University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Minnesota is a cultural festival made up of students from hundreds of nations, converging for the singular purpose of leaving the world better a place through pursuit of academia and transfer of ideas through research, community outreach, and inspiration.


University of Minnesota- Twin Cities is spacious and filled with lots of oppertunities.


It's a research university where the professors are always knowledgable about the topics; however their ability to teach tends to be hit or miss, as well as their enthusiasm for teaching.


A great value for the money and a place where the vast majority of the students are happy!


The University of Minnesota is an outstanding school that provides students with a chance for academic excellence with rigerous courses and great professers.


The University of Minnesota is a thriving academic institution bustling with students with several different interests and ethnic backgrounds, all running in the race toward a successful career.


The Univeristy of Minnesota is a clean, green college where students of all walks of life can get a great education in anything imaginable.


The U of M may have a big population, and though it may take a while to find a place, most students do.


The UofM is diverse community filled with opportunities, that allow individuals a chance to discover, change, and grow their own strengths, weakness, and interests.


The University of Minnesota is one of the few places in the country where you can pay state-school tuition to learn some of the leading experts in the field, while having access to all the learning experiences the Twin Cities have to offer.


Diverse and beautiful, located directly to the Mississippi River the view is beautiful no matter where you are on campus, it holds the power of the city and natural beauty of nature.


The Twin Cities campus really does "drive" their students to "discover" their own intelligent and abilities.


The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, offering a plethora of majors, student groups, and athletics, is a beautiful campus located in the heart of Minneapolis.


To me University of Minnesota is one of the best universities (both diversity and education) that I could ever attend to after graduating from high school because first of all it's such a huge campus with numerous of student activities that I could get envolved with, and it has such a marvelous program for students who are interesting in aerospace engineering, and have I mentioned that I want to major in Aerospace Engineering?


My school is a diverse, fun, social, and top notch school.


It is a welcoming environment with lots of opportunities to succeed.


It is a fairly large school with a large student body, located in an urban area.


The University of Minnesota is in the perfect city to support its progressive research, and in the perfect community which understands the importance of a college education for this generation's young adults.


A lively school, where people of different backgrounds come together and form the University into what it is today.


The University of Minnesota is a school with plenty of chances to get involved and provides you with the chance for a smaller school feel.


As I mentioned above the school is huge with a large number of students enrolled, 50,000+ back in '79 and the amazing thing was how organized it was with the number of quality activities always going on.


The University is amazing! Don't be intimidated by its size. If you think you won't know anyone here or that you will just be another fish in a pond, that's not true! If you immerse yourself in the culture and tradions here at the U, you will meet some of the coolest people in your life. Get involved, have fun! And you get a great education too! Being one of the top research unviersities in the nation, you can come here to discover something. Yourself!


The Universitf of Minnesota is huge: it's filled with a variety of places and a variety of people.


Too big to get any real (specialized) learning.


Ready to get professionals into the world.


The University of Minnesota is a sprawlling urban school that offers a wide variety of interests to a large number of students, with a wide variety of social events and activities located right on campus.


As a public school, it is a very large campus, but with the large amount of student organizations and the diverse population of students, it is not at all difficult to find your own small place where you feel comfortable, whether that be in an academic or social group.


The University of Minnesota is a school of people from many different backrounds and situations that have come together to get a great education from an excellant faculity and are not worried to be social and have fun but know when it is time to get to work and study.


The University of Minnesota has a wealth of opportunity and resources waiting to be taken advantage of.


A fun-loving but focused intelligent group of people.


My school is,convient,well kept,friendly,helpful,and down right outrageous.


The University of Minnesota is a diverse, high quality, research based educational environment.


The University is a great school where you can learn a lot while having a lot of fun.


My school is committed to the learning experience and giving students the tools to succeed in their future careers.


The University of Minnesota is a large scale campus that has strong pride in their state, academics, and well being of the students.


Our univeristy may be upbeat, diverse, cultural, different, ethical but at the end of the day, we are one, one campus, one university.


The University of Minnesota offers a wide variety of activities and studies in order to appeal to any student.


The University of Minnesota is a world renown research university with an extremely talented and diverse student body.


Overwhelming at first, but it soon becomes an exciting and friendly place to live and learn.


The University of Minnesota Twin Cities is a huge school stretching across two cities that has many opportunities for their students to get involved no matter where they come from or what they enjoy.


The University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities is a dynamic center of learning that engages many characters in a challenging curriculum, as well as fomenting learning and personal growth towards a more global and active individual through a broad range of opportunites.


There are a lot of people at the University of Minnesota, who all come from different backgrounds and have different interests.


Big city resources in a small city atmosphere.


To suceed at the U of MN, you have to be motivated


It is a great place to start a new life and make new friends.


it is big has many students and the professer are very helpful.


Diversity is important


I love the University of Minnesota. I have had a great experience with a lot of friendly people who are helpful.


Research oriented, works on quality education.