University of Phoenix-Little Rock Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who attend this school must be focused, ready to learn, adaptible, willing to experience new classroom formats, and not slackers or partiers.


This school has a very diverse audience when it come to students. People who have full-time jobs should attend this school because they will work around your work schedule by only making that person attend one night a week. Parents of low income who can not afford child care shoild atten The University of Phoenix because they hold vlasses one night a week for four hours at a time. The work is not over whelming and you have a team to back you if you ever need help.


Although anyone could find benefit, I feel that anyone who has experience in the work place and want to further their career should consider University of Phoenix. The material is chosen because of its real world applications and classes are diverse and attended by many age groups.