University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Statistics has shown said that our school is the most tamest school in the nation; I like how we are tamed, it creates an atmosphere where you can really pay attention to your studies.


Our school is best known for its Christ-centered education.


Seeing as I have only gone to this school for one year, most of the people that I have talked to on campus have been some sort of an education major. Since I am a Mathematics Education major, and since I am surrounded by a lot of education majors, I have heard the high percentage rate of students enrolled in Northwestern's education program getting jobs right after graduation. With all that being said, it is pretty clear in my eyes what Northwestern is best known for: a great education program.


Northwestern is a Christian school and is most known for being faith-based. The curriculuum here is taught with a biblical perspective.


Business and education


My school is best known for being fully committed and centered around God. They want everyone to succeed for the glory of God. They want to bring up stewards of faith and godly men and women to help lead in this society. They want to ensure a successful learning environment, but also bring more of a Christian teaching to better instruct the students in thier faith.


It is a beautiful campus, with plenty of opportunities and activities, where you will meet your lifelong friends.


Our school is best known for being a private Christian college with over 50 majors and everday chapel.


Northwestern is best known for their Christ-centered education. Everyone that goes there leaves with a better understanding of how faith and life go together. Northwestern has a great Bible, history, communications, and education program. No matter what your major, though, you leave with a stronger sense of who God made you to be and how you can better honor and glorify Him.




Northwestern is best known for offering an affordable four year non-denominational Christ-centered liberal arts education.


They are known for their academically excellent education taught from a Biblical worldview in a strong community that is focused on engaging in the world.


My favorite part of Northwestern is the Chirstian atmosphere. I love going to class every day and talking about the gospel. I came from a public school where I did not fit in because of my religion and values. At college I am surrounded by people who share my feelings about Chirst and the same goals for our lives. I love how Northwestern not only has volunteering and extra curricular activities surrounding Christ, but also that my school works to combine faith in all aspects, even academics.


My school is best known for a Christ-based education. The school is known for helping students grow in their faith and walk with Christ, alongside with the academics.


The Christian worldview it teaches, practices and lives by.


Northwestern College is best known for it's Christian environment. It challenges students and pushes them towards Christ in every part of life.


Business Dept.


The business department and radio station.


My school is best known for the loving, growing community of staff and students. The central message at our school is a Christian message. We are a Christ-centered community that is wanting to learn with integrity. Besides the community based feel of the college, our school is known for our history of being involved in the communities around us and in the larger community of Christian organizations in the state. We are affliated with a Christian radio station, so many people think of the two instutions closely.


It is known for it's bible theology and business program and its sports performance


Northwestern College is best known for being a conservative, biblically-based institution that fosters strong relationships among students and faculty.


My school is best known for its Christ-centered community. Anywhere you go on campus, you will be greeted with a genuinely warm smile and will be treated with dignity and respect. Because it's a close-knit community, the entire student body meets once a day for chapel where we can worship our God together since the school is built on a Christian foundation.


Northwestern is best known for applying a Christian worldview into its academics. It does a great job of showing how your faith impacts other areas of your life from business to education to history.


Northwestern College is best known for its competetive academic strength, especially its education and music programs, as well as its Christ-centered community. A big draw for students is the beautiful campus, sitting between two forested lakes on the edges of both Minneapolis and St. Paul, giving students access to rich cultural and rewarding outreach opportunities in both cities.


I think it is known for the Biblical studies majors it offers


It is best known for being a strong Christian and Biblically based Liberal Arts College.


Christian based education


Being near Bethel University.


Most people that I talk to outside my school automatically think of it as very conservative and overly religious, but they usually do not seem to know much about the school other than the general association of those two words.


Northwestern is best known for its Christian foundation and the KTIS radio station.