University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Mizzou is it's own community within Columbia. Students, alumni, and faculty are proud to be Tigers. You will get a quality education and have a good time along the way.


The Univeristy of Missouri has a gorgeous campus that is enjoyable to be on everyday, the classes all have pertinent information even if it does not pertain to your major, and in general the atmosphere of campus is always positive and nothing seems to change that.


My school is a diverse group of people coming together to make one bigger and better community.


Mizzou makes you feel like you can do anything--study, create, dream, grow, learn--whatever it is that you are interested in and succeed.


Mizzou is a diverse, creative environment committed to letting students grow, learn, and flourish in a community they can fully immerse themselves in.


The University of Missouri - Columbia has a typical college atmosphere with a strong agricultural background and a strong research mind-set.


My school, also known as Mizzou, is a very OPEN school. You can basically do whatever you please in any aspect, pertaining to your choice of extracurriculars, your major, your resident, and more. It has pretty much everything you can think of. If you're a loud, and outgoing person, there are clubs where you can expose and flaunt your individuality. If you're more conservative, they have activities and clubs for that as well. I will not be able to stress it enough how many resources Mizzou has to offer for those who are in need of help.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is a diverse research institution, that promotes school spirit, and alls their students to grow socially and academically.


Mizzou is a college with a lot of well-deserved school pride, that allows its tigers to come together as "One MIzzou".


I'm proud to go to Mizzou because I know that I am getting a top ranked education while not sacrificing the energetic, school spirited, college life.


My school is a great preparation for the real word, because I longer I stay here, the longer I see the business side of the school rather than the academic side.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is a place where tradition and innovation come together in perfect harmony to create a campus that anyone can find a place at.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is undoubtedly the most amazing institute I have ever attended due to the amount of humble zealots for knowledge I have met both inside and outside of classrooms, the professors who ensure their students success, the warm welcoming smiles strangers approach me with, the amount of Tiger pride roaring across the entire college town, the beautiful campus itself, and how I feel like I am at home whenever I am on campus—that is why I love my school.


My school is a big adventure book.


Mizzou is an energetic and spirted campus with wonderful academic departments filled with professors who are top notch in their fields.


Mizzou is a university with many options available to students to obtain a degree that meets thier work and family life situtaions.


UM-Columbia is a culturally diverse, academically challenging, environmentally aware, and personally safe university.


The University of Missouri is a very engaging school for those that not only want to receive a great education but get involved all around campus.


A diverse setting with options for almost any undergraduate or graduate program a person could want.


If you're into pretty, then I would have to say campus is kind of beautiful. The buildings very in styles (and are being renovated all the time), but we have many central "quads" where people study, many trees and gardens, and one of the central walking malls is paved in red brick. The student union is probably the most gorgeous, with a castle-like spire. For the most part the campus is completely compact and self-contained. Personally I love that, because you get a strong sense of "being on campus" and being a college student, whereas some schools have buildings scattered throughout the town. Not to mention, everything is in walking distance, and if you want to get off campus Columbia Downtown is only a few blocks away.


If you have never been to a big campus before, it can be a little overwhelming. There are over 150 buildings on campus, and almost all of them are pretty big. However, most of the buildings have been remodeled so it looks really nice and modern. It honestly looks like a city.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is a highly respected, valued, and diverse school that offers a number of beneficial opportunities through it's education and involvement programs.


The University of Missouri is a large, yet a closely-knitted school that offers its students to engage in unlimited organizations, activities, and even professional opportunities.


The University of Missouri is a diverse campus with opportunities for everyone.


Football is more important sometimes than academics


this school not only gives you a great education but is fun and a friendly place to go!


If you had me describe the University of Missouri in one word I would have to say diverse. Not only diverse regarding ethnicity and race, but including attitudes and personalities. There are students here at Mizzou that attend all of the games and get super involved in different activities, and there are also student here that have academics as their number on priority. On campus you can alsways find a group of students doing something crazy and fun, and you always see people relaxing on the Columns studying.


The University of Missouri is a very diverse, exciting, and renowned university that offers many choices for students both acadmically and non-academically with extr-curricular activites; there is so much to do, and one would never feel as though this large school is too big because there are so many activities a student can choose from that he or she likes that will give the student a sense of a small school, which also applies to the classroom, the class sizes can be large, but each student can still receive the special attention he or she needs.


MU is an excellent combination of a large, multi-facited, multiple-college, state university, and small-town, friendly environment with undrstanding, kind, and expert faculty.


A school full of opportunity and diversity. It give the sense of independence and yet you are not just a number. There are many different clubs and organizations to fit your needs no matter your preference. The programs set you up for success and is located in a college town that caters to students. It is a melting pot in the middle of a small city and has a community feel. I love the school's pride in their teams and have enjoyed every day of the school year and feel I made the best choice.


The University of Missouri gives you the opportunity to have an exciting and unique college atmosphere by broadening your horizons through great academics and student life with the help of great social systems, advising, clubs, and abroad experiences that help you plan your future while while forming bonds with some amazing people.


A very high spirited and well rounded school.


There's more to Missouri than you thought, home to the best football fans and the best memories, Mizzou is a unique part of the Midwest.


An explosion of ideas, culture, youth, and learning; the energy of which seems to hang in the air around you from the moment you set foot onto campus.


A large, fun school devoted to both social and academic success with a variety of places, people, and beliefs.


Mizzou is a good school with a lot of great students, professors and sports teams.


University of Missouri - Columbia is intense in everything from academics to sports.


Mizzou is a university able to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of its students while remaining true to the values of respect, excellence, discovery, and responsibility-the four values that shaped Mizzou and will continue to for future tigers.


Fun, always something to do.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is a four year institution that has a campus population of more than thirty thousand.


The University of Missouri is a very diverse school that has many resources available to help everyone succeed in life.


A beautiful campus that provides students with many outlets for their interests, as well as a varied curriculum.


Mizzou is a crazy, school-spirited, education and success driven environment that really gives you a full cup's worth of the experience.


The Univeristy of Missouri- Columbia is a 4 year university with a wide variety of degrees and other academic achievement systems.


A large institution with a great community of teachers, students and organizations that make this college one of the best nurturing places to not only learn, but fully develop into the achieving potential that one has.


Most of the funding for our school goes to athletics, leaving us devoted to academics with no money.


Typical; exactly what you'd expect


Suburban environment filled with school spirit, raging Pan-Hellenic Greek Life, and academic variety.


Mizzou is a place to learn, grow as a person, make tons of awesome friends, discover yourself, plan for your future, all the while having an amazing, FUN time!


It is very spirited and proud of our sports and academics; however, it also has a large career oriented based field.