University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


good school for study


It's definitely not what you expect for a college in the city. It looks more like a country college than anything. South campus is more green and spacious while North campus feels more urban. New buildings are being made while others the grounds are worked on so there are always new things to see. We also have some tunnels (that I've never seen), but I've been told are kinda mysterious and exciting.


I Love UMass Lowell for it's diversity, campus and city life, and everything it has to offer.


The University of Massachsetts-Lowell is a great place to learn and grow.


UMass Lowell is a convenice camp, and the shuttle bus is easy for students travel between two camps.


I am transferring there for Spring 2010, so I am not too sure how to describe my school.


Very diverse school with endless opportunities inside and outside the classroom.


My school is a very diverse, welcoming, and educationally challenging school.


The University of Massachusetts Lowell is a fantastic school to attend with many classes to choose from, a wonderful faculty and a diverse population of students.


A school that offers a lot and gives you a lot back in return.


a great place to meet friends and experience


A great place to learn the fundamental skills you will need in your life to succeed along side the people that will be in your lives forever, making your future look nothing but promising.


My school is diverse, fun to attend, a good size, easily accessible, feels like family, and passionate.


It's a neat and tidy package at the just the right price.


I believe you will never feel like you are the only one in this school.


Friendly, group-oriented environment.


An affordable school that provides the necessary education and foundation to secure a career in your desired field of study.


Umass Lowell is like a little community in the city; if you meet the right people you'll like it here and the education we get here is top notch.