University of Chicago Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about most is the academic rigor. In detail, I highlight the high expectations that professors had, the goals students set for themselves, and the quality of work that was encouraged. My undergraduate career prepared me well for graduate school. The expectations that were set helped me focus, work hard, and learn more about my capabilities. The skills I acquired at the University of Chicago have proved valuable adn necessary for graduate school.


I prefer not to brag, but I am very proud of the fact that my university is fourth in the country and it has the best economics program in the world. If I am bragging, I just talk about how diverse it is and how much I love that fact.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about the University of Chicago is the demanding yet rewarding environment. The University of Chicago involves hard work, self-discipline, and initiative. My undergraduate studies have rounded my individual being by exposing me to various academic fields, areas that I may have not necessarily explored on my own. Rather than considering graduation to be a hiatus to my intellectual development, I found it to be a catalyst. Reflecting on my experiences, I have realized the importance of academic excellence accompanied by a diverse body of knowledge.


You will learn more at the University of Chicago than you could have imagined and after you graduate, you feel prepared for whatever life may throw at you.


University of Chicago affiliates have earned 85 Nobel prizes and counting--pretty much every year, another one or two more Nobel prizes are added. This is an intense academic institution and the people it produces and/or incubates are immediately ready to enter into academia and many other fields. The constant academic discussion and idea-sharing with the greatest minds in the world kills all sense of fear associated with presenting and researching ideas. This leads to leads to greater illumination as well as excellence, no matter what the field.


This school is academically a good way. People here crave knowledge. Often, classroom discussions make their way to the dining tables! Yet, school doesn't consume our lives. Having a social life is also a part of the learning experience! From joining a campus organization, to simply making a new friend, the opportunities to socialize are endless. We have people from a wide variety of backgrounds here, and it's amazingly fun to learn about a language, a country, or even a culture through the connections we make. Plus, we have the entire city of Chicago to explore!


That we're smart.


The rigour of coursework and the number of big name professors.


I like to talk about the unparalleled academic environment, the way the classes allow you to focus on the academics instead of getting caught up in the bureaucratic or competitive nonsense that my friends complain about, and the fact that I have never regretted my decision to go there.


I brag about the amount of work we do and effort we put into our education. I also brag about the amazing researchers and professors we have here, and the intellectual conversations we have among each other. I also LOVE how close we are to downtown Chicago, giving us access to fun city life, shows, plays, and the Chicago community at-large.


How many incredible opportunites there are here for undergrads, particularly with reference to scientific research. Virtually everyone I know who wants research experiences finds it, and they are able to have control of their individual projects. Many students become published by the time they graduate. Our professors, among the top in the world, are very approachable and highly motivated to help students, whether it's explaining a difficult problem or discussing latest advances in the field.

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