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What is the stereotype of students at University of California-San Diego? Is this stereotype accurate?


the stereotype is definitely that we are all very smart kids who work extremely hard and are a bit socially inept. For the most part you could say its true, many students do dedicate large quantities of time to their studies and video games. However there is greek life, athletics, and just normal people who are well rounded.




A common stereotype is that we're a geek school, full of Asian students, and a bunch of science majors. While UCSD isn't that diverse of a school, there are a variety of social scenes from greek life to activism to art to hippies so it's diverse in that sense, and there's a very lively set of co-ops!


A stereotype of students at my school is the kind that reads textbooks as their entertainments. It is somewhat true for the super geeks. But mostly the students have their private parties here and there. The typical impression of UCSD to others is a socially-dead school. However, it is not true. Students here tend to party carzy on the weekends and holidays. But once it is getting close to midterms or finals, the environment gets serious and the library is always packed.



The stereotype of the students at UCSD is that we are a bunch of introverted, non-social, geeky Asians. This is pretty accurate to a certain extent. There are plenty of Asians, plenty of geeks, and certainly plenty of geeky Asians. However, we are not as non-social as our stereotype may indicate. There are plenty of social events that students here attend and while there isn't a huge party everyday, or a lot of people that frequently go out to party, there is still a college vibe here.


Geeks/nerds. Stereotypes are never 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} accurate. There are a lot of studious students at my school but also a variety of others (e.g. frat/ sorority, surfers, sport fanatics, etc) like any other school.


Some stereotypes include antisocial students and frat kids. Unfortunately, even though the chancellor's office and the office of academic affairs are doing their best to eliminate stereotypes among our school, it is very hard to do so in the society we live in.


Some stereotypes include antisocial students and frat kids


UCSD is typically known for its abundance of Asian nerds and anti-socialites. And while UCSD's demographic was definitely a change from the suburbs I spent my first 18 years in, I think the stereotype is generally untrue. Yes, we do have really strong math/science/pre-med departments, but that's not all UCSD is. Like at any college, you'll have to find where you belong. Join the paper and join the ranks of some of San Diego's biggest hipsters or go Greek and explore the bonds of sister/brotherhood. UCSD does have parties and (if you've ever been to Sun God) it's arguable that we can party with the best.