder, would I have chosen to come if I'd known? With my dreams at stake, even though I'm broke, and can't live the "fun" lifestyles of other college kids, I would have, undoubtly, just for the chance to achieve something greate.


I wish I had known that I wasn't going to be recieving as much financial aid every year as I had recieved my Freshamn year. I believe the school offered so much in the beginning simply to attract me into attendance. I also wish I had known that the city surrounding campus isn't safe and doesn't contain many attractive acitivities for the students in town.


I wish I had known that the UC system was going to raise their tutition prices because this made college affordability even more difficult for me as well as many other students int he UC system.


I wish I had known that some majors and jobs were limited to my studying.


I wish I was undeclared major


College is not as easy as people may say, college is not a place to fool around and roam free. It is a place of education.


I wish I took more AP classes or community college courses so that I could be ahead and be able to take elective classes that I enjoy.


I wish i would have applied for shcolorships instead of taking out loans.


I wish I had known that I did not have to complete all my undergraduate courses at the community college level before I transferred. I also wish that I was aware of the volunteer, internship and job opportunities that the university offers.


I wish I could have known how to balance out my work load. When I first started at this school i was trying to balance classes, study time, track, and my social life. This caused my grades to suffer. After my first quarter I figured out how to balance my time, but I whish i could have known this instead of finding out the hard way.




I wish I knew how much I really need to study to do well in my classes.


I wish that I had known how much I would end up liking this school. At first, I dreaded the thought of going to this school because it was not my first choice and my parents had forced me to go here since it was closer to home. However, once I was here for a quarter, I ended up loving it. If i had known how much I would have liked it before, I would have prepared myself better financially to ensure that I would be able to afford to attend this school until I graduate.


I wish I knew more about the acedemic opportunities offered. UC Riverside has a bright future and there are many plans to make the school better and I wish they would let the students or incoming students know what the plans are. That way it will give the school more of a reputation.


The area


That the professors ALL have a strong accent.


What I needed to do to apply for graduate school and how soon I needed to do it. How much expenses would be each month to plan accordingly. What classes I needed for my major. What services were available to me to help me succeed. Where the classes were located (map).


The weather conditions


The different majors and fields of study.


I wish I had known how hot and dry the weather is, and how bad the air quality is.


I wish I knew that I should study everyday for my science courses.


That the social life on this campus was dead.