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The Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) are interest or major specific learning communities, which act to alleviate the college transition. Hypothetically, if a common interest exists – friendships form easier. However, this general type of program isn’t unique to Mizzou, what makes FIGs unique is that you are co-enrolled in three classes with FIG-mates and a student led seminar class. It creates a built-in study group while the seminar further explores the set interest. For example, my journalism FIG instructor was able to bring in three Pulitzer-prized journalists to talk to our FIG consisting of 20 people.


No matter how big Mizzou is, we are all a family. Everyone takes pride in this beautiful university and we all try making it better. There is something here for everyone and everyone is involved and participates in the events. I never visited a school that was as welcoming as Mizzou. Not only are the students excited for you but the faculty and alumni are even happy to see new faces and see the traditions being continued. This University is presitgious and well known but its also a family and my home away from home.


University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) is a huge school that has a space for everyone to feel comfortable. The school's size didn't turn me away like other larger schools did. Compared to the other schools I considered, Mizzou seems like the best place to provide both the education and the family-oriented environment that I'm looking for while also giving me the space and resources that I need to explore the world around me.


The unlimited opportunities you are given to meet new people, make friends, and create unforgettable memories.


I believe what makes the University of Columbia-Missouri unique is its diverse student body. Throughout my time here, I have learned a plethora about cultures that differ from mine, and a lot of stereotypes were proven wrong through these encounters. I believe diversity is a very important factor when determining how much a school supports its students, and Mizzou does a great job of this.


The University of Missouri is such a big school compared to the other schools I looked at when deciding where to go. Other schools I considered were smaller and closer to home containing a lot of people I knew or had similar life styles to me. But after deciding to go to Mizzou I realized it was the best choice because it was so large with so many students from very different places then I was from. Not only did Mizzou present me with so many new people it also offered me so many opportunites the small schools wouldnt have.


I would that the most unique thing about my school is while it is very large in size, it still maintains a small school atmosphere. Growing up in a small town where everyone knew my name, is was a very easy transition to my college in that within the first month, most of the faculty and students knew who I was and I could apporach anyone for both academic and personal concerns.


There are things such as FIGS, learning communities, Mizzou MOM, and other freshman-focused living programs to help new students adjust from living at home with their parents to now on their own. Also, we are the originators for homecoming, we began the tradition! It's just something about the campus, it's extremely beautfiul and so much oppurtunity around me.


Mizzou is a registered botanical garden so there are incredible views and atmospheres in every season.


Mizzou is located in Columbia, Missouri and it is a true college town. The city's involvement and love for Mizzou motivates students and makes them feel welcome. It feels like a place where you can really be comfortable living and learning.


Compared to other school, alumni from my school are loyal and provide care to each student in which make them feel that they are part of the big family.


What made Mizzou unique, for me, was the fact it is only two hours away from home. Every other school I considered was out of the state of Missouri and that's what ended up helping me make my decision when it came time to choose a college.


They are welcoming, most bulidings have been newly built/renovated, there are many clubs and organizations to join.


The University of Missouri Columbia is among the top 3 Journalism schools. A commmon misunderstanding is that freshmen don't get the chance to work for broadcasting, radio, or news. THIS IS FALSE! I am a first semester freshmen and already, I have covered numerous stories. I have covered artists like Travis Porter to campus Open Mic Nights. As freshmen you get to edit your stories for the show that airs each month.


Very competitive research positions


We have the number one journalism school.


We have a very diverse and friendly campus. The students and teachers are very supportive and want to see you succeed.


The University of Missouri is unique in many ways compared to other schools I considered. First, Mizzou is a huge college, however, Mizzou's atmosphere makes it seem very small and that helps it keep a close student community. Second, Mizzou is not only a supporter in volunteering on campus, but it encourages you to get acquainted with and also care for Columbia or even your communities around you and back home. Lastly, Mizzou has the best variety of organizations and extra-curricular activities for students of all nationalities, sexes, hometowns, etc.


I think one of the most unique things about our school is the school spirit. We currently hold the record for people who have attended ESPN College Game Day. We also have a great Greek system. There are plenty of opportunities to join fraternities and sororities on campus and they are not as cut throat as you would see on T.V. They stress service around the comunity very much. There are also plenty of other diverse extra-curricular activities for those who do not want to join the Greek system. A great, fun and exciting school!


We love sports at Mizzou. It's definitely a huge part of the college experience here.




Mizzou had very good reviews compared to the other schools.


It has a renowned journalism school.


I choose Mizzou because I wasn't sure if I wanted to major in Journalism or Animal Science, but MU allowed me to combine them for my first semester with Agricultural Journalism. I now know that I want to focus on Animal Science in the hopes of being a veterinarian. I love how Mizzou has a graduate program for every feild and that you can continue to learn. Also, the town is awesome. There are lots of shops and resturants withing walking distance from campus so you can always have fun. GO TIGERS!


It was affordable because it was a state school, there were lots of very active student groups, and it was close to my home.


Excellent cadres of professors, active in their respective fields, make this a worthwhile college for any student. The geographic area, additionally, is stimulating, offering a wide array of opportunities for educational and leisure activities.


What is unique about my school is all the different careers that you can choose from. University of Missouri has a wide variety in career fields. We also have so many people attending the school that it is easy to find new friends. Our professors are all unique they come from the best schools.


A beautiful campus, strong acedemic programs, a teaching hospital, and extremely strong school spirit and pride, throughout the entire area.


At the University of Missouri you get to be a tiger; you get to hang out on the columns, swim in the fountain, cheer on the black and gold, eat at Shakespeares, walk where Brad Pitt and Sheryl Crow have, be one in 253,096 alumni, and discover anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about so many different career choices and so much more.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is unique compared every other school I considered. Nowhere else did I find everything I was looking for in a college. Mizzou has a very active Greek community, tons of school spirit, and most importantly my specific academic major. Not only do I get to cheerlead for my favorite university team, but I am able to hang out with my sorority sisters in our house right on campus, and study hard all within a ten minute walk. To me Mizzou is the best university because it is the true college experience.


We have a nationally ranked journalism program and the community is very involved in the University and vice-a-versa. Within the teaching program students are sent out into the public schools around Columbia. we have a student success center that is always willing to help students with homework or help them find job opportunities.


This school has nearly 30,000 students, but there are so many different clubs, organizations and activities that it is easy to find a small group of close friends. Also, as one progresses educationally the class sizes become smaller allowing for more professor-student interaction. This school also is far enough from my home, yet close enough at the same time that I feel like I'm away, but can always go home if I need to.


The University of Missouri was so considerate and helpful. From registering for classes, to transferring credits, to finding a place to live everything was simple and there were many people to help you along the way. Also the school is gorgeous and nicely laid out. While it is long, it has no hills and few stairs. If you doubt the importance of this, walk around UCLA for a day. Finally, the Journalism school truely is the best. It is one of the most specialized J schools I have ever encountered, and I considered UC Berkeley, USC-Chapel Hill, and Northwestern.


What's unique about the University of Missouri- Columbia is the school spirit that so many students have. It's incredible to see everyone on game day in their bright yellow shirts ready to cheer on whoever is playing whether it be basketball, football or even swimming. All the students, parents, and alumni are so excited to be here on campus to show their school pride. And even when their isn't a game going on, all the students love to wear Mizzou t-shirts or apparel around campus. or even around town!


The history of the school, downtown within walking distance


I was a journalism major, and this school has one of the best journalism schools in the country. Also, great college town! Wonderful school spirit.


Compared to the others that I looked at, my school is larger and therefore has many oportunities to get involved in academic, social and other activities. There are things that will interest anyone from the many different majors to the sports teams, greek life and clubs. There is something for everyone.


The campus is a botanical garden and is one of the prettiest campuses I had seen.


Everyone who attends Mizzou truely have a sense of belonging and feels like a part of the university. There is something for everybody, and, based on my experiences, students are happiest at Mizzou.


The University of Missouri-Columbia had the overall package compared to other schools I considered. They offered an excellent engineering program, a beautiful campus, varsity sports, and very friendly people. Other schools I looked at did not have as many academic options, but at the University of Missouri, one can discover their passion and go with that particular major. I am now a senior, graduating next May, and I realized that these different aspects of college blended to form an extremely unique experience for me the past 3 years.


What nobody talks about is most colleges are the same. Your education is more or the less the same as Harvard or Yale. The essential stuff is there. Nobody talks about emotional development and the interpersonal experience in real terms. There is a lot stuff in between. Its what makes college a happy experience: the real relationships. Many will get caught up with the drama, parties, chaos, stress of college life. But if you focus on one-on-one relationships, both breathe and depth in friendships, dating around, delcare your interest in terms of girls or guys, you go will be a happier camper.


Every school has its perks and problems to it. In this video you will get to see some of the best and worst things at the University of Missouri- Columbia.


The people are very outgoing willing to meet new people. The people around you make college fun at the University of Missouri. Also, the Football was really good.


There are about 5 different schools on one campus. So, you have many different choices for your career.


Its a certified Botanical Gardens. Columbia is a nice area, not a very large city, but not too small, plenty of shopping and activities.


The FIG program, which houses students with others of similar major or interest, and also co-enrolls them in three classes their first semester. It's a great way to meet new people and make the large school seem smaller.


It's a very beautiful campus that is its own little town within Columbia.


Mizzou's school spirit is amazing. Game weekends are tons of fun and there is so much always going on. However, if you party too much, you will fail. Every course is demanding of time and energy, especially in the health profession field.


It was the biggest school I applied to. It has a very good engineering program as well as a fairly competitive business school.


Mizzou offers a lot of opportunities so long as you're smart enough to take advantage of them. It is a very diverse campus but also easy to fit into.