University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not willing to accomplish their goals, or put any effort into what they do. Those who give up easily and won't try to become a better person, mainly because it is essential for a person to develop and grow in order to be successful.


A conservative person who doesn't like nature


If a person hopes to find a University with a huge Greek-esque party scene, Santa Cruz is not the place to go. Yes, there is a minor Greek presence on different parts of campus, but for the most part, it is widely ignored by students on campus. Social life at Santa Cruz is aimed more so towards students who enjoy relaxing with their friends in small groups rather than being in mobs of people listening to loud music and dancing the night away.


Someone who does not like nature should probably reconsider going to UCSC. You encounter racoons, deers, squirells, bababa slugs and occasionally bob cats or coyotes. There are also a lot of hills as well. But it is for these reasons and others that I love this school. UCSC is also very liberal, but everyone is very accepting and respectful of you.


People who are completely focused on competetion and level of their school, those who wish to compete with other fiercely and don't enjoy the outdoors and are allergy prone.


The kind of person that should not attend this is the person who dislikes walking. Santa Cruz, althought a beautiful campus, is full of hills and mountains which make it hard to not be tired when getting to classes. There is also a flourishing wildlife here with deers, raccoons, and skunks, so those that are not into wildlife should be wary.


The social interactions at UCSC are not like those of other major universities. Don't go to UCSC expecting to find fraternity and sorority parties. Don't go to UCSC expecting a student body that rallies behind their sports teams. Students tend to mingle with others in their major, and mostly through other extra-curricular activities. So don't go if you expect the school to give you a social circle, you make it yourself there.


Someone conervative or not open to new ideas.


Students with closed minds and an inability to accept different lifestyles and different types of people. UCSC is a diverse campus with a very wide range of students from all backgrounds, sexualities and majors. Students who are opposed to primarily outdoor environments, wildlife and hills should not attend this university as the campus is located within a nature reserve. Also, students looking for competative sports should not attend UCSC. Although UCSC has many sports teams, we only compete intermurally and have more of a reputation for our academics than our sports.


Nobody should not attend this college. In other words, everyone is welcomed, no one is singled out.


A person who needs an extremely active enviornment, with lots of life and job opportunities outside of campus should not attend this school. This school is great for a person who isn't quite sure what field they want to major in and want to take it easy. The person with a specific career path in mind and a lot of motivation should not go here.


If you do not like a forestlike environment, then you should not attend this school. If you do not enjoy nature and you are more of a city person, you should not attend this school.


It always amazes me to find people can be unhappy here in Santa Cruz, but I suppose there are a few things missing. Santa Cruz is a really laid back town, but the neighbors and cops regulate pretty hard with big loud parties. So if you really like to party big, I do not suggest looking into UCSC. We have very few options for Greek life and there are rarely any large parties worth going to that don't get rolled. We just like to kick back and take it easy.


Some one who can't handle the outdoors or is out of shape shouldn't go to UCSC. You have to be open minded coming to UCSC and be wiling to look for your cup of tea in people. Once you do, you'll fit right in!


If you're looking for a place of high academic competition, where every student is going crazy about grades, where your SAT score is going to matter to your fellow freshman, where you have a study group every night, and where you risk getting your labs sabotaged, Santa Cruz is not for you. Santa Cruz is about learning and life experiences, not about grades and prestige. It used to not even use the letter grading system, and that is reflected in the current philosophy.


I would not recommend this school for students who are much comfortable in the city and would like to experience a typical school life seen on television and in movies. In between classes and on the weekends, the campus is dead. Also, students who like to go places but do not have a car should not attend this school. The closest city is 40 minutes away, San Jose, and there is not much to do there. Students who would like racial diversity and career-focused individuials need to know that there are not many academic and social opportunities.


They type of person that shouldn't attend this school is definitely a person who does not want to be educated. This school is way too expensive to just be messing around all the time, if you want to attend this school, or any university, you should be a person who is looking to get an education, not a person who is just looking to party all the time.


Honestly, anyone could come to UCSC and potentially have the best time of their life. It doesn't matter what type of person you are. Coming to UCSC and living your life is all you need.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school , is someone that isn't active or doesn't want to involve daily exercise in their life. The University of CA Santa Cruz, has many hills and most likely a student will be walking to and from classes from the base of campus up towards science hill. And a person that isn't educationally focused should not attend this schoo, from what I've expeienced from my science classes, they require a lot of studying and reading, as well as a considerable amount of effort.


People who are looking for something to occupy their time. There's nothing wrong with going to college to figure out what you would like to do with the rest of your life as long as you are really using college as a means of finding it. If going to school means you're only attending on record, than perhaps university isn't for you.


Someone who is very conservative or someone who doesnt like the outdoors.


A very conservative person or a person who does not want to be on a big campus with large class sizes.


Liberal Open minded, academic but social


A person who is not at all open to change or new ideas should not attend this school. Bigots should not attend this school either.


A social/religious/political conservative or someone who's main focus is appearances.


A very conservative person or one that relies on a wheelchair would have trouble at this campus.


University of California Santa Cruz students are very accepting and I think that even if they share different views it does not keep them from being friends. My freshmen year I was the only Christian in my appartment and I am still friends and talk to all my housemates from my first year. Despite the fact that everyone is generally pretty accepting I feel like being environmentally concious and just a love for nature in general is a big part of the people at Santa Cruz and should be shared by attendees. Those academically focused might have a hard time.


One who wants a lavish social scean, its a small place. It is a very relaxed place.


Someone who isn't open to new ideas.


people who are lazy and arent serious about school


Anyone very closed minded and/or very conservative I suppose... I would like to think anyone could attend UCSC, but since the question is posed... I found it easy to get along with everyone I have met, for people who don't respect alternative lifestyles, it could be an adjustment. I love the diversity of people at UCSC. If you aren't ready to do a lot of work and study hard for big, meaningful exams, on a fast paced quarterly system (vs. semesters), then UCSC could be very difficult.


A person who needs to go out a lot for fun during weekends should not come to this school. Downtown Area of Santa Cruz is very small and has limited number of restaurants and bars.


Someone who really hates hippies, environmentalists and the outdoors.


Whoever is not passionate enough to motivate themselves should not attend this school. The professors are very intelligent and great resources and will teach you alot, but to really excell, you will need to apply yourself and go above and beyond to prepare for life after college.


Any student should be able to find their niche here. Extrememly religious or conservative students may have difficulty fitting in. As long as one is open-minded, they should fit it fine.


Anyone looking to get a highly specialized and distinguished education. If you're just looking for the degree, it'll do.


A person who wants to have a keg at least 4 times a week at every party and has no interest in getting an education or focusing on school. A person who wants to be in a large city and does not value nature or does not partake in helping the environment would not like to attend this university.


Neo-Conservative-Right-Wingers, Heterosexists, Ethnocentrists and anyone else that discriminates on the basis of one's personal identity.


Anyone who has trouble processing their thoughts quickly enough to produce an average of 70 pages of essays every 10 weeks.


anyone could attend ths school, its very open and accepting