University of Phoenix-San Antonio Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to apply for scholarships because you will not qualify for grants and you will be paying out-of-state tutition and online tuition. College is a lot of money and I will need all the help I can get because student loans pile up quickly. I would remind myself that being in debt is hard to get out of and the more money I can get to help would keep the hole from getting too deep. I would also tell myself to take Spanish classes. It is so important to be bilingual in the business world. Being able to speak another lanuage will help you qualify for more positions and have a greater chance at landing the job I want. In a state like Texas, almost every postition requires or prefers bilingual individuals. It is a must and something that would be well worth investing into.


Think about where you want to be in 5 years when you are deciding on what to major in college. Once you have decided your major look into different colleges to see what they can offer you. Look at the cost of tuition and the cost of living on campus. Know that you are going to rack up a lot of school debt so do waste your time or play with your parent’s money or even your money. Keep in mind the career world changes every so often, some companies may want you to have experience over a degree and other companies may want degree over experience, let’s try both, work at a job while in college that is working towards your career goal so you can get that experience along with that degree. Before you start college, make a vison board so you can hang it up in your dorm room along with an affirmation quote board because at times you are going to feel discourage and question why you are doing this! Have a good time in college but remember why you are there and what you need to accomplish!


To take it more seriously and not let lifes obstacles get in the way. To mingle more with other students and florish. Don't let boys come in between me and the education I want.


My parents were going through a very challenging time in their lives, which translated into moving a lot for me. I eventually ended up at four different high schools. I felt very alone and lost most of the time. It was hard to make friends because I was very tall, gawky and shy. I felt like a floating leaf in the middle of a raging river: no control over where I was going or how fast I got there. Eventaully, I, more or less, gave up and just drifted through. Why bother? If I could go back now, I would tell myself this: stand tall, everyone knows you were blessed in the height department! Life WILL get better and stop feeling like a carnival ride, stop taking everything as a personal assault. Even if you don't see the value in the assignments now, do them anyway. You won't be sorry, later, when you got back to college. Finally, if you smile, you will start to believe it yourself. This will help make life a little easier. Hard work really does pay.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to start taking my studies seriously. I would remind myself that you only get so many chances and there is not room in the professional world for someone who is not willing to work hard for everything they want. I would advise myself to improve my study habits because college requires hard work and professors do not want to hear excuses. They want to see you work, they want to see you try, and they want to see you succeed but they can only help you so far. I would push myself to get motivated about my education because life throws some fast curve balls that you just cannot avoid and it is better to have the education before you are thrown to the ground-it makes it easier to get back up. Most of all I would tell myself not to goof off as much as I did in my early twenties, to take college seriously, and to give it everything I had in order to succeed.


You just had a baby, you have no parents, no family, the father of your baby died in a car wreck and I know you feel like you have no clue what you are doing. All you know is that you are just about to graduate from college and need to provide for your child. You must take responsible actions and make healthy choices for you and your baby. I know you are thinking you need to work two jobs to support yourself and your beautiful baby boy, but don’t do it, stop and think. You have a scholarship for college that will cover you for the first year. You can apply for scholarships and will qualify for grants. You will be poor, you will struggle, and it will be hard. If you go to college now, then by the time you are 30 you will have a successful career under your belt and you will be contributing to society while better supporting your son than you ever will working two jobs. You are very smart and driven, you will succeed. Don’t wait, don’t second guess, go now while you are young. You can do it!


Be realistic and make a plan with goals for myself. Realize that I truly only have one life and I will never ever be able to get back lost or wasted time. Have fun in college but study harder. The harder I study and apply myself to my school work, the better quality of life I will have. I will always have regrets as an any human would, but try to not let those regrets control the rest of my life.


Attending a two year community college was the best decision to start my college career. Being smaller our teacher to student ratio is a lot smaller. I was able to work one on one with the professors, which was a great benifit. Some people who are unsure what career path they want to follow end up spending thousands of dollars at the bigger universities taking classes that they will never need for their major. The community college is a lot cheeper, and they are more able to help you get on that career path. I feel this was the best way for me to be prepared for the four year universities.


I’ve gotten from my college experience confidence in my abilities to achieve greatness. I have found out more about me as a person. For years I have put off returning to college because of fear. I’ve always doubted my academic abilities but these past two years have proven all the things I thought about myself wrong. I’ve maintained a very high GPA of 3.93 only short of a 4.0 because I got a B in Algebra. As well as been a fulltime mother of two and a wife still keeping up with my commitments at home and with my volunteer work. The most valuable thing is I’m setting an example for my daughters not only with returning to school, but also showing them study habits and focus on the task at hand. I crave out time for study and when I study they read or focus on educational task. We, including my husband, all take an hour daily just to read and discuss what we have read. This not only helps with our educational requirements but it creates family time and a growth of a strong bound through learning and expression.


I have learned many things from going back to college that will help me in my future. I am looking forward to owning my own business and I feel confident that I will be able to achieve that goal as well as make sure I keep my finances under control. The classes that I have resently have taken will help me be more professional in my writing as well as make sure that I do not go into debt while trying to run my business. I never really thought that I would go back to school agian. I recently just had a bady boy and now know how important it is to go to college and persue my dream to own my own business.


When I was a senior in high school, I had a goal of becoming a Journalism major and graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. However, when I enrolled in community college to begin my journey, I allowed myself to be discouraged by a professor who didn't seem to care. The professor was the only instructor teaching a required course and I had no option other than taking her class. I was so discouraged by the professor, I dropped the class and changed my major. While I am proud of the degree I earned, it wasn't what I wanted. If I could give myself advice as a senior, it would be to follow my dreams no matter who tried to discourage me. Don't let one college class, professor, or anyone for that matter, deter me from my original goal. The obstacle would be temporary but I would have the end result, my degree, for the rest of my life.