University of La Verne Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Great School but really expensive


One great thing about my school is that it isn't too large, so the student to teacher ratio is smaller. The only thing that I would change about this school would be the parking situation, I feel that there are a lot of students that don't live in the dorms and commute and are then late to class because of difficulties finding a parking space. The town is rather quite, which I find nice. There appears to be a good amount of school pride, but not so much that if you go to school in the "wrong" colors you will be yelled at by fellow students. Overall I think that students are happy.


I absolutely love my school. Upon visiting, I fell in love with the campus, which is slightly rustic and very green. There are a lot of trees on the small campus, which gives it a beautiful, clean air. The buildings are none too far from each other, which is nice. I love the small student body, and all of the opportunities that are presented. I feel that if I had gone to a larger school, I would never have the chance to be in all of the clubs and organizations that I am in now. One thing I would like to say is that ULV truly caters to its students. The faculty and staff really care about the well-being of the students, and it seems as though everyone goes out of his or her way in order to ensure the comfort of a student. The financial aid is also very plentiful. I am extremely blessed to be getting the amount of financial aid I am getting, and many of my classmates feel the same . To me, ULV was a blessing, providing me with so many opportunities in life.


Our campus is definitely one of the smallest around, but these allows us to build relationships with our advisors, professors and fellow students. The faculty and staff at La Verne love their job. They do not work here for the money, but instead they work here because they have a special love for the campus. Alumnae are constantly coming back to the campus, whether it is to work here or just visit their old friends. When I tell people I go to La Verne they always comment on how amazing the university is and usually ask me if I know so and so. The city of La Verne is a small city, its not necessarily a small town, but the city definitely supports the university and the university is supportive of the city. Just recently we got a new president, so the talk of the school is about all of the changes she is creating and how amazing she is. Students constantly complain about the parking, but parking is an issue at every school. We only pay 30 bucks for a parking where as near by schools have passes for hundreds of dollars for only a semester. We also just built a brand new parking lot which has provided more than enough spots. Our campus has made so many amazing changes over the years. We have received a facelift and brand new buildings!