University of Connecticut-Avery Point Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"Go to college!" It seems like college is only for those who play sports or are 'smarter than you' but you can go to college too. Meet with Mrs. Carter ask her what options you have. She knows you better than you believe. Apply to everything she tells you to especially the Hill Scholars Program. It is the best thing that could happen to you. Every minute of your time spent in that honors program will be worth it. They will become like another family to you; always there even after everyone graduates and head out on their own. You will have so many opportunities that you never dreamed of for your self. Get involved on campus it is the best way to make friends and learn what you are capable of. Stick to your deadlines, both educational and personal ones, you will regret it if you don't. Most importantly be your self. Mom and Pop are proud of you just for deciding to attent college and pay your on way with out asking them. You may feel left behind because it will take you longer to reach your goals than originallly planned, but you will reach them.


Travelling back to last year and giving my high-school-self advice would be extremely useful. Ah, I remember way back then when I was young and foolish. I would tell myself to finish strong! It makes absolutely no sense to start off your senior year working hard and applying for scholarships and to colleges, and then and on a weak note. Stick it out until the end and you will thank yourself later. Study hard for finals--it will be worth it when you see your final GPA. And your future college will thank you too!


Dear Geena, You are going to have so much fun in college. You are going to be smart enough to get involved with a lot of things, remember not to overwhelm yourself. Focus on the volunteer work and community outreach because you will enjoy that the most. Also college is an adjustment your going to have to take some extra time on your academics, its not going to come as easy to as high school did. It is important to pay attention in your classes and put in the effort that I know you do to all the classes you take. No just because it is your education but especially because you are paying for it. Don't worry your parents will remind you of that alot. A big campus may be overwhelming for you, start small. It is important to follow your heart though, whatever you do don't forget your dream. Don't comprimise the major you want for something your parents want because you are the one taking the classes and eventually having a career in that field. The most important is that you stay happy and have fun. Love always, Geena Russo


I would tell myself to pay attention more in class. And to prepare and take all of the AP Tests as well as stay after school to get extra help to ensure top grades in all classes. I would tell myself to take a math class your senior year instead of taking a break from math. Most importantly, I would tell myself to apply to every college out there, go ahead and apply to the Coast Guard, and write those 5 essays they require. Go and apply to that cooking school because maybe you would have been accepted. Last but not least, apply to the Nursing program, don't miss that deadline, otherwise you'll wind up waiting to see your sophomore year of college if you have a chance at being accepted into the School of Nursing. Good Luck, Your College Freshmen Self


Take on every opportunity. Take it all in and don't hold back. A semester in college goes by faster than a blink of an eye. Each college has so much to offer and you will have such a limited time there. In the middle of the semester, when everything is piling on and adding up, don't go crazy. Take a break and try something new on campus for a day. You won't regret it. Don't become too overwhelmed because you are extremely smart and every piece of work in college, no matter how challenging is completely conquerable with the right amount of time and effort. Just create organzational tools such as lists and schedules to help with procrastination (which is sure to be your worst enemy). Appreciate the upcoming time because it is sure to be one of the best and most fufilling experiences of your life!


The advice that I would give myself if I was able to go back in time about college life, would be, continue on the path that I have decided on. For me the school that I chose is the right one for me. It is the right size, and has a very good education for money that I pay in tuition every year. I enjoy the different activities offered by student government to do both on campus and off campus, in the surrounding area. The University Of Connecticut: Avery Point is the perfect fit for me, so if I did go back in time, I would tell myself to go and to enjoy my final year in high school, because once I reach college it is a completely different experience. However, it is an exciting and fulfilling experience, which I would not want to change. I would tell my past self to go to the University Of Connecticut: Avery Point as it is where I will be able to do my best as a college student.