University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the professors. They are the most hilarious teachers I know. Not only do they make the classes fun, they help me engage in my work. I so look forward to my classes every day because firstly, I love what I'm learning and I know what I'll be doing with these lessons, and secondly, I love the professors who want to know more about me. In parties and after class, they ask about my personal life, my goals, my family. So I tell my friends, "Take a class with Dr. ___!" and they love them.


It is Christ-centered, the perfect size, and the community is very friendly and warm. I also love that we are only 10 mintues from the Twin Cities, which gives us a great opportunity to experience ethnicities and cultures from all over the world!


The experience I had with friends and the athletics


I am in Northwestern's audition-only College Choir; we talk about the meaning of religious songs and make them our own, we pray about the way we sing, and we seek not to bring entertainment to people, but to bring God to them when we sing. The same is true of most of my other classes. I have a very great respect for most of the professors here because they both a) care deeply about students and how they can help them in college, and b) many of them have a deep humility and genuineness about their Christian faith.


How much I enjoy my classes, how gorgeous are campus is, how much I love my on campus jobs and that I have a kitchenette in my dorm room.


I tell people about how much my faith has grown since coming to Northwestern. The atmosphere there is so amazing, and I have grown in my personal relationship with God so much just by being around other Christians. My faith would not have flourished as much as it has if I had not gone to Northwestern. God is truly at work on that campus.


It's a Christian school and we are all close. The classes are great. I'm learning alot from my Bible classes and I will graduate with a Bible minor.


When I brag about my school I tell my friends about the location, the beauty of the campus, the fun dorm life, and the great small school environment. I tell them how we are a ten minute drive from the downtown twin cities and how their are tons of fun things to do there. Also how are campus is right on a lake and they do a great job of making it look pretty year round. Lastly the great community and environment that they school has. I have met so many great people here at this school.


My schedule and my bible classes. I love my bible classes. I learn so much!!!


It is the perfect size, not too big, but not too small either. I feel like I am part of a big community here, I am proud to say I go to Northwestern. The Bible teaching here is also very good, great professors!


The campus is beautiful. We are like a gaint community. We all care about eachother, we do things together, and we try to help eachother grow in a positive manner. We have oppurtunities that many other schools don't have in regards to easy transportation, good school events such as free professional concerts. We have great speakers that come and some you can learn a lot from. The professors are all mostly Doctors, they know their fields of study. They care about how students do and are always willing to talk. Everyone cares about the success of everyone.


The great people and atmosphere are the best qualities. Everyone is really nice and the small classes are a huge plus!


Beautiful campus.


The education I am getting.


The community atmosphere at the college and how everyone smiles and says hi to each other. There is so much encouragement and love from person to person that I absolutely love being a part of!


Nothing really. Maybe about the professors.


One of the reasons I love Northwestern College is the amazing campus. The school is situated on a lake, complete with an island, and the buildings are old and absolutely gorgeous. The school is convienently placed within a short distance from the downtown areas from the Twin Cities, yet the pretty campus provides a breathing space away from the bustle. There are unique living situations among a variety of dorms, and I love the big rooms and great people that I live with.


Not only the Biblical/Academic excellence but the strong focus on community.


I brag about the cohesive community on campus and the great relationships I have with my professors. I also emphasize the great location of the school; it's a 15 minute drive to either downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful, and I love spending time out doors, walking in the woods. It's a great school.


I brag the most about the emphasis of Christ permeating every part of life, including education. Northwestern is a Christian college, and we as students strive to better ourselves and the world around us with our learning and by focusing on Christ. Keeping this in perspective allows the students to have better unity and not be strayed from their goals. Some friends may think a Christian college is lame; I appreciate the positive atmosphere because it allows me to concentrate more on my dreams of what I want to do, and less on things that will make me "fit in."


The campus is beautiful!! The profs are amazing, smart, friendly, and genuinely interested in each student! The profs are at Northwestern for us students. They will alter their class to how we best learn. Some even have exam tudy sessions for their classes at their houses, take students fishing, and spend extra hours on campus to talk with students about anything from class material to questions about the Christian faith. True friendships form between the students and profs. The dorms have activities with brother/sister halls weekly and encourage good friendship between upper and lower classmen.


Northwestern has a beautiful campus that used to be a Catholic monostry. My professors are friendly, helpful, and available to whatever concerns that arise. We have smaller classes and overall campus size that helps to develop close friendships. Yet my highest praise is that Northwestern stands for and teaches and is active on Godly standards of Christian living.


That our professors don't just care about our grades, they don't just care about our careers (career options), and they don't even just care about our earthly future. They care that we do well in this life, but beyond, that we will be able to develop a stronger faith in Jesus Christ and live eternally.