University of Phoenix-Utah Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Absolutely I look at school now in a much different light than I did back then. The most important thing I would say is make the most of your time. Education is such a valuable assest, the basis of which most decisions in life are made. Have fun and experience life but savor every minute possible in your educational process. Go to a junior college to get the general classes out of the way and then attend a college such as University of Phoenix to complete your bachelor degree. This will give you the time to enjoy your family and work to save money for a masters program. In light of our current economy a higher education is crucial in a working environment and to make yourself marketable! Now go experience life, have fun, and learn all you can!


Know that college is hard. A lot of times people tell you it is so easy and all fun. It is fun but not always easy. It takes a lot of work and motivation to do well in school. Start right now to develop skills that will help you to be successful. Enjoy the moment and enjoy growing up. It is hard to transition especailly moving away from home. Live college life to the fullest and get involved as much as possible. Do not ever loose focus on your goals and dreams. Remember why you are there and work hard. School is fun and you can learn so much if you will let yourself. Be ready for the ride of your life so far!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would tell myself, never doubt myself and do not be afraid to get help. So many college students start to doubt themselves. Some after failing one test and others after failing a class, but when you start to doubt yourself is when you start setting yourself up for failure. Just because you fell down does not mean that you wont be able to get back up and continue on or that things are going to get worse. There are many tools, resources, advisors, counselors, and faculty and staff in your school that are more than willing to lend a helping hand and wont judge you for what is going on with you or in your personal life. You can't be afraid to get help or seek help for anything because that is like saying your afraid to be better at what your struggling with. Always believe that you can make it no matter what is going on in your life just focus on your goal. Focus in class on class-work, focus on essays, focus on your helpful resources. You can succeed!


If I had a chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would prepare myself more for the transition into college. I would tell myself that there is more to college than the different courses and different people that I would meet. I would tell myself to use my time in high school wisely and prepare myself for the responsibility of managing my own future. It is up to me to determine what path to take and commit myself in mind and spirit in the pursuit of my goals. I would also prepare myself for the challenges and frustrations that come with higher expectations. I would remind myself that there is no easy road to success but as long I as remain focused I can overcome any obstacles.


I have recieved a great amount of knowledge about managing and implenmenting improtant factors that go into a business. University of Phonix concentrates everything about your major in every class. Learning different ways to strategically format your business in ways that one would not know unless attending college. It has been valuable in so many ways, I have used the knowledge I have gained from school and put the information to work at my own place of employment and it has been a great benefit to me and by bosses.


The advice I would give myself would be to work hard and play less. That we only get to be teenagers once and at that time it is extremely important to not only think about the future but to start shaping it. Because the choices you make then will shape your life forever.


I would tell myself that college is the way to go to make it in the world. The fear of applying for college and applying for financial aid is easy and can be made through out the college years. I would also tell myself to not give up and to acheive my dreams before starting a family and to be the best I can and to try my hardest through college. I would also tell myself to set goals in order to reach my dreams and to write them down. I would tell myself not to rush into anything without thinking it through first and looking at all aspects before making a decision. Life is hard and throws lots of challenges but I am strong and will make it through all of them as long as I stay focused on what I want from college. College is key in being successfull. Work hard towards the dream for you never know what tomorrow brings.


Life will send you in all different directions. Dont be afraid to take chances, learn from all of you mistakes, and always keep God first. Believe in yourself, because you are here for a reason. You have a purpose in this life to fullfill. Use all of your resources to your advantage and dont be afraid to ask for help. Enjoy every moment and take opportunity by the horns. Create your own destiny, dont let anyone create it for you.


I would tell myself to change my enlistment in the US Army from a combat arms soldier within the enlisted ranks and go to medical school and have the military pay for my education. With the tuition for medical school covered, I could help heal wounded and injured people as an army doctor as well as assist in humanitarian missions around the world. It would allow me to help people as I served my country. After a career of service, I could retire comfortably with a military pension and all of the benefits of being a military retiree. After a military retirement, I might choose to travel the world or start a second career in the civilian sector.