University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who would fit best at this school are ambitious, socially and environmentally conscious, outdoorsy, and community-oriented.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who accepts others and has compassion for people who seem to have lost their way. A person who would fit at this school very well would be someone who enjoys nature and enjoys having a real connection with people and the world around him/her.


Going to UC Santa Cruz is a unique experience because no other university can compare to the culture and atmosphere it encapsulates. A prospective student should love nature because this university is simply magical. The campus is engulfed beneath refreshing green redwoods, salty ocean air and hiking trails that take you on memorable adventures. Also the diversity amongst the campus is infatuating. You will learn just as much from your peers as you will from your professors. Each individual has a story and the students are open to being themselves. Your peers at UCSC will truly make your attendance worthwhile.


Anyone is welcomed at our school.


People interested in Physics or Astro-Physics. We have a great program here. This college is VERY liberal and people of that mid set will feel at home here. We were voted #1 Vegan-friendly college. Being evironmentally friendly is something most people here try to be. Anyone who feels they relate to this should attend UCSC.


UCSC is great for the intellectual, theoretical-thinking type of person. Courses vary from major to major, but the bulk of the classes you take will be looking at the big picture. There are plenty of opportunities to intern while enrolled, both within and outside the academic institution, but you need to go after them. It can be a great school if you will likely get advanced degrees and/or have trouble knowing specifically what you will do after graduating.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is very open-minded and not quick to judge. There is so much diversity on this campus that you meet all kinds of people. This person should also be somewhat of a free spirit, someone who is independent and can think for himself or herself. Also, given the location and terrain of this campus, I would also suggest someone who likes to be outside and likes nature to go to this school. However, after considering all of this, all kinds of people will feel welcome at this university.


They should be open to new ideas and open about meeting new people. Santa Cruz is still in a way 1960. It is a pretty hippie and laid-back school. Santa Cruz is for those who like to party but kick back sometimes too. It is also for those who like to study in a beautiful nature enviroment. Walking alongside a deer going to class is common,


A good fit for UC Santa Cruz is a student with an independent desire to ask questions, and find answers. UC Santa Cruz provides many opportunites, but a student with the drive to seek them out and take advantage of them will succeed the most here.


Someone who is open minded, laid back, and outgoing. Leadership is an important quality among the students on campus. You must be very self motivated to attend UCSC also. The will power to put your education first is very important.


Someone who loves the outdoors (since the school is located right next to/in the forest and the beach is down the road), enjoys social events, and is tolerant of many other cultural, political, and religious beliefs. This is a great school for anyone interested in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or any kind of biology.


This school has a stereotype of being a "hippie" school where a majority of artistic caucasians attend. While there may be students who express their individuality at this school, I also recommend this school for students who are environmentally aware and those who would prefer a small community, within the school and the city, the occasional cliques, and do not mind the caucasian atmosphere.


This school is a good choice for individuals who are goal-oriented and are prepared to take school seriously. It is an ideal place for anyone who loves the outdoors, nature and adventures. Anyone can attend this school because there is something for each individual, they must be willing to connect with others as well as place emphasis on schoolwork as there will be competition.


A UCSC hopeful has to be completely laid-back, absolutely carefree, and unshakeably zen. Yet, a UCSC student must also be determined to excel in academics, transcend all the rest in academics and life, and surpass one's fellow classmates. Contradictory, a paradox is what it is, that is the kind of student that thrives here. Like our prized hermaphrodite Banana Slug (bet you did not know that!), a successful student can switch between having mindless fun at the beach or crazy adventures in our redwood forest and sitting down for some serious study sessions or facing challenging courses.


Someone open to new experiences


A person who is interested in exploring and wants a fresh start, UCSC is great for that particular person.


Someone with an active demeanor and is interested in their future should definitely go to UCSC. Quiet and observant people also would enjoy the peace and tranquil campus of Santa Cruz. Those who detest the strong university influence of drinking and fraternities or sororities should set their sight on UCSC, especially those who want to do scientific research.


A liberal person should attend UCSC. This school smokes a lot of marijuana, if you're into that than this is the school is great for you. Also, this school has a great enviromental program. If you like nature, hikes, forest and deer, this school can provide more than enough of that. Our campus is beautiful!


People who want a great learning experience and a diversity of people. People who enjoy nature and music and art.


One who does not want to be judged, someone who loves the environment


The type of person who likes to read and write. Academically focused school.


Anyone can go to this school. It just depends on what you make of it. The school atmosphere is progressive, but there is a backlash and more of a conservative liberalism. You have to be leftist thinking or a good debater to combat people who will judge by your different philosophies and politics. If you love pot-smoking and frisbee, you'll fit right in. If you love physical science, engineering or biology, you'll have a great future mapped out for you. There are a lot of activities and resources that anyone can partake in.


Very down to earth people with a desire to live in a beautiful part of the country while learning


Someone who is open to (or ready for) many new intellectual ideas. This place is magical in how it encourages people to grow and understand. Someone who is creatively inclined. Someone who is comfortable living on a secluded hill.


Someone who is academically focused and a self motivated individual. There are many resources on campus but it is up to the individual to take advantage of them


People who are open-minded, want to take a hold of their education, people who want to affect the world positively and express themselves. People who want to engage and become the person they want to be.


anyone who loves natural beauty and doesn't mind walking and hills


Someone who wants to go to a school that is laid back, and fun going. This person should also have motivation and drive as it is easy to get side tracked and lose focus.


This school is best fitted for people who are drawn to the outdoors but also have a desire to live in a small town with a definite pulse. More importantly, anyone attending a UC school should be capable of working, reading and wrighting quickly. There is a lot more emphasis on producing volumes of work within a tight time schedule than there is on producing high quality work. Also anyone who goes to a UC should understand that education at public institutions is just as beuracratic and often hyprocritical as any other area of politics.


A person who looks to the future and keeps in mind not only their own interest, but the interest of our Mother Earth. A person that is well-prepared to say, "School is my full-time job" because in all reality, you committ at least 30 hours (on average and that's aside from class lecture hours) per week to your studies. Also, a responsible person that can juggle all aspects of social life and personal life. Someone who is not afraid to stand out, who is courageous enough to speak up for themselves, even in tough situations.


Someone who loves the beach and forest, is liberal, and environmentally aware.