University of La Verne Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


My school has lots of sports teams that are spirited and frats that fall into the stereotypes you see on television. I wouldn't say that it is an overwhelming stereotype, but it is somewhat true. I am also aware of the common misconception that everyone at the school is either Hispanic or Asian. Although we do have many students from this descent, we are extremely diversified.


A good majority of the students at my school are athletes. Aside from that, the students who hold leadership positions tend to be Greek. From an outsider's perspective, I often hear that our school is small. Our school is very small - the teacher-to-student ratio is about 1:12. I thoroughly enjoy that about our school, though. It allows for the students to be involved very easily, and to have more opportunities.


I would not say that La Verne has one stereotype that generalizes all of its students. We have greek life students who do not fill the typical stereotype of greeks. Instead they do a lot of philanthropy work and act as a stepping stone for students for be involved in many other organizations. Our greek life molds students into successful applicants for higher positions on campus. They do not throw big parties, they dont even have greek houses. The greek organizations have their own stereotypes, but you can ask about those at a later date. We are not known for our athletics, but that just means that our athletes play because they love the sport, not because they are getting anything out of it. They love the game. We also arent all that great at sports. We arent number one in everything, but there are a few sports that we excel in.