University of South Carolina-Beaufort Top Questions

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Honestly , there isn't aanything too unique about our school. Well except for the fact that everyone basically knows everyone on campus and you will eventually meet someone you have seen around in class. Our school is kind of like a giant family and we are very big on trying to bring everyone together and also doing a charity. Our schoool recently did a drag show for Gay/lesbian pride and the procedes went to a family who travels to promote their gay/lesbian pride charity. No other school is quite tight knit like ours!


Student teacher ratio is small which means more effective learning takes place. The campus is set back, easay to get to and not crowded in a city. With two campuses, it reaches many students from different locations yet both are within driving distance of each other. Tuition is the cheapest in the state for a four year degree yet the teachers are experts ion their field having learned both in school and a minimum of 10 years on the job. Many have owned their own businesses (for business programs) or former doctors.


My university is unique compared to the other schools I considered is because my university has apartment style dorm rooms.