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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is an experience all in itself. While it is obvious not to short yourself on your education make sure you are getting the whole package. Investigate if the college you are looking at is a suitcase college and all the kids go home on the weekends. Find out if there is a social scene, and what activities there are to get involved with. My number one recommendation would be to get involved with the university in some way, shape or form. I know I am getting a great education at UNCW, but my best memories have been made outside the classroom. Make sure you can enjoy your four years to the fullest and good luck.


The best advice I can give someone about finding the right college is to make sure you know what you want to get out of an institution. Look for a school that taylors your needs physically, intellectually, spiritually, financially and emotionally. College can be the best time of your life, if you make it so. Make the most, of all your chosen school has to offer. You will make life long friends and learn things that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Manage your time wisely so that your not doing all work with no free time. Use your free time and take advantage of the anemities such as sporting events and student preformances so you can become a well rounded individual. Most importantly, make a difference in your college and be proud of it!


To find the school to best fit your lifestyle and needs, visit the school first. Take as many college visits as you can. When you visit don't only take the campus tours but ask some of the students you see what they do for free time and what life outside of the classroom is like. Visit the downtown area of the town or city your potential college is in and ask some of the locals what they think of the town and the school itself. To make the most of your college expierence once you have found your school , get involved! Getting involved with different organization on your campus is the best way to make friends and be put into the social campus scene. Whether it is student government or greek orginazations they all offer opportunities to dramaticlly increase your college expierence. Having an open mind is also an essential part of being a success in college, don't judge too quickly because you will be exposed to many different people with different backgrounds, and remember to enjoy being a college student because it goes by fast!


Go to the college you truly believe will make you the happiest. You will be spending four years at this place. Choose wisely. Have an open mind when you get to college. It will help you get to most out of your college career. Get involved in all sorts of activities. It will not only allow you meet to lifelong but it will also shed light on new interests you never stumbled upon before. As far as academics are concerned, go to class. Seriously. That's the best advice I can give to you. Don't stress too much. You're going to be fine.


Stay away from this one parents, it's amazing.


Make sure the campus life and the activities and education offered fits the needs of your child.


Academia is most important. However, the comfort of living and social interaction among peers is a very close second. Without these things, the student will likely become overwhelmed and will ultimately perform more poorly. I know you've heard this a million times, but I hope that hearing it one more will make some sort of a difference.


When it comes to finding what kind of college best suits what you think you're looking for after finishing high school, there isn't much that can be said that you probably haven't already thought of. What is important, however, is to figure out what exactly you want to do with the rest of your life. Make sure that college is what you're really looking for in the next phase of your life, and then work in a practical manner from there. If you only plan to go to school for a few years, then I would suggest finding a public undergraduate school (in your state, to save on money) and then decide on the school based on what direction you want your professional life to lean towards; doing a lot of thinking about it before applying is far more important than most advisors will tell you, and it lets you choose a school that you know may have a particularly strong program in whatever you want to focus on. After that, take the time to tour the campus and make sure that you like it, and... well, it's all your decision from there. Good hunting!


My advice to students is to pick the college they want to go to by the actual services and academics they offer. Never pick a school because that's where your best friend is going - you will not be happy there. Although parents should be involved in their child's university choice, they should allow the student to really pick the school they love. Parents should not push a certain school on their child. In order to make the most of your college experience, get involved on campus and in academic programs where you will gain the most from your experience there. I never got involved on campus and am regretting it now that I am almost graduating. You can meet many friends in the dorms and in other on campus activities.


Finding the right college for you is very important because it reflects on the experience that you will receive. Making the most of your college experience is also important because your future depends on it. Not choosing carefully where to attend and how much time you put into the whole thing can affect you later on. College is where you have to do things that suits your needs with the help of others. The final decision is always place upon you because you are the one going through the whole thing.


Finding the right college is all about matching the school to your personality. I have a twin sister who goes to ECU. She loves her school and I love my school, but we both hate the other person's school. We have different personalities and lifestyles. Any school can be a party school, so that's not what i'm saying. I'm comfortable with our smaller (but not too small) campus and I love the town and the beach. The town has a lot of options for eating and shopping; my sister's town seems boring to me. Obviously the school must have something to do with your chosen career path, but when I first chose my school I did not know what my major would be yet. I chose my school because I visited and fell in love with the campus. The student will know which campus fits their personality best. They just need to visit different campuses to find out.

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