University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think that the best thing about my school is the acceptance of all peoples. Other than a very few situations, I've never felt unable to express my sexual orientation, and I've always seen that students and professors support and fight for the rights of other students to feel open and accepted.


I am learning a great deal to prepare me for medical school and a research focused career in Neuroscience. I really appreciate ther close connection my school has with Stanford University and as a result of that, as well as personal connections, I obtained an undergraduate research assistantship last summer and an intership with the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research laboratory at Stanford.


The best thing about my school is that it is hidden in a forest. It has a very calming effect on the mind and it lessens the stress that is associated wth school.


The surrounding environment.


Santa Cruz is an amazing little town that attracts some of the brightest and most friendly individuals in the country to it. My favorite aspect about UCSC, besides the excellent academic program, is the friendly environment and the excellent people available to meet. Only after one year at the University I have made a group of friends that I find very dear to me and hope to hold onto for the rest of my life.


I think the best thing about my school is that we have many resources here to suceed. which is very vital to my future because sometimes I really just need assistance with my work.


The bonds I've constructed so easily over the course of my first year.


The best thing about my school is how nice the people are and the location of the campus.


The beauty of the campus and the things it offers to students. The campus is surrounded by redwoods and countless hiking trails. Not far away is the beach and boardwalk. There are various views of the ocean from campus and the buildings have been integrated into the wildlife perfectly. It's almost like being away at a retreat. Absolutely breathtaking and wonderful every day.


The most unique feature of the campus is that you live in a Forrest with the ocean only five mins away. It has an amazing view from campus and one of the best night views. At night you can see the stars amazingly!


The location and the people. The school is set in Northern California's beautiful redwood forests and it is alongside the ocean. The people are very open and friendly, and non-judgemental.


UC Santa Cruz has a liberal degree struture, allowing students to actively become scholars in their chosen subject area even if it's not offered as a standard major. This openess allows students to truely discover and explore their educational passions. With opportunites for independent field study, and creating your own major, UC Santa Cruz doesn't pigeon hole students into particular fields of study, and produces unique graduates.


The thing I consider best about my school is the relaxed atmosphere. The people are friendly and non-intrusive and everyone gets along pretty well for the most part. I believe the atmosphere builds from the nature around this school, it's beautiful since it's all surrounded by neverending redwoods and forest. The air is so fresh and the environment and atmosphere is so calm, relaxing, and quiet. I feel at zen here.


The campus is the best because of its comfortable surrounding that allows anyone to walk around anytime throughout the day or night. It provides an opportunity for people to live among trees and, for me personally, to get away from the city and experience and different type of lifestyle and surrounding. The campus allows me to experience everything away from a city, from the moist, green trees to the steep hills I have to walk up and down everyday.


It is a truly amazing and beautiful place! It's is in a redwood forest, so there are gorgeous trees everywhere and you see deer everyday. The hill that it's on overlooks the bay, so you get a beautiful view of the ocean from many places on campus. There are tons of paths and trails around to hike, bike on, or just explore. The campus has great climbing trees, caves, and is really close to a state park that has a creek with a great swimming hole. There is always something fun to do or something beautiful to see!


The best feature of the University California, Santa Cruz is that its educators and students alike are always working to make our world a better place. Not only did I gain a valuable academic education, but a meaningful social and environmental one as well. UCSC's faculty, staff, and student body work diligently to create a strong sense of community at the school, spread awareness regarding environment movements toward a cleaner and safer planet, and support human rights and equality for all. I learned more about the importance of activism and idealism during those four years than all eighteen before.


The physical features of the campus as it's situated on a hill almost overlooking the city. Lots of hiking trails, lots of different things to discover.


I love UC Santa Cruz because its diversity. I also believe that Santa Cruz is so unique because its a forest and the beach is right across for the Univeristy. I enkjoy everything that Santa Cruz has to offer. I love the Psychology department because instructors are very well traoined and definately know how to assist any one who wants to major in that field.


The best thing about UC Santa Cruz is the people. Every person has a very different style of living, comes from a very different background from others, has interesting goals in school as well as beyond, and everyone is very encouraging and friendly. Going to this school allows me to meet others from all over the globe and get to know them.


Everything ! There is no aspect of UC Santa Cruz which I don't like. Being from a big city, it is nice to just be in a place that has meadows and greenery all throughout the city. The beaches are also a sight to see , and being a touristic attraction, Santa Cruz has the small shops and stores downtown that everyone likes to spend time in. The academic intensity is amazing, and the teachers are always happy to help.


Amazing landscape. Tons of trees everywhere, with wooden bridges you can take to get to class. My room has a view of the beach. It is beautiful. The teachers are also really good so far.


I love the amount of students that they have in each colleges. There are 10 different colleges within the campus, student population is equally divided. Not too crowded.


Santa Cruz is an absolutely beautiful place to live and doscover yourself. An incredible campus setting that is quiet and serene is a little boring at first, but helps you build a strong core group of friends within your college, the fun awaits off capmus. Help is everywhere if you ask for it, and there is a strong sense of community when it comes to making sure you are supported in the career field you choose.


It's very accomadating and freeing, more so than other schools I have seen.


What i trlly consider the best thing from my school is that proffessors and staff help you with any necessity that you may have or any problem with your fiancial aid. I also like the fact that is near to the beach. I can go surfing with my buddies and meet enjoy a great social life in the beach where most of the students go to have fun or the Board walk


At UCSC you definitely have the best of both worlds: The campus is nestled inside of a beautifully lush and alive forest, yet is still located just blocks away from the ocean. There are an endless amount of things to do, from surfing to hiking to exploring the many oddities of our campus, such as the underground caves, the cat cemetery, and the school?s trailer park. You never know who you?re going to meet or what you?ll discover on campus since there are just so many opportunities for new experiences and adventure!


the environment, surrounded by nature, beautiful


it has a small feel sometimes because i came from a tiny private highschool so it almost allows me to remember how i was in highschool. even though it is a large school the separation between the colleges gives you a more unique closer smaller feeling with the college.


Everyone is extreamly nice and accepting. Also, we have the most undergraduate reaserch opportunities.


The campus is in a beautiful location. It is in the middle of the woods with a great view of the ocean.


The beautiful campus with redwoods and our mascot sliding around - banana slugs!


The best attribute of UC Santa Cruz is that it is isolated up in the hills of Santa Cruz which allows for a more focused environment for studying. The separation of the campus allows for students to be more focused while on campus, but still have the accessability to see the urban life of this costal city where it resides in. To sum it all up, UC Santa Cruz gives the best of both worlds-the serenity of the forest life as well as the urbanization of the beach life.


The best part of UCSC is that it is a great place to make the most of your college experience - socially and academically. UCSC has small classes, several libraries and study centers, down to earth and available professors and teacher's assistants. On campus jobs are available, and work around your schedule. And because the greek system is small, there is a social atmosphere without too many outrageous parties. In fact, most students here prefer small parties. Everyone is so unique and adds dimension to the special atmosphere here - the ocean, forest, and city provide a fabulous landscape to study.


I think the small, hands-on nature of this school is the best aspect of my school because it is more condusive to learning than just book-reading and lecture halls.


I think the nature on campus and surrounding the school is gorgous. The school is 5 minutes from the beach and about 30 minutes from the mountains so there is a diverse terrain which creates a lot of opportunities to do outdoor activities which you can plan on your own or through the school. I also enjoy the social aspect of the campus. There are always people outside and with their doors open so you can go hangout with people whenever.


The view is alright, but you get tired of it after two, three times.


Its an amazing place and the people are amazing the teachers are normally happy to help you if you are willing to ask


The best thing about the school is that the school is large but it doesn't feel that way. You don't feel trapped in a sea of people because there are small communities within the school that each have a purpose and a belonging. The atmosphere can be one-sided at times but the experience is phenomenal.


The best thing about my school is that the professors are always willing to help you. They always take time out of their busy schedule to help you understand the materials.


The best thing about UCSC is the research being performed by the faculty. The science professors are always working on something amazing.


I love my school not only for the academics and opportunities that it is providing me, along with the great students and faculty. But by far my favorite part about UCSC is the forest surrounding campus. UCSC has taken great care not to industrialize its surroundings. I love living in the forest, it is refreshing to see nature all around and a beautiful view of Monterey Bay outside your window. The deer and squirrels walk around campus like it?s their own territory, which, in my opinion is a great thing.


It is in an incredibly beautiful setting. In order to get to some classes you have to walk through the forest. Students are very open and there is generally a very positive, happy vibe around campus.


The overall relaxing atmoshpere.


The people who attend and work there.


the environment of the school made me feel like i had made the right choice in my school selection. the location in the santa cruz mountains, near the beach, felt familiar and comfortable. the social setting also made me feel at home. i was able to learn how to make my own choices in life - both socially and academically - and i feel this experience allowed me to grow as an independant and responsible person.




The campus and location are beautiful, the faculty are stellar and the facilities are quite good.


the open and friendly atmosphere, both in and out of the classroom


The location. We are located in a red wood forest which provides an excellent learning environment. We are close to the ocean and the entire monterey bay can be seen from our campus. The whole thing is very nice.


The school has a very relaxed atmosphere, as well as a beautiful and calming environment. But the best thing about the school are the cool people I have met that have become my closest friends. If it werent for them, school would not become such a memorable experience.