University of New Haven Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of New Haven offers many activities on campus. There are often movie nights, different seminars from well known people in a certain feild (often attended by those with the same major), and fun promotions by clubs on campus. Activities range from the typical school dance to cultural festivals with chinese fortune telling and henna tatoos. And for those who want to have fun off campus, transportation is provided to the city of New Haven. There one can find a bowling all, a mall and movie theater, as well as many strip malls and restaurants.


The many activities that go on at the University of New Haven especially on the weekends.


How experienced my professors are.


I brag about the forensic science program but there is a great program that I have known people to graduate from and do well for themselves. I also brag about the nutrition program that I am in because it's great and there are a lot of role models in my nutrition program.


We have Dr. Henry C. Lee. When I brag about the University of New Haven to my friends, I always make sure that I include the fact the Dr. Henry C. Lee, the father of forensics, has his office on my campus. I also brag about the awesome technology "Toys" that they have for the Criminal Justice department. I call them toys but they are very expensive pieces of equipment that students learn how to use so that they will know how when they enter the field. We also have a quidditch team that has gone undefeated!


I would have to say that I would brag on how my school is the best when it somes to Criminal Justice and how our teachers are very knowledgeable and all have years of experience. I would also say how my school has great people including proffessors and students young and old and how everyone is there to help you and makes you feel right at home.


The professors are not only really nice, but very intelligent and they will help you out if you ask for it.


Being only a couple miles away from botha large city and a beach


I say how the teacher to student ratio is perfect and small enough to get attention. Most of the staff there is also very helpful and informative with their teaching skills. I also talk about how friendly everyone is with each other. Everyone trys to help you out in the best way possible. Last but not least, I brag about the small campus there is and how easy it is to get from one place to another. Bragging about my school in general is something I wouldn't mind doing because I am satisfied with the school I chose.


I tend to brag about the sport teams and the clubs that are availiable to the students to hang out at.


When I speak of my school to friends I speak mostly of the amount of expierience most of the professors have and also the small classes.


The thing I mostly brag about is campus life, and the different activities that are always going on during the week and omn weekends most of the time.


It is a private school, that has alot of technology usefull for learning. The sportsare great. Division 2 Ncaa. Womens volleyball made it to nationals the elite eight. they also won their championship and regionals with a record of 34-4. With a 28 game winning streak. The professor's are more then willing to help, as well as some of them also work at yale. Henry C. Lee built the ofrensic program. Overall the school is good.


Small class sizes, great forensic science program, good social life


Mostly I brag about the feeling of having a family at the university. Everyone at the school is so friendly and welcoming which promotes a better academic outcome.