University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school has a community vibe to it. We all seem to get along, no matter how different we are from one another. The feeling of unity when it comes to the pride of our school is such a pleasant experience that I reccommend everyone to come here. I've seen people fall off their bikes or skateboards and suddenly several people are crowded around those individuals, checking to see if they are alright. That is an anomaly from the present day college society and I'm proud to see it at my school.


Being close to the beach.


I brag about the proximity to the beach and the stong community connection that the school is striving to build, even though it is only 66 years old.


Coming from a Community College the difference is very obvious. The one thing I brag about most about my school now is that my peers are on a completely different intellectual level now. They are always eager to learn and better themselves.


I love the community feel to UNCW. The school is extremely focused on making students feel welcome and it offers a wide range of courses for everyone.


It's five miles from the beach. It's got small programs with great instructor access. It's got six months of summer.


A lot of hot girls and the beach close by that allows you to see them.


It is close to the beach. The campus is beautiful. The recreation center is really nice and offers aerobics classes. My professors have been very interesting which allows me to really grasp the material. when you like your professors, you learn better.


Of course, the first thing people think about when they hear UNC Wilmington is the location. It is awesome being five minutes down the road from the beach! The campus is gorgeous! It is always clean and there are lots of trees and flowers everywhere. The campus is relatively small so you don't have to walk far. The classes are small which makes it a great learning environment. The teachers are amazing, and they will answer any questions you have at any time. You learn so much and have fun in the process!


we go to school in beautiful weather, 5 minutes from the beach and i have met my best friends here.


That I got to live ON the beach while attending- my front yard was the sand!


The University of North Carolina at Wilmington has a beautiful campus with a diverse, friendly, and energetic student body. The campus is very close to gorgeous Wrightsville Beach and the historic downtown Wilmington. The town itself makes for the best college experience as there are many extra curricular things to get involved in.


UNCW has amazing professors! I've been to two other institutions, and this school definitely has the best! They are very passionate about what they are teaching, and are very caring towards the students. I also love that the university is so close to the beach!


close to beach, great surf, lots of parties, awsome teachers, great time


Close to the beach, fun, exciting, friendly, beautiful campus, although the school spirit could stand for a bit of an increase.


We are only 15 minutes from the front door to being in the ocean. We can surf year-round.


SCIENCE! Downtown Wilmington, the beach, how beautiful our campus is, our on campus nature preserve.


When telling my friends about UNCW, I brag mostly about the wonderful weather and proximity to the beach. UNCW has a perfect location because Wilmington, NC is a small city, so everything one needs is easily accessible. The student body is also very friendly and easy to get along with and the size of the school is just right for me.


I live five miles from the beach. And I love to tell them how much sunshine we get. It is just a different way of life in the South. We are very friendly and welcoming.


I brag about being able to go to the beach whenever I want. I brag about the laid back nature of the school and its students.


I always brag about the campus. It's the first thing that attracted me to this school. It's so beautiful. The buildings, town, beach, and other parts of campus are beautiful. It's not too closed in but not too big as well.