University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


U of M-Flint is highly goal/hard work oriented. Individuals who are generally unmotivated or lack an appreciation for a higher understanding of academics would have a hard time here. That being said, I would not say any "kind of person" should not attend this school. U of M-Flint is open to all "types" of people; and listening to a brilliant lecture by an over-qualified professor could stimulate one's interest in any given field.


Someone who wants to a attend a school with many happenings around campus like parties, someone who wants to be recruited by a major company, or someone who wants to conduct research.


A person who isn't ready and willing to work shouldn't attend this school.


I cannot think of any type of person that should not attend this school. It's a fun, safe and clean environment. It has dorms, and is handicapped accessible. Therefore any type of person can attend this school. It also has tons of clubs ranging from various religious, academic, and personal interests ones. The university's motto is expect respect, give it, get it. so everyone is respectful towards one another, and this makes for a fun and friendly environment.


A person that has no respect for others or someone who cheated their way through high school to get the grades needed.


A person that doesn't like small classroom sizes and professors that are actually available when you need them to be.


There is not any type of person that does not deserve to attend this school. This school is a great place to meet all types of people from different age groups and ethinicity groups. The school is very diverse and every one is allowed to attend.