University of New Haven Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe that the best thing of my school would the people you meet and the activates that are available.


i would say the staff. the staff are the best thing about the school and the students of course becuase they love and want to help us succeed in what we are doing so we are prepared for the real world of working full time paying off our loans


I consider the best thing about my school to be the Criminal Justice program. We have the Henry C. Lee College on Campus and the classes are top notch. A student gets to experience equipment and protocols in action before entering the field. We have some of the best professors and most have had experience in their field of study. Not only are we learning about the most up to date practices, we are learning them from professionals who have actually experienced what they are teaching. I do not think that I could get a better education anywhere else.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is an experiential learning university. Professors here, teach in class, online, and in everyday life. They bring their experiences in their profession to the chalk board to make their students realize that everything being learned will be used outside of the class room. The Professors also make themselves available to all of their students by providing open office hours, their cell phone numbers, and, if they don't have an office, their usual location on campus. There is also plenty of aid for students struggling with their classes.


The school is very focused on helping students succeed. They provide extensive resources to help benefit students and provide them with the tools necessary in and outside of the classroom. The entire faculty employed at the University of New Haven dedicates time and effort to benefiting all of the students that attend the school. They are all very knowledgeable and if they cannot help, are more than resourceful enough to retrieve and answer for you, or find the person who can help. I think this is the best part of the University; the faculty.


I consider the size of the campus the best thing about the school because it is not too bad but not too small and everything is close to each other which is good for getting to class on time or even trying to get to a friend's room to study.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is involved in something. Also the school is becoming more diverse, and there is numerous ways to get involved and build ones resume. Besides that, class sizes are small and the faculty and staff members are engaging and are willing to go above and beyond to help a student succeed. Along with that our sports programs have started to become stronger, which has created more school spirt and a support system for the players. Students look forward to the weekend because they know a football game is going to occur.


The experience of the staff is astounding. Most are retired from the career they are teaching about so they relate everything to personal experience which is great.


The blue field ! it attracts alot of people.


The school offers a variety of majors to consider and you can also minior in various sections as well, and will provide more job opportunities in the future. Another aspect is the clubs and organizations that are run to occupy your free time.


The best assets about my school is that they have numbers of things going on that you wont be bored and that they make it fun for the students to want to participate. it gives students like me ideas of what it is i want to do day to day , so i could be comfortable with any activities i might consider doing on my spare time. they make it available for everyone to join. the shuttle that they provide is so efficient it makes everything accessible foe every student.


The best thing that I consider atbout my school is the social organizations/clubs that are provided at the university. Joining social organizations/clubs give students a chance to not only be actively involved at the University of New Haven, but also helps students find out more about themselves in terms of what career path they would like to possess, what activities intrigue them the most, meet friends that will encourage them to obtain their goals when times are tough, and they will reminisce on all the good times that the social organizations were able to provide.


I love the atmosphere. Its a small school so you get to know your professors and fellow students. There is something for everyone with the amount of activities on campus. There is a great selection for students from around the world and everyone is passionate for what they are doing. Most of the professors have worked in the field in which they are teaching and can give great real-life examples through their experiences. The campus is beautiful and friendly.


There are a lot of clubs and organizations on campus that you can join. I also like the fact that the teachers are experienced in the fields they teach in.


How friendly everyone here is. From the teachers to the staff to the students, everyone is very friendly.


How all the teachers will know you by name.


This school is a small campus and very friendly. Being from Maine I wasn't sure what to expect but from the very beginning with our tour it has been a great experience. I enjoy the security, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and fellow students. I appreciate going to a small school with a small number of students in each class as I have to work very hard at my grades. This allows me to succeed!


I condsider the amount of help available to every student who needs it, the best aspect of The University of New Haven. It is very important that every student has an equal opportunity to recieve education even though they are financially unstable.


The best thing about the University of New Haven is the amount of help students receive ffrom the faculty. I came walk into the learning center without an appointment and be able to get help. Also, the professors are always there to help students whether before class or after. The students are also a good aspect of the school. They are very open-minded. These are just a few of the things that I like about this university.


It's one of the best criminal justice schools in the country. The professors have real life experience in the fields they teach in.


The best thing about my school are the friends I made and the college experience that I had because it helped me to grow more.