University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


When commuting, or even living off campus, you feel left out from the crowd. Especially for someone who works, making friends can be a bit difficult. Though the environment is mostly friendly. Also, the weekends tend to be mostly drunk students roaming the city.


I don't like the way money is spent spiffing up campus to attract new students. That's our money we are paying, it should go towards us.


For me, the worst thing about Umass Lowell is the liberary. Before I enrolled the school i thought the liberary is new and big. However, the liberary in UMass Lowell is very small and kind of old.


Administration is very disorganized. I am fortunate to have gotten to know a lot of people in my department and in financial aid through my job, and while they all mean very well the overall infrastructure is very poor and confusing.


North Campus and The location.


The worst thing that I would be able to identify, in terms of involving the school, is the transportation system as discussed in a previous question. Students are always inevitably late if they do not plan ahead as to how they will go to class. Instead of waking up approximately 15 minutes earlier, students have to plan ahead an hour.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity and most student under-achievement. I have to admit that most of those who attend UMASS Lowell aren't exactly the most academic people, although some are. The school being attended mostly by surrounding suburban residents is what contributes to a lack diversity.


The fees get raised every semester, the transportation gets worse, a few semesters ago many teachers were dropped, we almost ran out of housing for students (the Chancellor bought a hotel, and didn't tear down one of the dorms for parking) and yet, the Chancellor is considered the greatest thing to happen to this school when a majority of the students don't like him, and he doesn't listen to us.


There are not enough opportunities/events that students to get excited for.


I'm a commuter, and the worst thing about the school is finding a parking spot. And if your considering Nursing then be prepared to be broke during junior/senior year because it is nearly impossible to have a job. Traffic in Lowell is awful too.


One of the worst things about the school I think is the fact that we don't have a football team. It's pretty sad to see how everyone wants to play it the game, and actually has fun, but noone really knows why we don't have a real team. But if you can live without football for your school then, its not so bad. Another thing would be if your catching the train from Boston to Lowell on a Sunday, the only resort of transportation is the shuttle and the shuttle service is REALLY BAD!!


Advising is a joke. Most advisors are as helpful as a course catologue. However, there are other advising centers outside of the alotted advisor for your major.


to be honest with you i actually don't find anything wrong with the school. the school is great in many ways, they offer alot of majors, and they are pretty diverse.


Its mostly a commutter school so everyone leaves in the weekend.


Barly any financial aid. Professors/Advisors don't really care about students. Very unorganized


I would have to say the location and the lack of a college like atmosphere


The smell of the industrial cleaners used to clean the facilities.


It is larger than I wanted to attend but I really like the school so I overcome the size of the school. If the 3 campuses were closer it would be easier to get around but they provide enough transportation options that its not so bad.


Too many foreign immigration stuents. I think US colleges should be for those who were born in america, not those fresh off the boat.


Some parts of the campus are very ugly.