University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think what my school best known for is for its high ranking in the nation. Also, it has a lot of research facilities that allow students to gain hands on experience and apply what they learn.


I have none, I do not participate in this juvenile activity I am here to learn.


I would say research and hockey.


My school is best known for our hockey team and the difficulty of academics.


My favorite campus tradition would have to be our homecoming. It's such a big event, and so many things are going on at once. Free things are being handed out like crazy, you have free food, dances, etc etc, going on that you don't get to see throughout the rest of the year. You also meet a lot more people at these events.


The U of M is known for its large size and research.


The U of M is best known for being a Public Ivy, because it's one of the top research Universities in the world. Undergrad and Grad research is huge. Also, it's cold.


The University of Minnesota is mostly known for its emphasis on research. There are many research projects happening all the time on each of the three campuses. If you want to be involved in research and still get a quality education, the Univeristy of Minnesota Twin Cities is a great college to accomplish this.




The Golden Gophers sports team is the most famous facet of the University of Minnesota.


The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is best known for the diversity in language courses, course levels, countries to study abroad in, and the immensely large opportunity to join and/or create a group organization to allow yourself and other students be a part of. This university allows a student to explore and understand themselves to a very high extent.


The University of Minnesota is best known for being one of the most prestigious institutions of the midwest with its outstanding academics in multiple areas of study as well as its successful sports teams. The gorgeous campus is also quite well known.




My school is best known for the research that it does. The research that the University of Minnesota conducts helps out many people within the state of Minnesota, along with many other people outside of the state and even the nation.


This college is known for many things. It provides a great education and amazing Graduate Schools. One thing that really sticks out to me about though is the location and the campus. The campus is beautiful and all the buildings have such character. The view of downtown when you walk over the Washington Bridge is breathtaking! It's located in Minneapolis and is a short drive, walk, or bus ride away from downtown or uptown. Everything you need is less than a few miles away. Since it's located in such a prime location there are endless opportunites!


Psychology department Creating a beating heart in a jar Planning on curing diabetes within the decade


research, diversity, opportunity, cities, excellence


It is best known for its great research facilities, its medical school, business school, and the wide variety of majors and minors to choose from. It is known for being a large school with lots of options both academically, as well as socially and athletically.


The University of Minnesota is best known for it great academic leaders. Many of the professors teaching at the University of Minnesota are some of the top people in the fields. Many of these academics are published researchers and authors. They contribute much ot he field of expertise.


The University of Minnesota is well known for a variety of different things. The research at the school is phenomenal, along with the preparation for life outside of college.


The University of Minnesota is know for its strong acedemics, emphasis on research, and large campus.


The Minneapolis campus is one of the largest campuses in the country. It has a varied number of degree programs and campuses in several Minnesota cities, which allows for a huge agriculture component to the school. We are part of the Big Ten in sports; home of the Golden Gophers. The University Hospital is a teaching institution and offers medical and dental training.


The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus provides undergraduate preparation for the excellent professional and graduate programs it offers. The Medical, Law, Engineering, Public Health, Animal Science Schools, and other disciplines, are world reknown and have produced Nobel Prize winners. It is first class in research and allows students to collaborate with professors on projects. The University prepares its undergratuate students through numerous programs available for the student's continued success after graduation.


The University of Minnesota is best known for its research opportunities. It is highly rank nationally as a research university. It has a extremely wide range of departments so that nearly every major could get involved in related research. We are especially strong in the biological sciences and computer science. Nearly every member of the faulty in these departments have a research facility on campus and involve undergraduates in they're projects.


University of Minnesota is well known for its large size and diversity. Although the campus is large, getting around is made simple by campus connectors. People from all over the world come to study where they can choose from several major and minor programs and get help in areas that they may struggle. Besides others coming to the United States to study, University of Minnesota has an extensive study abroad program. I like that if you don't want to study during the year, you can go during summer, winter or spring break.


We are best known for our health related majors and schools. We have the oldest university based school of nursing in the nation and possibly the world and very competive programs in nursing and medicine.


The U of M is best known for being a Big 10 school and perhaps for the amount of research that is conducted.


My school is best known for its integrated curriculum and its relevance to the health sciences. The professors and staff work together to ensure that similar concepts are being taught within each class at the same time. I feel this allows students to make more connections between the curriculum and the 'bigger picture'. Because of these realizations, more information is retained, creating a much more productive academic atmosphere. My school is known for curriculum integration because it is still a fairly new and innovative teaching design, and I feel that it really prepares students for success.


Our school is most known for its research facilities. The University of Minnesota is third in the country for the amount of money they put into their research programs.


Our school is best known for its research oppurtunities and its medical studies.


Sports teams


The University of Minnesota is quite diverse in terms of the ethnic representation and offers a handful of unique student groups. The city itself is also quite artsy, so the entire atmosphere within the school is open-minded and accepting. The school may or may not be known for its impossibly cold weather which freezes your toes; I suppose that is just the state in general.


My school is best known for being a progressive university centered around research and academic success that provides a wide range of opportunities for its students. The sidewalks, lawns and mall are constantly buzzing with activity, especially on the more-urban minneapolis campus. Students are able to find their niche, whether it be arts or science, and explore new outlets of interest as they progress through their schooling. Lectures are large and sometimes students can start to feel like just another number, and it is often difficult to become close to a professor.


The U of M is known for its extensive research and great agrictulture and business programs. They are also known for its studies in medical fields and for being a big campus in the city instead of in a small college town.


University of Minnesota is best known for its research and tends to place alot of academic pressure on students to learn how to research, which is good!




The BIG campus, major options and the degree programs.




My school is best known for research and for medical education


My school is best known for the quality research-focused education it offers to its students. Students work alongside professors to aid them in discovering new ways of thinking and developing new products to aid the community. I think also that my school has a reputation for being focused on the student even though it is a very large school and it is very easy to get swallowed up by everything that goes on there. Faculty does a good job of keeping track of their students and making sure they check in every so often.


The U of M is best known for being a research based university.


My school is best known for its strong support of reaserch done by its students and faculty members. The University provides every possible opportunity for the students to get involved in which ever area of study that interests them. Most of the professors and faculty members go out of their way to get students involoved in these research opportunities and advance their knowledege of their field.


The University of Minnesota is best known for their business school, the Carlson School of Management. It is a well respected business school in the Midwest. It is also known for its large size and sprawling campus. I like to think that the U of M is mainly known as a very prestigious school that produces well rounded gradutates who do great things once they get into the real world.


All the research that is discovered along with new techniques/ideas. School spirit and trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible.




huge community


Gopher sports teams and its research.


The U of M is best known for the Minnesota nice. The people are friendly. We're also well known for our research.


Norman Borlaug, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, is an alumnus and very famous. His name attracts a lot of attention to the school.


Research and science and things like that.