University of New Haven Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


From what I have experienced, the University of New Haven is truly for everyone. Students and faculty are diverse in backrounds and experience. UNH is a medium sized school, so it is easy for students to interact and find many other who share their same interests. No matter where you are from, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there will always be someone you get along with on campus. The work load isn't too extreme either. As expected, college is more serious than high school, so there is more work; but not so much that it becomes unbearable.


i would say a person that is going to school for all the wrong reasons because there are great parties because they just want to get laid and not go to class. i would also say a person that is going to class and sleeping in it because your not waisting the professors time your waisting your time and a lot of money


no one should not attent this school.It is very diversed and has accomidations for all types of people. The school has a ton of majors from interior design to forensic science. Also the school has so many differnt clubs that there are activities for everyone.


Someone who doesn't like walking. All the buildings are relatively far apart and if you cant handle a 10 minute walk up a hill then don't go to this school.


People that should not attend the University of New Haven are people that want a large campus and many people. This school is fairly small, with around 600 undergraduates and graduates. I wanted a school about this size where you can get personal time with professors if you wish.


The person who just plans to party and not go to class you will fail and fast they don't tolerate it. If you miss more than two weeks of class you fail automatically unless you have a real documented reason.


Someone who doesn't like a small campus and small classrooms should not attend this school. Everything on campus is walking distance and the classrooms are not that big so there is more interaction between the students and the teacher.


The type of person that should not attend this school is one who will go there and not take his or her studies seriously. One who will party and try to attract attention in provocative ways. One who is not trying to prove him or herself worthy by not being at the school to get an education and find out what he or she may want to do in life.


If you are looking for a huge school with frat houses etc like you see on tv University of New Haven is not th school for you.


People who are not commited to what they want to do should not attend, for there is alot of work in perfecting the way you will succeed in life.


Someone who does not like to interact with others or who prefers to stay inside most of the time should not attend the University of New Haven. An individual who does not enjoy meeting new people or participating in school clubs/orgs/sports/etc would not consider UNH to be the school for them.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one who is not motivated. This school requires each student to work very hard in order to achieve good grades, much like any other school. However, the University of New Haven has a $43000 tuition and the only way to afford going to this school is by recieving scholarships, which provides the reasoning for needing good grades. If one does not keep their GPA above at least 3.0, they will lose the scholarship given by the school (if given one) and be forced to pay the entire tuition.


As a general rule any person who is not willing to put forth the time and effort needed to succeed in a college environment should not attend this school. Also, the University of New Haven is a small school, so anyone looking for a large campus or many students should not attend this school.


A person that isn't willing to work hard to achieve their goal.


Music majors having a strong music background and students who want to experince large-scale university life and school spirit.


I believe a person who shouldn't attend this school is one who thinks everything will come to him or her. At this school, you must make it your own experience. Go out to concerts and clubs, and make friends. Getting involved is eighty percent of what determines the experience of college life at UNH.


Someone who wants a large campus.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone looking for an easy degree. Students have to work hard to earn academic credits here. People who drink excessively or do drugs should not attend the University of New Haven, for it is academically challenging and not a "party school."


It's pretty diverse.


Some one who wants to party, there arent many.


Someone who smokes MaryJane or decides that it is alright to become intoxicated and threaten the campus dormitory resident advisor (I've had two roommates in my first year removed for both). Campus police is adamant about school rules. Also, someone who is looking for a "party school" should not attend this school. The school is slow on the weekends. Thirdly, someone who has little work ethic should obviously not attend this school (or any other school for that matter).


Anyone could attend this school. Like with any school, you make out of it what you put into it. Remember, it's your life and your future.