University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


good at math and like to learn


You should attend this school if you're looking for a solid education, specifically in one of the hard sciences. It is an especially good value for in-state residence.


Anyone can attend this school. It is very diverse in the types of people that go there. It feels like a big city atmosphere. Anyone can fit in. there are so many clubs and activities for everyone.


Those who are looking for a better future in thier repective career especially those who want to majoring in enginner or some type of scienece mathemcatics.


The type of person that should attend this school is an intellgent, open minded, brave person.


This school is very easy to get in. But once you're in people start to get weeded out. Its a great place for people who have messed up in high school prove themselves.


Anyone should attend UMass Lowell, just as long as they are open to diversity among students and faculty.


Anyone would like this school. I like it for the varied personalities and backgrounds in people, and how friendly everybody is. After all the understand how difficult it is to get adjusted to college too, most have done it already


Anybody could attend this school. It is very diverse and people tend to find their place here. Most of the students seem to like it :)


one who want to be in a diversified environment and wants to learn and be a better person tomorrow


A very focused individual who knows what they want should come to this school. First of all, this school is best known for its engineering and nursing programs. Therefore, most of the students who come here fall into either engineering or health categories. Since this school is so well known for these programs competition is high and in order to maintain your spot you must stay focused and work hard or else someone who is hungrier for success than you will take it.


someone who is very interested in recieving a degree at higher eduaction level. people ffom all works of life. the school prvides a little something for everyone especially nursing majors. I think any one that is undecided can atttend as well. becaue the school is very open with all its program.


Someone looking for diversity, smaller school setting, friendly atmosphere, small city atmosphere, competitive division II athletes, very acadmeically competitive or not very academically competitive, someone looking to get their money's worth.


A person who is diverse and wants to enjoy both the friendliness of a large campus and the city would be right at home here. I went to look at a college in Virginia before I choose UML and found it too small and not diverse enough. I feel that I am getting a very worthwhile education. I work with the basketball team as a manager as my twin plays basketball for the Riverhawks. The social life is fun and what you make it, the classes are interesting and professors are very knowledgeable and most are extremely helpful.


Middle of the road or jock who cant get into a better school. Went back to school at 27 so thats how i ended up there.


Someone who doesn't mind people drinking, frequently on Thursdays. Someone who isn't really shy. The kind of person who greatly benefit from attending UMass Lowell, is a person who enjoys watching or playing hockey, or basketball. I wouldn't suggest someone who is a HUGE fan of football to attend the school becasue there isn't a football team =). I'd suggest the type of person who should attend this school to be able to focus on their own.


Anyone and everyone should attend this school. It has a great campus, plenty of diversity among students and faculty, and theres always something to do. I couldn't ask for a better school.


A person who LIKES engineering. There's a lot of it to do. There are a lot of classes that take extra time on campus outside of class (There's a lot of expensive software that's only available on the school computers). A person who doesn't mind an urban atmosphere (The school is in the middle of a city). Someone who likes being indoors all the time (almost all the buildings are connected, so there's very little reason to go outside). There's also a LOT of math, physics, and subjects that are essentially a continuance thereof.


Fun, athletic, intellectual, gamer, partier, hippy, geek...ANYONE! It's so diverse. There are many types of people, it doesn't matter how you are, you'll make friends.


A person who wants a quality education for an affordable price.


The kind of person who should attend this school is would have to be people who can be open and responsive. The type of people who know what they want for a career choice and devoted to the field of study.