University of Notre Dame Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is open, spirited, enthusiastic, friendly, and welcoming would feel right at home at Notre Dame. Anyone who wants to take on a second family should consider Notre Dame. The people you meet here, whether it be your roommate or your professor, every single person you encounter adds somethings to your life. You will have the privilege of learning with and from some of the greatest minds out there.


The kind of person that should attend ND should expect that they will not fit in if only there to have fun and abuse substances. This kind of person should invite academic and other challenges. In addition, he/she should be tolerant of the high achievements of other students and the competitive nature of this campus. Finally, ND has a strong spiritual aspect to it and the typical student participates in related activities.


I would say that the person who should go to Notre Dame is the quiet, shy person who is still trying to find himself or herself. The person should be rooted in his/her faith in God because of Notre Dame's strong Catholic tradition. There are so many resources and opportunities available at Notre Dame that the person is easily able to find what he/she likes and dislikes, as long as he/she is hardworking and determined.


A person who is willing to give school their all and never get dettered from the setbacks of school. Someone who puts their goals in front of their wants and needs.


Hard working, well rounded people who care about making a difference in th world whether that means through community service, career-wise, or religiously. Notre Dame provides many opportunities to reach out to others and work towards your goals.


Someone who is very involved in high school with sports, academics and clubs, who is friendly and hard working. Someone who works hard now so that they can play hard later.


Driven, energetic, fun-loving, hard-working, intelligent person who is realatively unaffected by severe weather.


Someone who is really interested in exploring, learning, discovering, researching about their academic passions, and someone is is willing to be stretched and challenged. Notre Dame widened my perspective of the world and challenged my reasoning. I've become a more aware, well-rounded individual.


Someone that is willing to work hard and put forth the effort in every class. At the same time, someone that is able to relax when not doing work and enjoy themselves even if the weather is not pleasant, or the football team is doing poorly.


A driven, well-rounded student with an aim in life to change the world for the better. Someone who wants to take advantaged of all the learning opportunities afforded by an excellent university and is not afraid of, or a stranger to, hard, time-consuming work.


Most students are dedicated and have diverse interests.


Someone who is willing to learn and study hard, who enjoys learning. Someone who is outgoing, friendly, involved, athletics (are a huge part of most people's histories) interested in a passion,


Someone who is dedicated to working hard, either that or who is smart enough that they don't have to work extra hard. Otherwise, any kind of person could go here. I've met a wide variety of people here.


One who is ambitious and willing to work hard in school.


This school is very homogenous. 85% of students came from Catholic High schools. and the vast majority of students are white and middle or upper class. Attending Notre Dame is easiest for someone who fits this profile. That is not to say that no one else should attend Notre Dame, in fact I would encourage people who don't fit this profile to attend, because that is how the University will be able to change. Members of the LGBT community should weigh all their options; Notre Dame is becoming more accepting of them, but it is a very slow process.


Catholic upper class


Anyone looking for the perfect balance of everything college has to offer.


Great learning environment, if you are open to new ideas. Academically driven and some social life, but little pressure to do drugs, have "random hookups", or other things public colleges may have problems with.


An academically motivated person who wants to study in a Catholic environment.


Good student that can work hard and have fun.


An intelligent and conservative individual searching for a top tier education, a great college experience, and friendly and engaging teachers, students, and alumni.


An extremely hard-working person who wants to be learning at the absolute highest level. Also they must be driven to be successful in whatever they choose to do in life and want to be engaged in activities and events.


Prospective students should consider Notre Dame if they are looking for unique undergraduate experience which fosters the academic, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical growth and development of each individual in a community environment that promotes the education of the mind and the heart.


Someone who is responsible and is willing to work hard and play hard!


Any person who is willing to work hard and prove themself should come to Notre Dame. This is a school with high expectations but it is also a place where help is always available and where life long friendships are instantly made. We pride our self for our rigorous academic standards as well as our community feel. While I sometimes feel as though a different school may have been a better choice for me, I don't think I would go back and switch because I can't imagine life without the close friends I have made in college.


This school is for someone who's not affraid of spending their weekend in the library once in awhile.



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