University of Phoenix-Little Rock Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not take things for granted. Skipping one assignment good drastically lower your grade. You should also prepare yourself for a lot of discussions, research, and papers. Be prepared to donate free time to added research and become advanced in using computers and search engines. This school is not for every one, but is great for shy people like you. If your grade point average get below a C you can lose your financial aid and have to pay for a class out of your own pocket. Stay focused and minimalize distractions. This school is made for you, but you have to want it, to succede. Not participating in the classroom can also lead to failing a class and having to retake it.


College is what you make of it. You can make choices regarding the structure of your college experiences. Do not stay in a major subject if you find out you hate it. Try something new and experiment while you have time. Appreciate diversity and variety in class learning teams because these individuals may become life friendships that are not replaceable. Never be afraid too communicate with advisors, they are there for you. Do not get pulled into doing things for others just to be accepted. Be honest with yourself and those around you. It will be rewarding. Try to balance your time between study and fun. You do not want to burn out before receiving your degree. Beware of plagiarism. Use all of the tools the school offers because they are there for you to succeed in you future.


If I could go back and time and talk to myself about college my first advice that I would give would be to believe in myself. I am smart and have a 4.0, however I lacked confindence in myself. The grades that I struggled for in high school do not automatically mean that those are the grades that I will recieve in college. Believe in myself and put forth the effort needed to succeed, that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Do not wait 13 years before going to college. Do it now.


Knowing what I now know, if I could go back to high school, I would advise myself to start college as soon as I graduate instead of waiting. Instead of going to college as soon as I graduated, I took a break from school for a couple of years to work. I also started my family in this time, which made it difficult for me to choose to go back. Although I love the feelings of motivation and support my family gives me, if I would have gone straight to college after high school, I would not only have my bachelor’s degree in business but I would be working on my master’s and on the road to a career that I find will fulfill all my needs. Even though I procrastinated for a while, I am proud to say that I am on the path that I originally mapped out for my life and my career.


If I could talk to my younger self, I would advise myself to stay in school and finish high school. Although I am proud of myself for achieving my GED and making the transition to college, I would have liked to completed college at an earlier age than 36. Even though I graduate from Pulaski Technical college before attending University of Phoenix, I would tell myself to speak with other students about the college and speak with advisors. Taking these two suggestions into consideration can aid a student in choosing what steps to take to make the transition more comfortable. Also open up and share some information about one self because you are letting people know you and you are getting to know new people.


Since I consider myself still new to the situation, I have learned many ways to dealing with stressful situations and how to make the time to do everything. I have also learned to keep pushing myself because I have had some hard times since I have enrolled in college and I feel there are a few more bumbs in the way ahead.


I have been going to college for abouot three years. I do think that it is important for people to attend college so that they will be able to live a good life with financial support. I have got very many experiences from attending college, the best one would have to be Socializing. I have been a very shy person in the past, but college has taught me to open up to people and accept them for who they are.


As my sketch professor would say, "You guys are paying almost $2/hour for me to teach you, so make use of it." Not only has FIDM taught me the ins-and-outs of the fashion industry from the business aspect of it to pattern drafting, but also valuable life lessons. By being inundated with constant projects, FIDM has taught me perserverance to sit and work on one homework assignment all day long, the strength to go through with the program even in the insanity that ensues in the weeks leading up to the end of the quarter, and time management skills. It has been great so far attending FIDM due to the passionate professors, vast resources available to us, networking, and creative atmosphere that surrounds the campus. Considering that it was my dream school from a young age, it is all I could have ever asked for and more.


I have gotten a great deal knowledge from my school. While attending The University of Phoenix I have learned to work with teams as if I were already in the work field, I have also imporved my writing skills. I have recently entered the core classes of my desired major. Since my core classes have began I now know how to build a web site, creat a code for my website, and publish my web site. This was very exciting for me because I learned a lot just from two core classes. There are many valuable things to me as to why I attend the University of Phoenix but, there is just one that has been stamped in my head since day one. On my first night of class it was GEN/101 we had Dr. Love speak with us and during that time he had us fill out a little diploma and keep it to keep us going through school. I still have mine and I am going to give it back to him the day I walk across that stage. That was a very valuable piece of paper and he gave valuable insight to keep pudhing forward.


Read the materials and study harder.


Take some time to explore who you are and what your real interests are when you are in high school. I and many others that I know left school with no idea of what career field to follow and little training. I just wanted to be out of school and living life. I molved from job to job until just a few years ago when I finaly found a field that stimulates me and I am happier now than I have ever been. I don't really regret the life inbetween school and college, but I could have got to that rewarding career so much quicker if I had only taken time to explore myself back when I was a teenager. Ask yourself what it is that makes you happy, because no matter how much money you earn , unless you are doing something that makes you smile and gives you satisfaction you will not be truly successful. When you are following a career that fulfills you, life is brighter, lighter and worth all the hard work to get to that place.