University of La Verne Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Great All crowds interact


Depending on the class and your major, it could be a class full of friends or a class full of strangers but everyone is family and it's not too hard to make friends if you try.


Most of my classmates are working adults. I am enrolled in the CAPA Program which is geared toward non-traditional working adults going back to school after a long hiatus and accomplishing their dream of achieving a degree. Most of the students are dedicated and focused because they value the necessity of having an education.


My classmates are all individuals who come from unique backgrounds. Each of us is united through the hard work we put into each course. My classmates and I are aware of the benefits of having a college degree. University of La Verne is challenging. However, the intensity pushes us to work together to recieeve the most out of our college experience.


My classmates are very nice and funny, and they are always willing to help you out.


My classmates are bright students who avidly participate in classes and genuinely care about education. There is acceptance to a diversity of people and viewpoints.


All of my classmates at La Verne are eager to learn and enjoy the small classrooms. We all know eachother and are close friends.


The classmates at La Verne are all very friendly. We often have group works, and everyone is aggressive and helpful.


My classmates are mostly all intelligent, hard working students who love learning in their respected fields of study.


My classmates are a diverse group of people that could not be found anywhere else in the world.


My classmates’ personalities range from quiet, shy, outspoken, and loud, but we all share our love for learning and our school.


Incredibly friendly with a desire to succeed.


My fellow classmates all come from different backgrounds but celebrate their diversity while overcoming obstacles and striving to succeed which displays the type of persevering characteristic of University of La Verne students.


The majority of my classmates are curious, intelligent, anxious and tired.


My classmates are very diverse and each are very unique indeed.


There is a large diverse group of people at ULV. I wouldn't say there is a majority of any one race at the school, and I feel that my group of friends within itself is fairly diverse. There are also active diversity groups on campus, such as BSU, Rainbow Alliance, Latino Student Forum, Saudi Arabia National, and others. It is not hard to find a place to fit in at ULV, because there are tons of niches. When I say that there are tons of niches, I mean it in more than in a diverse sense. There are so many ways to get involved on campus. There are a lot of athletic groups, a drama department, choirs, arts, radio station, newspapers and journalism courses, campus activities board, student government, Greek life, studying abroad, and tons of on-campus jobs. With all of these kinds of activities and such a small student body, it is almost impossible for someone to attend ULV and not participate in some sort of group. If there were only four tables in our dining hall, they would most likely consist of Greeks, freshmen, athletes, and other students. These three groups are most likely to live on campus, and on-campus livers are the only students allowed to eat at our dining hall with a meal plan. Most of the students are fairly local, but I have noticed since moving there (Three years ago) that that is slowly changing. We have a new residence hall being built because of a higher demand for residence on campus, and many students are moving closer to campus, rooming with friends at apartments nearby. As for politics, I suppose I would say we are more left, although it isn't talked about publicly very much. Financial backgrounds are talked of much either, although a lot of students get a fair amount of financial aid. Students clothes that are warn vary extremely so. Some students come in pajamas, some come in sweats, some wear normal jeans and a plain shirt, and some wear what we call -badge attire', or business wear. There is really no majority for what students wear to class.


University of La Verne is a very diverse campus. I have friends that attend other nearby universities and they come to La Verne and tell me how comfortable they are at our school compared to others. Every minority is represented at our school and they all have clubs or organizations that are active on campus. We have a multi cultural club which oversees all the diversity organizations. I cannot imagine any student feeling out of place at our university unless they were not comfortable with diversity groups, such as the LGBT community or various racial groups. We have sororities and fraternities on campus, and although they are civil most of the time, there are moments when their drama can put you back in the pettyness of high school issues. But it is also fun to watch! If you walked into our dining hall there would a table full of faculty and staff, a table of students who all live on the same floor, some greek life students and a table full of athletes. We have a good amount of foreign exchange students as well so they can often be seen roaming around the campus, as well as our diverse group of students who attend the university. As far as financial backgrounds, there are students who come from low income families but there are also students who come from a long line of money.


Most everyone is there to listen and to really be a part of the courses because we take classes that we are really interested in and that are part of our major.


If a had to describe my classmates in one sentence I would claim that my classmates are all very unique and different in every way possible, yet very modest and fun.


For the most part my fellow students at ULV are pretty great however I wish the university would be a bit more selective.


Classmates at La Verne make sure they do what they have to in order to succeed.


Classmates at the University of La Verne are friendly and respectful.


Accepting of different opinions and ideas and willing to learn.


We we basically operation on team/group systems which afforded us various class discussions, this enhanced our learning skills, and, made the classroom environment, as well as, classmates eager to meet.


My classmates are openminded, eager to learn new things and meet new people.


My classmates are hardworking and most of the ones I know live on campus.


Enjoyable, driven, passionate.


They are usually quite and pay attention to the teacher.


My classmates are determined to finish school and very diversed.


Eager to learn new things.


My classmates are very accepting of others views and opinions.


Very engaged and focused in class.