University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


We tend to be seen as a large Party school, and quite a few of us do party (including myself, every now and then), but that stereotype doesn't apply to the whole of the URI population, seeing that some of my best friends have never been to a college party before, as college sophomores.


I guess one could say that people consider Mizzou to be a party school, and as such, that everybody is a big partier.


Typical stereotypes about Mizzou students are they're Greek, journalists/ in the J-School, whites, from Missouri or Kansas or Illinois, and so on. Out of state students typically are going to Mizzou for Journalism. Columbia is a college town, which translates to a ghost town when summer or winter breaks hit.


Similar to the rest of the Big 12 schools: predominately white, upper-middle class, party/sports school, uninterested in academics/unintelligent. Mizzou specific - everyone is from St. Louis or Kansas City.


I'm not terribly familiar with stereotypes about Mizzou and Mizzou students. Within the state, the University tends to be associated with prestige (i.e. students who attend the University are more intelligent than average) and wealth (i.e. students who attend the University come from wealthy families). Mizzou students themselves, outside of the association with intelligence and wealth, are often characterized as party animals. I am not terribly familiar with Mizzou's reputation outside of the state of Missouri. It is not a "national school" with the exception of the School of Journalism.


That they get drunk all the time and don't care about academics.


Strong relationship with wal-mart. (Male) Be crazy for sports especially football. (Female) Easy to gain weight through college life.


We have a lot of diversity (Which is a good thing) Lots of smart people Some very awkward people Terrible grad student professors and TAs Okay sports teams


Mizzou is easy because it's a state school. Mizzou is the number one party school is the US. Mizzou has the best football!


I never really knew much about Mizzou before coming here. But I had heard that it was a very greek affiliated school.


Journalism School is the best. Business School is the nicest There are tons of Greeks!


I think there are some stereotypes that all of the successful students are involved in Greek organizations. When I came to Mizzou, everyone told me that Greek town was for all of the popular kids who had alot of fun, and that is how you had to make friends. But, in reality, that's not true. There is a large Greek community, and it's very strong. But it isn't as wild and as crazy and it is made out to be. And, many of our campus' top leaders aren't Greek. I never joined a sorority, and I have never regretted that decision. Don't feel pressured one way or the other; Greek or non-Greek, there is an opportunity for everyone to succeed and become involved. There was also a stereotype that Mizzou is too big and that it's not a top-tier school. I challenge any university to offer all of the diverse range of classes, involvements, and traditions that Mizzou offers.


everyone here is involved in greek life


I would say that I went in thinking 'big party school' and 'lots of sororities and frats' I was pretty excited about school so I didn't focus much on the sterotypes as much as decoratiing my drom room!


Honestly, I can not think of any stereotypes.


A definite stereotype about mizzou girls is that they're incredibly attractive.


Very Greek. Too many STL people.


Most people's impression of Mizzou students is that they are hicks. Drunk hicks.


Country/farm people, hicks, close-minded


Columbia is "little St. Louis"


I think a stereotype about Mizzou is simply that its just another run of the mill huge state school where everyone is on the same academic level and its very hard to meet people


It's a very Greek school, a party school, not very diverse, middle to upper class students, very liberal.


1. Mizzou is not the first choice of many of the students that attend. 2. Everyone is from St. Louis


Rich, dumb


It's all journalism kids and greek life. And liberal


Conservative, Christian, rich, white, not progressive...


SInce we go to a bigger school students are less connected and therefore not cordial towards each other


Lots of STL yuppies, but one will find yuppies at every university. There are also country boys in hunting camo and country folk in general. If you are out-of-state, the accent might take some getting used to. You may even find yourself subconsciously mimicking the twang. Mizzou is KNOWN for its world-class journalism program. They will not let you forget it, either. All non-journalists there will hate on the pre-journalists and the pre-journalists will continue to annoy them with their perpetual research and interview attempts for stories that are unlikely to be published. According to a survey I made up for this answer about 1/3 of the student body is made up of Greeks. If you don't want to go Greek I hope you have a tight group of friends or spend your life trying to dismantle the entire Pan-Hellenic empire that is Mizzou. If you do decide to rush- you go, young whippersnapper. may your top choice be a mutual one. Don't cry if Upsilon Upsilon Upsilon doesn't ask you back for a second interview; I'm sure Phi Mu has room for you. But seriously, you are forced into oodles of social entertainment and you are likely to enjoy many a formal.


I think a lot of people come to Mizzou to party, and because of our relatively huge Greek Life we look like we're all just drunken sorority girls or frat boys. While there are a lot of us that are exactly that, there's still a significant population of non-Greeks, and while partying is an important part of the Mizzou experience (some might argue college-experience) you can still find releases that have nothing to do with alcohol.


I'm not sure; maybe that we're a hick-ish school since we're in the middle of Missouri.