University of New Haven Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I am a Criminal Justice major and this school is perfect for this specific major. I love the people, I love the classes and, for the most part, I love the environment. UNH is truly an amazing school


Honestly, this school lies about a lot of things, and you won't realize it until you get here. I'm transferring out in the fall, and coming here was the worst decision I ever made. Be prepared for a bunch of rich kids that couldn't care less about classes, be prepared to live down the hall from drug dealers-even if you're in the criminal justice dorms. Don't expect the RAs or housing to do anything if your roommate is harassing you. Do expect to cover a bunch of extra expenses, like $50+ to join a club/activity. Do expect to be surrounded by drunks on the weekends. Don't expect to learn anything in about half of your classes, don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing professors where I learned a lot. But overall, if you want to learn, don't come here. The one thing I do like about it, the campus is nice and it's pretty small. But one last thing, be prepared to live in a terrible neighborhood. There are robberies and muggings on campus, and you do have to be careful walking anywhere alone. Overall, this school doesn't even come close to being worth the price. If you're coming here because you're a criminal justice major and you want the school's name on your resume so that you can go places, you might want to think hard about it first. The program here started out really prestigious, but if you hunt around online, you'll find quite a few reviews that will say something along the lines of "this is where America's future cops come to party and get drunk underage." And honestly, I'd have to agree with that statement. Do you want that attached to your resume? I don't. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against partying, but when that's all you do and you brag about being a CJ major and drinking underage, good luck getting a job.


The big picture? Yeah, it's an expensive school, I'll agree with that, but it's also a very good school. Most of the teachers are top quality in their field of study and work hard so that the students understand material. The campus is small and family orientated, helping to make the students feel more welcome and at home. Yes, there is crime, but every where you go there is. UNH has a 24 hour on campus police station, with actual cops, not security guards.


UNH. Probably the model school when you think of overpriced, mediocre schooling. I honestly cannot think of anything positive to say about this school. In my year as a music major, I experienced nothing that would make me recommend this school to even my worst enemy. Roughly $40K a year, and for what? The same classes you could get at your local community college, and with probably better teachers. Their requirements that I take ludicrious history and art classes, when I already had a liberal arts degree, was mind numbing. Its okay to have standards, but it was clearly a way for them to keep students for as long as possible. The teachers were so-so. My physics teacher was awful; thick Indian accent, and no skills at truly teaching the material. Most of my music teachers were excellent, but this wasn't a real music school. No auditions to get in, meaning most of the students were piss poor musicians who didn't really care about anything but playing in their awful band and getting high. I'm not exaggerating. The school is located in West Haven, NOT New Haven. Its a pretty slummy town, and there were numerous shootings in the area surrounding campus. Not a safe place to be at all.


I just graduated from UNH in May and I was more sad to leave then I was to graduate! UNH became my home and I met some of the greatest people of my life there. I came in as a transfer student and although the first couple of months were difficult, I soon made friends and got involved. The school offers so much to get involved with that you can't help but make friends and have fun with whatever you are doing. The the majority of the professors I had were great and really knew their stuff. The social life was a lot fun and the people really made it worth while. I absolutely love UNH.


The best thing about UNH is the atmosphere on campus created by the students and staff. This campus is a very friendly one; students will wait the extra ten seconds to hold the door open for the next person coming up the stairs and while walking around campus, you will be smiled at by almost every person you walk past, whether you know them or not. The teachers, as well as the campus administrators, all have open door policies, which means that you can go into their office any time the door is open and talk to them about whatever you would like. They want to see their students succeed and will do anything in their power to help you.


The school size is just right, not too big, yet not too small. I spend most of my time with my extracurricular activites, especially the softball team. If I'm not out and about with any of those activities, I can always find things to do on campus, whether it be watching a movie or going to a comedian.


New Haven is a small college community outside of the city. Contrary to popular belief, we are not in the city of New Haven; the school is located in West Haven. Small classroom sizes allow personal attention to students' needs and UNH offers a great tutoring program as well, known as CLR. We recently gained our football program back this year and we should be enjoying lots of games on our new blue turf field. The new Beckerman Rec Center is where I spend most of my time either working out or cheering on friends in the Rec-Sports games that go on at night. It has grown into a popular place to spend your afternoons after class.