University of Connecticut-Avery Point Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about University of Connecticut-Avery Point? Why?


I consider the worse part to be that their are people that don't even consider my school Uconn. That on the place mat of a popular resturant up the road they have a map and they don't even recgonize my school. That is the worst part because I am as much of a Husky as the students who attend the storrs campus.


It is a commuter campus and is very small. Because of this there is a real lack of 'college' life and it is harder to meet new people.


The worst thing on campus would be a tie between no on campus housing and the limited choices in food. Students have to stay in condiminiums or commute from home if they wish to attend. And if the do decide to stay in the condomuniums it can be expensive as they have to pay by the month. Then there is food. There is only one place on campus to buy hot meals, and it does not offer the best choices for food. They also have odd hours and can close before everyone has left for the evening.