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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well in high school, I knew how to time manage, stay organized, and get my assignments turned in on time. Time management came from all my honors and AP classes along with the sports that I played after school. I stayed organized by having color coded binder for each class I was in so that I did not get any one mixed up. I also turned my assignements in on time so that I would not have then counted as late. If I had any advice to give to my high school self, it would probably be to stay focused and make good deisions. Even though college has not changed me in any way, I just think that this is good advice. Knowing now what happens in college, making good choices is definitely an asset to learn. Also, at the end of the term, staying focused is what it is all about, because this is when you have all your papers due and it gets really crazy. You just have to learn how to time manage, stay organized, and turn your assignments in on time and you will be set to go!


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior i would tell myself to focus strictly on school and not work. I say this because , while i was going to school and working i focused the majority of my time at work and not school . I now realize that school is much more important than trying to maintain a job . Education should always come first. Another thing is that once you move out on your own, life is not as easy as it was when you lived at home. Last but not least is that school is a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy . So I would tell myself to keep your nose to the grindstone and get a degree in something you love to do.


I did so well in high school. I had a false sense of security. I breezed through high school with very little studying. That was a big mistake. I got to college and didn't know how to study. My study skills were poor. I would advise myself to adopt a system of study and adhere to it on a daily basis.


Don't decide on a career now. Worrying about what you want to do may deter you from deciding on a college. Don't miss out on the experience of college. Start slow and work your way towards a goal when your career path is decided. Do not discouraged from the quick success of others around you. Great things come to those who wait. Sit patiently and take the time to understand what makes a successful adult. Being well rounded, smart, kind and compassionate and leading with the heart will make one a successful adult.


When I was a senior in high school, I remember how dependent I was on my parents and my family. I also remember how scary the thought of college was. I have a form of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome, which affects the way I communicate and process information. It was hard for me to make friends and learn academic material at a fast pace. My time management skills were very poor, which worried my parents when it came to me going to college. It almost felt like because of my disorder that they thought that I could not succeed independently in college. However, I was determined to prove them wrong, and I did. I currently havd a 3.7 GPA and did all of my work on my own. Therefore, if I coud go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself that it does not matter what disorder I have or how different I am from other people; if I believe in myself, more than likely I will get where I want in life. A disorder does not define my true potential.


As a college student I have learned so much compared to when i was a senior. Senior year I got through all my classes and thought college would be a breeze. When I came to college I didnt really study at first, because throughout high school classes were easy and I would just take the test. The first couple weeks of college I noticed I had to study in order to get the maximum grade I hoped for. I would tell my high school self that school is important, even thought there may be parties, events, and other socializing activities. However, they are not important , school should come above everything because that is whats going to get you further in life.


I would tell myself to do what you need to do now. Do not wait to attend school. Focus more on your education that way you do not have to work at a minimal wage job while struggling to make it. I would tell myself to focus on your career goals and objective now, you can focus on having fun later.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself three very important things. First, college is expensive!! I would have advised myself to work as hard as I could while a high school senior so that those habits would carry over with me into college. Secondly, I would tell myself is that while there is a lot more freedom in college to do as you please, there is also the responsibility to make sure I am working to my full potential. Thirdly, college is not ALL work. While the basis of college is to gain a higher education, there are also a lot of fun activities to get involved in. For example, there are movie nights, sporting events, and even a game room!! Overall, I would tell myself to enjoy my college years but also to work smart and hard.


Get all finances squared away before move in day. Meet new people because you never know when your going to need to borrow notes or you could study with somebody. Keep track of assignments, so you won't be late. Go to bed at a reasonable time so you can be on time to class.


My college experience started when I was in high school. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 16 caused my whole life to change. The diagnosis allowed me to begin taking college courses immediately, thus allowing me to receive my Associate Degree at the age of 19, while also being a part of the Phi Theta Kappa at the community college that I attend. I have learned true responsibility, determination, and success that comes from hard work. Being able to attend college has been very valuable to the preparation of my future as well. It has taught me what is necessary to strive in today's society, how to form relationships with my peers who have common interests, and how to survive on my own. I have learned that even though I have MS, I can do anything I set my mind to. For the past three years, I have set my mind to do as well in school as I possibly could so that I can provide for myself in the future. I plan to apply this same determination to the remainig 4 years of college as I work towards my Masters in Speech Pathology.


As a student at Mount Olive College, I have experienced many opportunities and lessons that I will be able to carry with me throughout my life. Attending college is something everyone should experience. It has taught me to grow up, yet still have fun, and it showed me the importance of adult responsibility, while still being able to be young. I have become extremely independent and it has opened my eyes to the reality of the world around me. It has given me the chance to make friends from all across the world and learn from them as well as teach them, travel to places I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise, and been exposed to events and people that many will never have the chance too. Through this experience I have become smarter in the classroom as well as in real world and broaden my horizons to ideas and others around me. I value this experience as an invest for my future, as memories for my past, and lessons for the present.


So far i have learned a lot of resourceful information that i know will help me in my continuing journey to major in dental hygiene. This scholarship will help me tremendously because as of right now i am struggling to pay off tuition bills. Thank you for your time.


I am currently a freshman attending Tulsa Community College(TCC) AND a senior in high school. My high school has a program called Concurrent Enrolment; it helps students get ahead in college while still attending high school. My college experience has been very exhilarating so far. I love the atmosphere and the professors at TCC. As a freshman I have taken macro economics and freshman composition. In micro economics I learned about the economy and the Laissez Faire policy, it was an extremely challenging course but I managed to finish with an A. In freshman composition I perfected my essay writing skills and learned how difficult college was going to be. This semester I am enrolled in micro economics and composition two. I hope to keep my 4.0 GPA so that next year when I transfer to a four year college my transcript will look studious. In college I have learned that it is important to study and finish all assigned work, and that ones grade will reflect the amount of work put into the class. I have also learned that it is important to succeed in college so that in the future one can have a successful career.


I am the type of person who loves to be challenged. Mount Olive College is a small college that provides lots of one-on-one help. However, professors expect a higher level of expectation. This is right up my alley since I love a challenge. I have become very close with my faculty advisor, and she helps guide me in the right direction toward my degree. I love Mount Olive College, and I strongly believe that I could not be happier anywhere else.


I have learned really good study habits, the classes are accelerated so the professors work really hard to concentrate on the most important information that we need to learn. They make it interesting and easy to learn. I look forward to going to class and I really have learned more than I ever imagined.


I cannot count on my fingers and toes how many valuable things I have learned in the short time that I have been a student at Mount Olive College. I became part of the school's Collegiate FFA chapter, and it was a decision I never regretted. Being a first time college student can be scary, and by joining an organization, I not only got to know others, but I got to know myself. Through Mount Olive College and its programs, I have learned the value of higher education, the importance of encouraging others, and helping the community. I had the distinct honor and privilege of serving as a Community Service chairperson, which is a position I wish more people could fill. It has shown me that whatever career I choose, I want to be able to help other people. Nothing compares to the smile on the face of someone you've helped. Being a student at Mount Olive College has taught me numeroud things, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. It has been a rollercoaster experience, but one that I will never forget.


Since my return to college I have a greater understanding of it's importance in life. I have discovered a driving force within myself I never knew I was capable of displaying. I have also discovered that I am a much stronger woman than I had ever given myself credit for. Given that I have learned a lot of general knowledge since returning to school; I have also learned to better focus my directives better, to multi-task at a more efficient level and organize my schedule better. College also gives students an outlet to learn to work together with strangers (fellow classmates) on projects, learn to communicate with others with more skill which is used in abundance in the work force. The best value I have gotten out of college though is the ability to help others that are older to return and face the fear of being an "older" student returning. Nothing was worse than stumbling through the process with no idea where to begin and I have helped others overcome that by being there to help them so they do not have to stumble as I did.


Since I have started college, I started a new season in my life. College has shown me what important in life. I am not saying i know everything I need to know about life; but I have learned a lot. I very appreciate that I can attened college. So dont even get the chance to take a step through the doors. After I gradute college will allow me finish this chapter in life and let me begin so many more.


I have learned many things while in college. I struggled my freshman year with balancing school, work, and down time. Coming back to school for my Sophomore year I realized that school was way more important to me than money at this point in my life. I also realized that I have the rest of my life to have the things I want and that four years is well worth the wait. I worked in the construction industry over the summer and quickly realized that a college degree could save me from having to work for the rest of my life with no benefits or signs of retirement. Overall college has changed my life in many ways and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.


I have obtained many benefits from my experience at Mount Olive College. I have had the ability to network with local business owners and other leaders within the community and had the opportunity to take part in internships and other career preparatory experiences. I have engaged in long-lasting friendships with many of my peers and plan to continue to keep in contact with them long after graduation. I also enjoy the availability of hands-on experiential learning opportunities which allow me to learn more effectively. I have also been able to become very active within the college community through clubs and organizations. At Mount Olive College, I genuinely feel like I am a valued student and much more than simply a name and tuition check. After graduation, I plan to be a strong supporter of Mount Olive College.


I did not believe I would attend college. Why not? My parents seemed to do just fine without it. I did not understand the need for a college education until I attempted to make it in the real world without one. It is nearly impossible to achieve the American dream in today's society without a college diploma. Since I began attending college I have gained a sense of identity in my community and purpose in my life. I have also earned the pride of my family. Now I am setting a positive example for the next generation- a invaluable feat that I hope will encourage others to do the same. Attending college is one path in life that I am glad I traveled down. I have absolutely no regrets!


Ever since I stepped foot in to Mount Olive College at New Bern I felt like a person, not a number like most schools you attend. Whenever you need help they are there to assist anyone that needs it. The instruction they give is very informative and valuable for future work indevors. After I finish with my degree(s) at Mount Olive College so many more doors will open up for me and the more success I can tell and show other individuals. I feel Mount Olive is a great school and many people should look into their programs. You are never too old to learn and earn another degree.


My college experience has been invaluable to me in working with various government agencies and private companies to establish scientific methods to keep our country safe. My education taught me to be open to new ideas and to listen to what others have to say inorder to create methods and standards that benifit many. It also taught me to explore alternatives to dischord and to bring harmony to differences enountered in real world situations.


I have gotten respect form my father.


I've always stated that regardless if a student receives a degree or not, they will learn about themselves more and gain responsibility. For me, going to college was the first time that I was away from my parents and I grew dramatically my freshmen year. I became more responsible and understood my limitations without trying to be someone that I am not. For example, while in high school, it's normal to feel that we can stay up late and not have to worry about homework as much simply because you're an athlete. While attending college, I was still and athlete, but the term "student-athlete" emphasized that you're a student first before being an athlete. With this in mind, I made it necessary to have a dedicated amount of time each day to focus on my studies, and then spend time with athletics.


If I could go back to my senior year I would go back and tell myself to take more Honors and Advanced Placement classes to prepare myself for the level of work that I am now expected to do. I would also have taken different classes than my friends did. Once I got to college and my friends were not there it made it difficult to adjust to. I had to learn how to work with different people and that was one of the more difficult parts of my transition into college. Lastly I would have stayed in the guidance counselor's office to work on more scholarships to help pay for college.


Dear Me, You are a senior in high school. To begin with, you don't know everything. You are young and naive and you will continue to do dumb things until you learn to do otherwise. I know this year has been hard. You were in a wreck, your daddy died, and you were hurt by people that were supposed to love you. You cannot dwell on these things, for "the best has yet to come". College is different, but not "difficult". You have to try to make awkward relationships work in order to succeed. Your roommates will annoy you, and your advisor will "nag" you. You must realize that it is all a test, and will soon be lessons learned. You will be so excited about college and moving out, but do NOT take on too much. You think you can handle anything, but your body thinks otherwise. You will be sick, since you are so stressed out. Just avoid the stress and sickness, and only do what you are capable of. Boys are still fun, but don't center your world on them. You will succeed, and you will be proud of yourself. Sincerely, Me.


I would tell myself to take all my time at college seriously and not get behind. You can have fun with out partying everynight. If you choose to party make sure that your school work is done first. With the money you are spending to pay for college it is neccessary to stay focused and to graduate on time. This will help not only you but your parents out as well since they are the ones that are putting forth the extra money to help pay for living expenses and they dont have the money to be spending either. You will have to pay back all the students loans that you are receiving so stay focused and try to graduate on time with a high GPA so that you can get a good job and not have to worry about money situations.


follow what you know... dont listen to what everyone else is telling you whats best, MOC is the right school for you


First check out the class size! Class size can definitly make a difference to some people. Also make sure that the college has a good campus safety. Safety is always important and can help you feel better about being away from home. Taking a tour of the college and talking to someone like an advisor previous to committing to the college is also helpful in getting insight about the college and what they are about. Also if you get a chance while on campus, talk to someone you know, or read an on campus magazine, or maybe even as someone about their opinion about the school. Don't be afraid to check out the facilities on the campus, after all you are paying to access those as well.


Find a college that you feel comfortable at, go take tours, ask lots of questions. Ask the financial how they can best help you, because there is money out there. College is a great part of your life and you shouldn't just pick the first school that accepts you. Also you are the one picking the college and while you should consider the words of your parents and other it your choice where you go. One final though you need to learn how to balance your social time and your study time, master this and you will have a great time at college.


Find a college that has alot to offer academically, but also leisurely. You should choose a college that fits your lifestyle. Pick a college that you will feel comfortable in, because you will be there for a long time.


make sure you're goin to like the college, go tour the college before deciding. most of all make sure that they have your major and if you decide to transfer to another college make sure your credits will transfer too.