University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very nice, genuine people.


Going to, what is now a University, University of Northwestern- St. Paul I am very honored to have met some of my classmates; they are very intelligent and sometimes I am shocked to how knowlegable they are and how they are very dedicated to learn the materials we cover in class.


Students at Northwestern College are Chirst, knowledge, and experience seekers who are commited to one another and to being engaged in the world and one anothers' lives.


My classmates have decided to walk with God while opening their educational umbrella.


Very focused on God and academics. It is truly amzing going to school with them


Fairly conservative and often very similar.


Hard working, fun, independant, community (and sometimes the guys are a little femme).


They are very helpful. I spend a lot of time with them in group projects


My classmates are on fire for God and trust Him to lead thier lives.


Each classmate I have encountered has enriched my life, and some have become great friends.


My classmates are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their fellow students not only academically but also spiritually.


Other adults returning to college.


My classmates all get along; even though not all are outgoing, we still enjoy having class together. They are easy to get along with and aren't judgmental which makes it easy to answer and discuss in class. They are people who try their hardest in school and are encouraging. They end up becoming more than your classmates; they become friends that you hang out with on the weekends and study with.


They are very friendly people who are eager to learn and be a part of the community.


Students who love Jesus and are striving to do their best academically, relationally and spiritually.


Fun, open Christians willing to help out.


My classmates are very fun to be around. In general very smart and are very willing to study with you or help you out if you are struggling. I have come out of almost every class with a friend I still talk to after the class is done.


My classmates are sincere, focused, and helpful students that care about their classwork and friends.


My classmates are extremely friendly and helpful.


I originally come from Indonesia so I will talk about my classmates there. My classmates, when I was in high school, come from different tribal background. They have their own unique custom. But in class, everybody tried to understand each other. The hardest part is to understand different beliefs that we have. We avoid to talk about that. I saw students cheating when having exam and I ever did too. Most of my classmates hung out and had party after class. I wanted to join but I couldn't because I didn't have many so I just went home.




My classmates are great people they love Jesus and want to learn what each professor has to teach the class. they are committed to learning and want to help each in the class learn as well.


they are a friendsly bunch of fun-loving people.


My classmates have made an impact on me through their excitedness to learn and their overall care for the people in their community.




My classmates are extremely friendly and are always willing to offer a smile, unlike anything I have ever been a part of.


My classmates are very willing to help each other learn better and do well in the class.


My classmates are some of the nicest, caring and authentic people I know.


My classmates at Northwestern are Christian, most of us are here for one reason: to serve God. They are respectful, each contributing greatly to the community because if one person falls short of our Declaration, we hurt as a whole. My classmates are pure; they contribute to doing work for the Lord and demonstrating his greatness through our careers after we graduate and work in the real world. The purpose for attending Northwestern is to share with the world that greatness is still upon it, we just have to trust and rely on the Lord in everything we do.


My classmates are genuine young adults striding to recieve an education worthy of someday gaining a career in which they can serve God, their peers, and their family.


My classmates are friendly and kind.


My classmates are fun and charismatic, yet very academically bright.


They are the kindest, sweetest people I have ever met, always willing to help


Most of my classmates are friendly and willing to work together on projects or share books and stuff like that.


They are fun to be around and care about how you are doing. They are always willing to pray with you over the smallest thing and encourage you in your walk with God. Some are crazy, some are quite, some are athletic, some are dramatic, and some are just there. The campus has all kinds of people because it takes all kinds.


Enthusiastic, strong desire to learn, and very academic while freindly and caring.