University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of North Carolina Wilmington is known for its Marine Biology, Education and Nursing schools. Our athletic teams like baseball and basketball are one of the best in the conference. Even if you are not on an althetic team, you can stay fit at our incredible student recreation center, which is one of the biggest facilities in the nation. UNCW is a very safe and friendly environment. And, of course, we can't forget the beach which is only 15 minutes away!


UNC Wilimington is known for being the leading school in nursing and education.


University of North Carolina at Wilmington is known for the beach and the people that the beach invites. We are also known for our marine biology program and that why it attracts so many international and far away students.


UNCW is known for its marine biology program. Because it is a university at the beach, it has a prime location for research and field work. UNCW is also known for its school of business. The classes at UNCW provide several opportunities to get an education outside of the classroom and gain experience in a certain field of study.


UNCW is best know for its College of Arts and Science which makes it so great to have a fun versatile semester, with so many different classes to choose besides the core classes needed. The School of Nursing and Social work is very popular and also Cameron School of Business! wATSON cOLLEGE OF eDUCATION HAS made the best teachers for our NC Schools! The Graduate School choices are never ending!! So many choices at UNC BY THE SEA!!!!


My school is best known for its Marine Biology, Business Administration programs, and the National UNCW Surf Team, who won first place at Nationals a year ago. The Business program is highly respected thoughout the state, and the Marine Biology program has made incredible scientific advances while working right here on the water. When people think UNCW, they think the beach, sunshine, and hardworking students striving to make Wilmington and UNCW a better place to be day in and day out.


I think anyone who wants to come to UNCW should be able to, why should one person have favoritism over the next? All people deserve to have a good education in order to better their future.


The beach, and marine biology.


I believe my school is best known for a lot of different programs, but whenever someone thinks of UNC-Wilmington, they think of the beach, then their thoughts automatically go to Marine Biology. I admit that when I decided to go to this school I would look into Marine Biology as a major. It is a great place to study a subject like that because we are so close to the beach and a lot of marine life. UNC-Wilmington is a very prestigious school that will challenege students in whatever they want to learn.


UNCW is best known for its academics, diversity and activities. It has overcome its reputation as a party school to become an institution that has a top rated liberal arts program with a wide variety of majors. It's Division I sports teams have one numerous conference and national championships. The wide variety of clubs and organizations provide something that is interesting to all students.


The school is very popular for their Marine biology program. If you are interested in Marine Biology at all I would recommend this school. Very in depth program and hands on activities and field trips to give you mroe of an expierience in the field.


This school is best known for having a good nursing program, a good film program, and a good marine biology program. It is known as being a beach school, and is therefore thought of as a "party school," which in my opinion it is not. It is known for having a very beautiful campus, and it is full of very laid back people.


Marine Biology but the business school is certainly growing. The beach might be a factor also....


My school is best known for being a lot of fun, being at the beach, having wonderful people and beautiful surroundings, and always striving for hard work and success.


Marine Biology and Film Studies are the two majors that we are best known for. Our Marine Biology program is one of the best in the country.


Marine Biology and continuing to grow and improve in many ways


the beach, school of buisnesses


Ranked as one of the top public universities. It is close to the beach. It does not have a football team so, basketball is their sport. They have a great Marine Science program. The people are friendly. The majority of the students come from North Carolina.


Marine Biology, every major here is good though and there is plenty of opportunity. Film is also a huge major here, many shows and movies are filmed in Wilmington and this town is predictably going to become the third biggest in the film industry in the U.S. There are many clubs here and activities to participate in, and many opportunities for internships and jobs.


UNCW is special because it has something for everyone. From campus, the beach is a ten minute drive down the road, a nice river front downtown is a 15 minute drive away another direction, and a fancy shopping center is a ten minute drive another way. There is plenty to do on and off campus to keep any student happy. The weather isn't too shabby either.


I think the UNCW Swimming and Diving?! ONLY being 10 minutes away from the BEACH! Great ways to be INVOLVED on and off campus! Good help on financial aid! Huge campus and definitely in need of a BIKE!


Being close to the beach, and being the 2nd best school in North Carolina.


Sex, drugs, the beach and the movies